iPad Competitors Are Scrabbling Like Starved Mongrels For Only 3% Of The Pie



RIM, Samsung, Asus? Time to give up. Your belief that there’s a tablet market is wrong. There is no tablet market, according to the latest comScore results. There is only an iPad market.

The iPad garners 97 percent of the U.S. tablet traffic and 89 percent across all markets, according to
research by comScore, which surveyed digital device traffic across 13 key global markets. In 12 of those markets, the iPad accounts for 95 percent or higher of the tablet traffic.

Two of the highest iPad-using countries are Japan and UK, where Apple’s tablet scored 100 percent and 99 percent, respectively. The percentages shouldn’t be too surprising, given the Cupertino, Calif. company sold 25 million of the gadgets as competitors – such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 – just get out of the gate.

While the iPad may spur what Apple labels the “Post-PC Era,” the tablet scores lower when among all web-devices, such as cell phones, MP3 players, e-readers, game consoles and such. The iPad scored highest for general web-related devices in Canada, where the tablet comprises 33.5 percent of all non-computer devices online. Brazil was next, where the iPad accounts for 31.8 percent of non-computer traffic. In Singapore, which with 6 percent has the highest level of non-computer online traffic, the Apple tablet scored 26.2 percent, according to the research firm.