Conan O’Brien: Final Cut Pro X Is Awesome! [Parody]


Tongue waggling out of a gaping hole in his cheek, Conan O’Brien and his video production team have given a strong endorsement of Apple’s contentious reboot to their professional video editing software, Final Cut Pro X.

I can get one star ratings on the App Store, but who’d have thought that an update to a niche software package used only by a handful of professionals would cause such a furor that it is now a punchline on late night television?

What do you think of Final Cut Pro X? Is it as hard to work with as Conan’s video production team are making it out to be, or are they just dumbing down the real joke: that many of Final Cut Pro X’s changes are biggies that only professionals can really understand enough to be dismayed at, let alone laugh at?

[via MacTrast]

  • Chris Brunner

    Loved this! I do have to admit that it’s iMovie qualities is what sold it for me. But this is really funny…


  • bplano

    This is hillarious.

  • CharliK

    It’s a needed bottom up rewrite that, like any software, is going to take a couple of updates before it is truly ready to be used. This is just the way that software goes. Any true professional gets this and knows that this is their learning period while they keep using the old software that hasn’t suddenly stopped working cause something new is out. 

    Most of the whining is by prosumers or pros that are part of a minority that uses X features but they are major loud mouths so they are picked up by the blogs and made to seem more major than they are. 

  • Miroslav Jelinek

    I like the new version! more stuff comes later. People bitching, but it is really easy to use.

  • Yn Pragne

    Yes, as one of the whining pros (I’ve been doing video work for over 15 years), I can assure that there’s a real reason for all of the complaining. You’re right. If you’re an amateur, all of the gripes don’t really apply. If you’re a professional, and your company has invested years, a huge amount of money into software and hardware, and a long wait for Final Cut to finally catch up with other 64 bit video editing software, this is a huge blow. I currently have almost 3 terabytes of video and projects on my system, not to mention the six other people I work with. Now you say I can’t open old projects or share my projects across the network without copying all the footage. 

    We’ve waited over two years for the software to be updated. We can’t wait another two or three years hoping for Final Cut Pro X’s features to catch up with the old version. We can’t throw away hundreds of projects and start over. And they’ve stated that they will NEVER add legacy support because of the way it was built. We will have to move to Adobe Premiere Pro. In the end it will probably be better for us, as much as we use After Effects. And it’s probably wise for Apple to get out of the professional video business as they can make much better use of the their resources in the consumer market. Will people like me ever get over the distrust and disappointment we have? Only time will tell. I’ve already started to move out of Apple’s ecosystem for my own freelance work, so I think this will probably be it for me.