iPad Competitors Are Scrabbling Like Starved Mongrels For Only 3% Of The Pie



RIM, Samsung, Asus? Time to give up. Your belief that there’s a tablet market is wrong. There is no tablet market, according to the latest comScore results. There is only an iPad market.

The iPad garners 97 percent of the U.S. tablet traffic and 89 percent across all markets, according to
research by comScore, which surveyed digital device traffic across 13 key global markets. In 12 of those markets, the iPad accounts for 95 percent or higher of the tablet traffic.

Two of the highest iPad-using countries are Japan and UK, where Apple’s tablet scored 100 percent and 99 percent, respectively. The percentages shouldn’t be too surprising, given the Cupertino, Calif. company sold 25 million of the gadgets as competitors – such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 – just get out of the gate.

While the iPad may spur what Apple labels the “Post-PC Era,” the tablet scores lower when among all web-devices, such as cell phones, MP3 players, e-readers, game consoles and such. The iPad scored highest for general web-related devices in Canada, where the tablet comprises 33.5 percent of all non-computer devices online. Brazil was next, where the iPad accounts for 31.8 percent of non-computer traffic. In Singapore, which with 6 percent has the highest level of non-computer online traffic, the Apple tablet scored 26.2 percent, according to the research firm.

  • Barton Lynch

    iPad FTW

  • bondr006

    Not a big surprise that iPad has that much market share. What gets me, is why they are not classifying the iPad as a computer. They are calling it a “non-computer devices”. It may have a different form factor, but it is still a computer. It has a processor. It runs programs. It gets on the Internet. It does all the things a computer does, and yet it’s not really a computer? Bullshit!

  • djrobsd

    A computer is NOT a tablet or a smart phone, it’s a desktop or laptop… Also known as a PC.  Have you guys noticed how Apple is calling their system’s “PCs” now?  They are re-claiming the name, since PC is a generic term, not meant to imply Windows or Mac, but somehow it got applied to the Windows based system… 

    If you wanted to imply that a tablet is a “computer” you could also imply the iphone, the playstation 3, and the xbox are also computers since they contain powerful CPU and GPU units.

  • djrobsd

    I disagree with the author on the whole “time to give up”… Apple started the smart phone craze, and had a huge market share and a huge advantage with the iPhone… Now the Android-based phones are outselling the iPhone in several market, and have managed to catch up quite quickly with market share.  What has this meant for consumers?  It’s meant choice, competition, and keeping Apple on its toes… Do you think Apple would even be considering a bigger screen for the Iphone if it weren’t for all the giant screens in the Android based devices?

    On the other hand, there is one difference between their tablet market and their phone market.  In the phone market, Apple was locked to AT&T in the USA.  That allowed Google to swoop in and grab Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon markets and they had a huge lead over Apple, and that really helped them gain share, whereas the iPad is not really dependent on a single carrier unless you get the 3G model…

    Competition is a beautiful thing, and I welcome Asus, Acer, Samsung, and all other competitors to keep apple Honest, even if they never gain traction.. It’s only a matter of time before they do figure out a winning formula that does allow them to catch up to Apple.. Look at the first Droid, and now look at the Droids that are coming out. :)

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    Consumers might have a need for Android smartphones but maybe they don’t have NEED for Android tablets.  Maybe they just WANT Apple iPads.  And don’t forget that Android smartphones were highly subsidized and many are given away for a penny or BOGO deals.  Consumers don’t seem to have a problem paying full price for an iPad despite how over-priced some cheapskates are saying they are.  It’s still early yet and time will tell whether consumers take to the confusing market of Android tablets and whether those Android tablet vendors can make much money after Apple grabs most of the tablet pie.

  • Bob Whipple

    You are right that tablets and smartphones don’t meet the criteria for a computer in that they are generally not programable. But the reality is, that many people use these devices to do the same or similar tasks that they do on their PC’s or laptops. Not true for heavy users, but certainly true for the majority. Thus the debate over semantics.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    I’d like for those Android tablet vendors to give up, leaving the market wide open for iPad sales.  Why?  Because of those companies scathing criticism of the iPad when it first was introduced.  They said how over-priced and how useless it was and that consumers would never prefer an iPad over a Windows netbook and that the iPad was nothing but a temporary fad.  They said that Steve Jobs didn’t know what he was talking about when he pointed out that 7″ tablets were not going to appeal to most consumers.

    Then these same companies changed their tune about how they would be able to undercut the iPad in pricing with their own tablets and yet still be able to deliver more features.  Companies such as these need to be taught a lesson about mocking Apple, which has a slightly different philosophy of the computing platform.  Higher quality, simple user interface, good customer support as opposed to merely flooding the market with low-cost, low-quality junk and once you buy it, goodbye attitude.  More features are useless if most of the consumer community can’t figure out how to use them.

    I say there is no way in hell that most companies are going to be able to undercut Apple’s economies of scale and marketing expertise in the tablet market.  Especially with those companies having to depend on Google for managing the Android OS.  Many of those companies that jumped on the Android bandwagon are just too cheap or lazy to develop their own OSes.

  • Guest

    Question:  How in the world are they figuring this out?

    Window tablets.  are they classifying them as slates or PCs?(non tablets)non honeycomb tablets.  are they classifying them as tablets or mobile phones?How they are getting classified could result in a HUGE difference.B&N Nook.  are they including it or not?  and if they do, what are they classifying it?

    But the point is, how are they figuring this out?Because if they are going the tablet OS route, this (heavily) gets skewed in apple favor, because any windows tablet will be classified as a PC (because of the OS) and huge percentage of android tablets will be classified as mobile phone because of their OS.

    The point being, you need to know how they are figuring it out. (In this case, how did they figured this out?) Because, if you don’t know, you may get the completely wrong impression.  Or they could be flat out lying.  But by the way they did the survey, (or thing) they could prove 100% telling the truth.

    Too add to this, They figured it out by the amount of web usage each “OS” had. It may be the case iPad users use the web far more than any other.

    But if this was the case, (that they figured it out by web usage) that would mean that window slates would be grouped as PC’s since they run desktop OS and browser and all the android powered tablets running non honeycomb would be grouped in the mobile OS/browser group.

    So that /would/ have skewed heavily in apple’s favor since, all other tablet OSes started to come into existence like 4 month ago, if not less.

  • extendedforecast

    Lol. When looking at all web devices with a 9.7″ screen running iOS 4.3.x…we find 100% of them to be iPads! Two words…market dominance!

    iPad is about 80% or just over according to sales data

  • Guest

    Of course!  since the iPad is the /only/ tablet with a 9.7 inch screen on the market!  ;)

    (well there will be the HP TouchPad, but not for about a couple of weeks)

    Data is only as good as how stuff are classified.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. In non american markets its a (full) functional phone as well. So, when you are putting it into a category, do you put it in the tablet or phone category? Size wise and such, its a tablet! but software wise and feature wise it’s also a phone! (a very large phone matter of fact)

    so, are you doing to classify it as a tablet or a phone?

    The point being, how you classify stuff really can make a difference.

  • extendedforecast

    Higher quality? The forums are telling me to stack heavy books on my iPad 2 to fix the light bleed issue while I wait for quality control in Apple’s supply chain to wake up. I’m not going to the Apple store to return this thing until I feel like I wont get another defective one.

    And since the wifi radio also seems to be defective (dropping and dropping no matter what config/firmware I try) the iPad 2 isn’t getting much use in my house while waiting.

    Gotta admit…its a sad day for Apple when Acer…the cheap version of Dell, is experiencing less build quality and QC issues.

    I’ll prolly take iPad 2 back for a return and wait for 3 if they let me. Sigh….

  • Chris Brunner

    Has anyone used one of these knock-off tablets? They are nowhere near as easy or fun to use.


  • extendedforecast

    The day Hulu and Netflix offer full support for Honeycomb is the day iPad sales start to decline. These are the two features that are holding back Android tablets…and that day is creeping up quickly rather than slowly. Apple should take all their Samsung lawsuit money and pay Netflix to stay off Android.

    Otherwise $50-$100 less for native internal file system, the ability to choose to run or not run flash, and personalization goodies (such as aftermarket keyboard installation) will kill off iPad faster than Andy overtook iPhone. These features probably aren’t too important of a phone but huge on a tablet which can run as a day to day laptop/desktop replacement – that is if your OS allows it.

    Unless Apple changes its outlook on these things, they will not win the tablet wars. They’d better be working on another huge product breakthrough like metaverse goggles or something because the self imposed limitation of their product will be their downfall.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    If you’re going to name features on Android tablets that are better then iPad at the very least try naming features that actually work and don’t freeze crash and cause you to force quit your device. Flash is utter shit on Android and even though the specs on many devices have been bumped up to the point that flash should run acceptably well flash still runs like complete shit. Get off the cool aid

  • Rann Xeroxx

    One feature would be SD card support. Another would be mini-USB. Yet also, installing apps outside of any app store control. Tablets of other sizes. Etc.  Lots of reasons for other tablet use.

    It does not matter to most people if things like Flash works rock solid as long as it works enough.

    Another thing I see alternative tablets would be like the HP printers with the cheap removable tabs (WebOS?). Can see them going on refrigerators and such.  My company is putting Windows 7 tabs in our conference rooms to control the AV stuff. 

    I am going to buy a tablet in late summer. Still not sure what it will be; Apple or an Android device. I will be looking closely at the features, apps that I would want, price, etc. No fanboy here, Apple will have to earn my business.

  • Roberto Barreto

    And that’s how you rule the world.