Doodle on Your iPad with The Awesome Bamboo Paper App [Daily Freebie]



About a week ago I spent $2 on Penultimate, an iPad app that lets you scribble notes on the screen and save them in notebooks. Maybe I didn’t have to though, because tablet-maker Wacom has recently released their own free iPad app, Bamboo Paper, that does basically the same thing. Almost.

The app, named after Wacom’s line of consumer-level tablets — and probably popped out to complement Wacom’s recently released iPad stylus — lets you do many of the same thing Penultimate does: save notes, change pen stroke and color, change background paper (although with limited choices), email notes as PDFs, even change the color of the notebook’s cover. The biggest thing missing though: multiple notebooks.

  • Mike Elgan

    I’ve been using this for about a week, and I LOVE this app. I also installed it on all the iPads in the house and ordered two Bamboo styluses. Couple of thoughts:

    1. The app looks like it’s not a big deal until you try it. Then you “get” it — just like the iPad itself.

    2. They are crazy to start charging for this next month, which is what I believe they intend to do. Installing the free app makes you want to buy a $30 stylus. The app should remain free.

    3. Do NOT buy a stylus from Adorama. They have a bait-and-switch thing going, at least in my case, where they appear to have the best deal on Google Shopping. After you enter all your personal information, credit card details and e-mail address, the next day they tell you they’re out of stock. Also: appears, uncharacteristically, to have the highest price online. Don’t know why this is.

  • Chef at Sravasti Abbey

    If you’re looking for the little-known but truly best handwriting app for iPad, check out Noteshelf. This soft-spoken little app has it all. An iBooks-style library shelf, multiple volumes, different kinds of ‘papers,’ and best of all… a wrist rest built in. I’ve used it for a couple of months now, and can’t recommend it highly enough.

  • elimilchman

    Mike, thanks for the tips (there’s a pun in there somewhere, I think). I agree, can’t go wrong with the Bamboo app — or coughing up the extra two bob for the multiple notebooks (and other minor feature additions) of Penultimate. 

  • iosappfinder

    that is pretty cool, you can also try WritePad

  • Rajesh Nidwannaya

    Are there any less expensive stylus alternatives to the Bamboo stylus for the iPad?

  • Wirehedd

    same app was a topic on Appslappy podcast. They do a relatively full review of this app if you want to get it from iTunes. 

  • Wirehedd

    this app has a built in tweek that allows you to rest your hand on the screen yet it seems to know where your hand is as opposed to the stylus which it picks up almost flawlessly. No wrist rest required.

  • Tania Huiny

    I suspect they will have multiple notebook in the next upgrade as the current app have a Library button. It doesn’t make much sense to have it when you can’t view multiple notebooks.

  • Chris Brunner

    You can’t beat free and with all of the features this app offers (Bamboo Pad without the Wacom device) it is sure to be one of the top apps in a designers tool bag.  I’ve tried using the more inexpensive Wacom products but without visual feedback on the device itself have never really stuck with one. This app fixes that problem. I probably will be investing in a good stylus…

    Bottom Line: Grab this app before they start charging for it.


  • JoiJetson

    I agree. The palm recognition is better than in the SmartNote app I tried. The pen recognition is better than PaperDesk too. Haven’t tried penultimate. The missing multiple notebooks is a huge bummer.

  • Kåre Kork

    Try the Pogo Sketch from Ten One Design. Half the price.

  • Helen Oster


    I can assure you that we don’t have any kind of ‘bait-&-switch’ thing going on.

    Adorama retails across a number of different portals eg Amazon, and others, and we don’t charge a customer’s cc until an order actually ships. Also, we know that a number of smaller independent retailers purchase from us to sell on at a profit elsewhere.
    The reality is that we could have, say, a 50 count of a unit in stock and showing up on the website; but for example if another customer or customers click through with their orders for a total of 65 units fractionally before you do, then we won’t be able to fulfill your order.

    I’m sorry for your disappointment, and please don’t hesitate to email me directly if you need advice or after-sales support with an order from Adorama in the future:

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service