If You Want To Upgrade To OS X Lion, You Need To Install Snow Leopard’s 10.6.8 Update



The latest major patch update to Mac OS X 10.6.8 just got pumped through Software Update, and this is one patch everyone with a Mac is going to want to make as soon as possible: without it, you won’t be able to upgrade to 10.7 Lion when it is released on the Mac App Store next month.

Here’s what’s new:

The 10.6.8 update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Snow Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac, including fixes that:

– Enhance the Mac App Store to get your Mac ready to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion
– Resolve an issue that may cause Preview to unexpectedly quit
– Improve support for IPv6
– Improve VPN reliability
– Identify and remove known variants of Mac Defender

You can see full release notes here. To download the update, either open Software Update or download the update directly here.

[via MacRumors]

  • Chris Brunner

    Not sure when this went active, but I’m installing it right now~

    I’m sooooo ready for Lion!!!


  • Elliot George

    Boom. Done.

  • caminantestelar

    would i keep my existing apps?

  • appledrunk

    Gonna install myself right now, Lion GM must be just around the corner now.

    http://appledrunk.com News and UDID Activations!

  • TylerHoj

    BAM! Installed :) Already have my $50 unopened iTunes card. Still wanna get an external drive to back up just incase [maybe a time machine] and I’m all set to go! Now when the hell in July is this kitty cat dropping?! 

  • Bob Forsberg

    Anyone know what (if any) media will be included with a new iMac a few months after Lion is released?

  • Robert Forrest

    I installed it, and it has converted my MacBook Air into a very expensive paperweight. Stercor!!

  • Crespo’s Pro

    Ready for Lion King!!!

  • TylerHoj

    Lion will most likely be pre-installed depending on when the unit your purchasing hit the shelf. I don’t believe Apple will roll out any media with the new machines except for possibly a USB with the MBA. But you never know. Im sure Apple will have more details soon enough. 

  • nthnm

    This “update” is a piece of crap. Almost none of the apps I’ve downloaded from the Mac App Store work. They crash upon opening. I want 10.6.7 back.

  • Jeremiah Griffiths

    I am not sure what happened. I installed this update and experienced my first ever kernel panic. I had to do a complete restore from my time machine backup to get my macbook pro running again. 

  • Hisaan Areesh

    Does anyone know which date lion is going to be released.

  • Shipeep

    Is there still no word of when in July Lion will be released?

  • Yianni Kolokythas

    I Installed it and the computer freezes when I try to log in.

  • Patrick Ervin

    I had many airport problems with the 10.6.8 update so I reverted to 10.6 so that my airport would work properly. I would like to go to Lion, but afraid my airport won’t work after that upgrade. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.