iPhone 5 to Feature Dual LED Flash?


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While we’ve already seen reports that the camera and LED flash are to be separated at birth on Apple’s next iPhone, a new rumor claims that the device will actually boast dual LED flash for taking better photographs in low light conditions.

A DigiTimes report cites “recent market rumors” that indicate the iPhone 5 is likely to sport dual LED flash, with Taiwan-based LED packaging companies Everlight Electronics, Edison Opto and Lite-On selected as potential suppliers. Naturally, these companies have all denied any involvement in the production of dual flash for the iPhone.

Though an LED flash was introduced to Apple’s smartphone with the iPhone 4, having two of them offers brighter and more expansive lighting to produce better photographs in low light conditions. MacRumors points to a report published in 2008 that compares photographs taken with single and dual LED flash smartphones — the Nokia N95 and the Nokia N96.

As you can see from the photo below, the device equipped with a dual flash produces a higher quality image:

Singlevsdual 500x375
Image on left taken with single flash, image on right taken with dual flash. Image courtesy of Zomgitscj
  • iHate_Is_Back

    Big deal who cares
    Any more news on what the Curpentino turtleneck gang is doing with NFC??

  • Chris Brunner

    If it’ll improve my indoor pics, I’m all for it! My iPhone 4 is kinda hit or miss in some lighting conditions. I just hope it doesn’t eat up too much battery.


  • KillianBell

    Well… people who are into photography on the iPhone care.

  • prometheus1981

    Which is the majority of Flick users.


  • appledrunk

    Seems a natural progression, and anything that improves photo quality is a plus.


  • Don Pope

    And the iPhone 6 will have THREE LEDs!
    And the iPhone 7 …

  • Edgar Rios

    have you guys thought that maybe it’ll be in the front, to be used as a notification LED? if so, sign me up for iPhone 5 right now.