Travel information for Cuba? Now there are apps for that


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The first travel guide apps for Cuba are arriving in iTunes as a record number of Americans visit the country.

iCuba is billing itself as the first travel app for the island nation. In truth, it arrived in iTunes about a month after the Cuban Beaches in HD app, which offers hotel as well as beach info, and the Havana Travel Guide which promises an augmented reality feature.  There are also a number of map apps for Cuba.

iCuba is offered in English, Spanish and Italian for $5.99. There are a few hiccups — notably, the English translation offers a category of “luxory” hotels — and other tourism info looks scarce. Still, the maps are available offline which makes consulting them easier when traveling and you can make hotel reservations via the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch versions.

The Havana Travel guide for $4.99 offers up to five days of itineraries, hotels and restaurants by budget range, nightlife info, public transport and safety tips.

Havana Good Time, by resident expat author Conner Gorry, promises to “open doors to the forbidden city” with 160+ entries that will have you living like a local. If you want to check out the $2.99 app, though, you’ll download it in the U.S. iTunes store before you go — since restrictions will keep you from getting it when you are actually local.

The bump in travel to the communist-ruled island is attributed to the U.S. government easing some travel restrictions to Cuba, mostly for “purposeful” travel (family, some business and religious activities). However, a battle is currently ensuing to turn back restrictions to the Bush-era bans.

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  • mahimahimahi

    I hope Americans don’t ruin Cuba :(. It is one of the most unique wildlife sanctuaries on the planet.

    I reccommend people to watch this Nature documentary

  • Ausberto Perez

    As if Castro’s regime hasn’t ruined Cuba already over the last 53 years.  It’s culture, it’s natural resources, it’s people.

  • Joe T

    Isn’t Cuba where all the Canadians go on holiday?


  • Rick Povich

    I’m going there on a religious pilgrimage to  pick up a cherry fiddysebbenchebby

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