Conan O’Brien: Final Cut Pro X Is Awesome! [Parody]


Tongue waggling out of a gaping hole in his cheek, Conan O’Brien and his video production team have given a strong endorsement of Apple’s contentious reboot to their professional video editing software, Final Cut Pro X.

I can get one star ratings on the App Store, but who’d have thought that an update to a niche software package used only by a handful of professionals would cause such a furor that it is now a punchline on late night television?

What do you think of Final Cut Pro X? Is it as hard to work with as Conan’s video production team are making it out to be, or are they just dumbing down the real joke: that many of Final Cut Pro X’s changes are biggies that only professionals can really understand enough to be dismayed at, let alone laugh at?

[via MacTrast]