16-Core Mac Pros With Unique Intel CPUs Coming In July To Melt Your Face Off



Although it hasn’t seen an update since last year, the Mac Pro isn’t dead… it’s just been getting a little beauty rest before it debuts next month post-Lion, boosting a new 16 core configuration capable of searing the melted physiognomy to even the most cynical benchtester’s skull.

9to5Mac has the skinny that internal Apple documents tip the new Mac Pro to hit in late July or early August, post-Lion, and ship with up to sixteen cores… probably a dual 8-core configuration.

The big question mark: what will the chips inside be? Intel does have 8-core Sandy Bridge processors of the Mac Pro’s server class in the pipeline, but they won’t be available until the fourth quarter of the year.

Apple could possibly get early access to these processors, but there’s another possibility: the Mac Pro won’t use Sandy Bridge processors at all, but (according to this rumor, a whole new, unique CPU, custom-made for Apple by Intel.

Given how far off the octo-core Sandy Bridge server processors and how close we are to the Mac Pro relaunch, I’d say that unique CPU rumor just got a bit more believable, wouldn’t you?

  • Andrew Knight


  • Andrew Knight


  • Barton Lynch

    I’ll be using it to play Sims 3

  • appledrunk

    Definitely quite likely given they haven’t been updated in nearly a year and this release would coincide with Lion. I’d like to think they’ll have custom CPUs but it’s still very possible to use Sandy Bridge processors as Apple could easily be given a month or two early access to these chips.


  • KillianBell

    It’s just a stock image from our library — it’s not intended to depict what the new Mac Pro will look like.

  • Mike Rathjen

    In reality, even with Grand Central Dispatch, there are only 2 or 3 programs actually capable of using that many cores. An awful lot of programs that SHOULD be massively multi-core, aren’t.

    “Custom CPUs” sounds like a lot of effort to bridge the 4-6 month gap from now till we get server-class Sandy Bridge Xeons.

    My wild guess is a mid-2011 MP refresh, if there is such a thing, will be a very humble update with faster Westmere CPUs and Lion.

  • Chris Brunner

    Software ALWAYS catches up to machines with specs like this… It’ll just be awhile before it does with this system!


  • Metl Mann

    I for one don’t think it would be possible for Intel to keep secret a custom chip just for Apple.  Something like this would be in the pipeline for a couple of years and word would have leaked long before now.  We either get the 8 core Sandys early or we get a more mundane bump to the existing chips.