Final Cut Pro X To Get New And Missing Features Every Six Months



Final Cut Pro X might now finally be available for purchase on the Mac App Store for a lower price than ever, but for some video professionals, it has not been worth the wait: a pretty update that sadly jettisons many of the features that they depend on. There may be hope on the horizon, though: Apple has reportedly claimed that Final Cut Pro X will be getting some of these missing features in future updates.

According to a video production blogger who spoke to Apple a future update of Final Cut Pro X will get the ability to import Final Cut Pro 6 and 7 projects, as well as gain a replacement for the current XML workflow and multicam editing support.

Apparently, the plan is to update Final Cut Pro X substantially twice a year through the Mac App Store. There are still many missing features left to address though, and video professionals seem to be revolting. Can Apple patch Final Cut Pro X in time to appease them and, if so, why didn’t they hold off release to begin with?