Which Carrier Will Provide The Best 4G Service To Future iPads and iPhones?



Short of Sprint’s WiMax, Verizon LTE has no actual competition to speak of in the 4G market. AT&T and T-Mobile’s “4G” is really just supercharged HSPA+ 3G technology, after all. So the results of PC Mag’s nationwide mobile bandwidth test shouldn’t be much of a surprise: Verizon LTE just mops the floor with the competition.

That’s not going to last though. Here’s why.

AT&T is about to start the process of rolling out their own LTE network and early reports indicate that when it finally lands, it’ll run six times faster than Verizon’s 4G offerings.

Verizon’s got a big head start on AT&T, and it’s not really likely that either carrier will have anything approximating major nationwide coverage of LTE until 2013, which is when I personally think we’ll see the first 4G iPhones and iPads.

When the iPhone and iPad 4G do land, though, expect a similar consumer choice to the one currently facing consumers: Verizon will have the better nationwide 3G coverage, while AT&T will have the faster coverage. The more things change, eh?

  • C Valdes

    “Which Carrier Will Provide The Best 4G Service To Future iPads and iPhones?”

    Well, it certainly wouldn’t be a U.S. mobile operator. Maybe TeliaSonera or Telenor. Or maybe a carrier in Japan, Hong Kong, or South Korea. But definitely not any company in North America.

    American cellular service is undoubtedly the worst in industrialized nations.

  • dagamer34

    Sigh, another bad article. Read the comments in the article you linked. That’s all I can say.

    One thing I will point out is that Verizon has always told us what speeds to expect on their network (both 3G and 4G) whereas AT&T has never done such a thing. That lets you know what to expect.

  • bplano

    Six times faster?

    Yeah, and you’ll still drop calls…

  • OS2toMAC

    But you’ll do it 6 times faster!

  • OS2toMAC

    In the last paragraph, don’t you mean 4G coverage, not 3G?

  • milanyc

    How is AT&T’s lab test at 28mbps six times faster than 56mbps that I get on my LTE phone in real world??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… 
    Verizon advertises 5-12mbps so they can exceed expectations.Mr. John Brownlee, really? Do you research before you start spitting nonsense. i guess anyone can write for cultofmac these days…

  • Wayne_Luke

    Since I predominantly am near one WiFi hotspot or another, I am not sure I really care. I know that I’ll never be a Verizon customer again. Usually when lawyers plus state and federal regulators get involved with billing issues, that bridge is burnt.  So that leaves me with a single choice if I want to use iOS devices. That is AT&T.