Missing Final Cut Pro 7 Features Are Already Present Inside FCPX Source Code



Even as Apple starts issuing refunds to developers angry that Final Cut Pro X leaves out some of the features upon which they depend most, new evidence suggests that those must-have features are already in Final Cut Pro X’s source code, just waiting to be turned on.

Namely, MacMagazine has found that the code for importing Final Cut Pro XML is already present in Final Cut Pro X. If you’re interested and feeling brave, they even have a way to turn it on.

It’s mystifying that Apple chose not to turn that feature on for Final Cut Pro X’s launch, but it does at least inspire hope that Apple fully intends to make Final Cut Pro X as full-featured as previous versions of the software in fast order.

[via 9to5Mac]

  • CharliK

    If you are mystified by this then you have clearly never worked with point zero software. Disabling advanced features while you field test the basics for bugs (then bring in the other stuff one or two at a time) is standard practice. when you have everything and the kitchen sink, it’s harder to figure out where the issue is when something goes wrong

  • Mike Retondo

    “It’s mystifying that Apple chose not to turn that feature on for Final Cut Pro X’s launch”
    The code for the function wasn’t complete yet, BAMB DeMystified!

  • Sam Martin

    what program are they using to read the .h files?

  • Ben Ramsey

    “Even as Apple starts issuing refunds to developers” I thought FCPX was used by EDITORS.

  • Andy Murdock

    FCPX’s system for connecting media is funky bad. I read somewhere that they are assigning an under the hood name to each movie clip you bring in, so when you move it, FCPX will know where to find it. Well that’s great unless you wanted to move it, save over it, or otherwise modify the that video clip and have it show up in your timeline with the edits you worked on still useful.
    As an animator, I am constantly modifying and overwriting movies files that have already been imported into the Final Cut time line. In FCP7, I could easily modify and update movie files and have those changes appear in the timeline without the need to reimport and RE-EDIT, but FCPX seems to lose it’s connection with any modified or overwritten file, making all the editing work I’ve done to these file worthless. Does anyone know of a way to reconnect to a modified or overwritten file? cause it looks like you can’t, thus making FCPX dead to me. 
    Fix this one issue so I can start using it and in turn complain about lesser issues.

  • Dylan Reeve

    The fact that a function with that name exists doesn’t mean it is “just waiting to be turned on” – it’s entirely possible that they planned it but were unable to implement it.

    The cheif architect for the application, Randy Ubillos, has been quoted as saying that FCP XML import was “not a priority” and that FCP 7 projects “do not have enough information in them to properly translate to FCPX”

    Even in their responses in David Pogue’s NY Times article, the closest we have to an official response from Apple, there was no suggestion that it might be “coming later” or anothing (as there was with Multicam) – the phrase used, in conjunction with Apple’s FCP X product managers, was “your old projects are stranded forever in the older FCP program.”

  • Dylan Reeve

    Further investigation by Mac Magazine Brazil has revealed that it’s no the previous FCP XML format at all, but a new one called AXEL (Apple eXchange Editing Language)


  • Warren Heaton

    Thanks for spotting and pointing out the XML.

    Don’t suppose there’s a line of code that addresses having more than one Sequence in a project?  Or, a line of code that opens FCP 7, 6, 5, 4.5, 4, 3, 2 and/or 1.25 in X?  Or, a line of code with a Browser window where one can create Sequences at different settings within the same project?  Or, a line of code that includes upgrade pricing?  (Oh, but it’s not an upgrade.)

  • Johan Lund

    There is an import setting where you can turn off “Copy files to Final Cut Events folder”. If you do that reference files will be created in the event folder upon import. These will point to the original files that you keep somewhere else and overwrite.

  • Johan Lund