Chinese Teen Reportedly Wants To Sell Her Virginity For An iPhone 4


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Remember that Chinese teen who sold his kidney for an iPad 2? That was bad enough, but now another Chinese teen is following his lead and offering something even more irreplaceable in exchange for an iPhone 4. She’s selling her virginity.

According to the Korean Herald, a Chinese girl born sometime in the 1990s wrote on Weibu (China’s version of Twitter) that it was her dream to own an iPhone 4.

Because her father wouldn’t let her have one, though, she was willing to sell her virginity to anyone who was willing to buy it for her. She accompanied her request with pictures.

Apparently her post on Weibu has mostly received negative feedback, and some believe it may all be a gag, or the work of a malicious hacker trying to embarrass the girl.

Let’s hope so. Not only is a phone totally not worth prostituting yourself for, not only is this exchange extremely dangerous, not only is it likely that the psychological trauma of such an deal would haunt his poor girl around for the rest of her life, but even if it were… the iPhone 5’s just a couple months away! This is just a terribly shortsighted, stupid and dangerous idea.