Chinese Teen Reportedly Wants To Sell Her Virginity For An iPhone 4


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Remember that Chinese teen who sold his kidney for an iPad 2? That was bad enough, but now another Chinese teen is following his lead and offering something even more irreplaceable in exchange for an iPhone 4. She’s selling her virginity.

According to the Korean Herald, a Chinese girl born sometime in the 1990s wrote on Weibu (China’s version of Twitter) that it was her dream to own an iPhone 4.

Because her father wouldn’t let her have one, though, she was willing to sell her virginity to anyone who was willing to buy it for her. She accompanied her request with pictures.

Apparently her post on Weibu has mostly received negative feedback, and some believe it may all be a gag, or the work of a malicious hacker trying to embarrass the girl.

Let’s hope so. Not only is a phone totally not worth prostituting yourself for, not only is this exchange extremely dangerous, not only is it likely that the psychological trauma of such an deal would haunt his poor girl around for the rest of her life, but even if it were… the iPhone 5’s just a couple months away! This is just a terribly shortsighted, stupid and dangerous idea.

  • Chris Brunner

    This stunt has been pulled 1000x before. Self worth = $650? Not so good!


  • Chris Brunner

    This stunt has been pulled 1000x before. Self worth = $650? Not so good!


  • LTMP

    Hmmm, if she could sell it twice a day, at about US$600 a pop (sorry, I couldn’t resist), she could get herself about $100,000 before school starts in September!

  • Brilliant_Thinker

    Should at least wait for the rumored update in autumn.

  • RevanS

    But she already has access to hundreds of perfectly good knock offs.

    Oh, great. I’ve just given her a campaign name: Knocked Up For No Knock Offs.

  • Brilliant_Thinker

    You can lose your virginity only once, if you aren’t familiar with the concept yet.

    Although there is surgery to restore the hymen.

    This was meant to be a reply to LTMP’s post

  • gil jjj

    If the iPhone 5 comes on September then she’s fucked :P.

  • LTMP

    With morals like hers I’m sure she’s capable of faking it.

  • TylerHoj

    Wait, didn’t Tim Cook just go to China? Ugh oh…

  • prof_peabody

    Not to get too personal, but virginity is totally “replaceable.”  

    Simple operation. Might even be cheaper than an iPhone with a three year plan.  

  • Jordan Swihart

    It’s the hymen, if you aren’t familiar with the female anatomy yet.

  • brownlee

    A hymen is replaceable, or at least emulatable. Virginity isn’t.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    I’d be happy to oblige as long as she’s a prime TILF. One thing for certain, Apple doesn’t have anything to worry about from Android. No one wants an Android smartphone that badly.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    I just restored the girl’s hyphen (-).  She’s a virgin again.

  • devunish

    Virginity is so over rated….I don’t see why anyone would want to pay some random girl that they don’t know for the pleasure of deflowering her.

  • Brilliant_Thinker

    Excuse me Mr. Superbrain Sir, English isn’t my first language and its called different here, so I mixed it up with something else, my deepest apologies. Can I send you a fruit basket or sacrifice you a goat to undo this faux pas? 

  • Robert Norris Hills

    How is your virginity “More irreplaceable” then your kidney? 

  • Dinnie Lim

    I tweeted about this and someone replied. “Virginity is worth nothing these days, at best she might get an Angry Birds iPhone case.”.

    Honestly, I think comparatively, the kidney-selling is worse.

  • diesel-benz

    Virginity is nothing, its a psychological concept. Somebody without a hymen is no different than somebody with one.
    Removing a kidney is a major life-altering change.

  • Vladyslav Lissovenko

    i know people that are willing to give an iPhone to a girl that will have sex with him, so he could loose virginity. but not the way around

  • Jordan Swihart

     The goat won’t be necessary, but I’d very much enjoy a fruit basket.

  • itm9

    Literally… Lmao

  • SparkyTheDog

    There’s a lap for that.

  • John

    Hahha good one

  • nthnm

    If this girl is willing to sell herself for something as trivial as an iPhone, I highly doubt she’s still a virgin.

  • nthnm

    I’m assuming because you can’t get your virginity back while you can get a kidney transplant?? You have to remember who the “writers” are for Cult of Mac though…

  • HerbalEd

    Righto. If she did the deed for an Android she’d get screwed twice.

  • Pedo Bear


  • Seelinnikoi

    Dude… This must have been the best post I’ve ever seen here! Haha! XD

  • imajoebob

    Shameless.  Reprehensible.  Where are the pictures?

  • Benedetto Sensini

    Ahahahah :D