Monster Soup Is An Excellent Casual Game For iOS [Review]



This is Monster Soup, my latest favorite puzzle for iOS. It’s a fast-paced color-matching game with lots of personality and a great sense of humor.

The Monsters are cheerful little blobs of different shapes and sizes, floating in a soupy alien sea. A bad guy is threatening to freeze them up, so your task is to link up monsters of the same color into chains.

If you miss any, they float to the surface and get turned to ice themselves. When the ice reaches the bottom of the screen, it’s game over. Things start off nice and slow but soon build up, until you reach a point where you’re frantically linking monsters as they shiver at the icy edge. That’s not a good strategy, though, because big points come from linking up long chains of monsters.

The pace builds up gradually, luring you with with a simple start but soon getting very challenging. It’s a good kind of “must try that again” challenge, not the frustrating “oh I give up” kind.

Monster Soup is a charming little one dollar game. At the start of each level, the first floating monsters greet you with chirpy little “hello” noises. In the background, gentle music plays.

The visuals and the sound effects are top quality. It’s a perfect casual game for dipping into whenever you have a moment, and has broad appeal for kids and grown-ups alike. Highly recommended.

[xrr rating=90%]