9 Things Apple Needs to Fix in iOS 5 Before Gold Master [Feature][Updated]



This post has been updated with a note from the author at the end.

Apple released the first beta of iOS 5 after WWDC two weeks ago, and I’ve been using it on my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 ever since.

Is iOS 5 Beta 1 stable enough to use full-time? A lot of people have asked us this, and after trying for a few weeks, I can respond pretty authoritatively: not by half. Here’s our list of at least nine things that Apple needs to fix before iOS 5 beta is usable full time.

As first betas go, iOS 5 has been relatively good to me. While I’ve encountered a number of irritating issues, none of them have been serious enough to render my device unusable. Having said that, they that need to be fixed before iOS 5 is released, and they may help you decide whether or not upgrading your software is currently worth it.

Here’s 9 of them, in no particular order:

The iPod Touch no longer likes headphones

An iPod that doesn’t play nicely with your headphones isn’t doing its job properly… but that’s what happens to many iPod touches under iOS 5. When you plug in your headphones, the device will often freeze with no audio and a non-responsive screen. The only way to get out of this is to reset the device.

The system-wide clock “dial” isn’t 24 hours

The “wheel” or “dial” you use to set alarms within the Clock application — and many other third-party alarm applications — doesn’t currently show the time in 24-hours, which can be incredibly confusing at first. When scrolling through the hour dial, after 12 you go back to 1, so you have to guess whether that’s 1 AM or 1 PM. Only when you have set the alarm will the Clock app tell you whether it’s AM or PM, and you have to go back in and change it again if it’s incorrect.

Contacts App isn’t reliable

For me, adding and editing contacts on my devices since installing iOS 5 has been largely unsatisfactory. While on the odd occasion I can add a new one seamlessly without any hiccups, most of the time I experience at least 2 or 3 crashes which will throw me back to the home screen. I also cannot create new contacts from email addresses within the Mail app.


Camera App takes forever

The revamped Camera app and its fancy new features — such as lock screen access, image editing, volume button control, and grid lines — are all great, however, the Camera app needs a whole lot of work.

I seem to remember that during the WWDC keynote, Scott Forstall, Apple’s senior vice president of iOS software, promised the Camera application would be “way faster to get in and take a photo.” And while the lock screen camera button does help, the time it takes for the application to prepare itself to snap a photo seems like forever. When you click on the Camera icon on your home screen, you can expect to wait a short while before you can actually take a picture. The delay in between taking photos is also pretty painful, especially if you have the HDR option switched on.

  • ConnorJackTurnbull

    FFS. This is a developer beta, meant for developers to try out their apps to make sure they work. Why the f* are you reporting on bugs of an unreleased piece of software.

  • ConnorJackTurnbull

    “Is iOS 5 Beta 1 stable enough to use full-time?”

    NO! Because it’s a damn beta software.

  • author is a retard

    thats why its called a beta you hit whore

  • SteveThorne

    Photos app sometimes crashes when trying to delete multiple photos, very annoying even when singly deleting them, it still occasionally crashes

  • Chitra Sivasankar

    These errors will be rectified once the commercial user version comes out, right? I am waiting to get an iPad and I have even cancelled my present order of ipad 2. Should I get the present model itself? I dont think these mistakes will be on the final version. What say guys?

  • Bryan Dobson

    I would have to agree, this is a very silly article. Of course there are issues, many issues. Glaring issues. This is the first beta of software that is months away from being released. In no way should be surprised it’s got some serious issues. 

  • Nemo

    You guys are getting more stupid by the day!

    Excuse me…. IT’S A BETA !!! Doh. And you’re writing articles like this??

    The only thing Apple needs to fix is taking away your beta copy, you obviously don’t know what to do with it.

  • GH

    It’s a beta, wow this story is TUAW style.  lame.


    This is the most useless article I’ve read on Cult of Mac and should be removed, honestly. Why on earth are you writing an articles on bugs in iOS5 BETA?? It’s BETA. It’s unreleased software that’s guaranteed to contain tons of bugs.

  • antoniofonseca

    Such articles are completely useless and end users like you should not be using beta versions. It wasn’t for that they were made.

  • Guest

    Oh boy.

    I thought I’ve seen the worst topics on COM but this takes the cake..

    Back to 9to5……

  • Aa

    I was expecting some constructive advices… Now this is totally pointless.
    It’s beta, and first one of many more to come. [insert sarcasm here]

  • Nic Wise

    1. It’s a beta
    2. It’s under NDA (tho it appears apple doesn’t care much….)
    4. PROFIT from hits?

    So, you have raised bugs for all of these with Apple, I hope? Via your developer account? The one with the NDA, which is the only way to (legally) get the Beta? (Might want to link to the Radar’s if you did….)

    Otherwise, it’s just a page-hit grab.

  • alexflint

    Article #fail. Is beta man.

  • Guest

    You’re as much of a douchebag as the writer.. IT’S BETA!!! Of course these issues will get fixed. I can’t believe you are going to take a stupid article like this and use it to make judgement on the final release..

    Go buy a Playbook.

  • alexflint

    Its beta dude. Worst post ever.

  • prof_peabody

    What part of “it’s an unreleased, unfinished beta” don’t you get?  iOS 5 doesn’t even exist yet technically, how can there be 9 things needed to fix?  

  • CollegiateLad

    Moments like this I’d just like to slap the hell out of somebody.

  • prof_peabody

    Uh, there’s no need to throw insults around.  The guy was trying to contribute.  

    The only “douchebag” here is … well, I think you can figure that one out.  

  • Rjjone2

    Man harsh comments…but despite it being a beta, it still works fairly well.  I blame some stuff on the fact that 3D party apps aren’t updated to run on it yet.  I’ve had other weird issues where I’ll randomly stop getting push emails, the notification center sometimes acts squirrelly, and if I get too many apps open then the whole phone starts running horribly slow.  I have noticed the battery life being bad but I’ve always been jailbroken and I fee like my battery life has always sucked.  Going two days before using a charger seems like an act of God to me.  I’m lucky to make it to 5:00 before having to plug in.  That’s what my mophie juice pack is for.  

  • Alexander530

    I’ll wait a couple of days before upgrading to iOS5 when it gets released. Just to make sure that these issues have been resolved. I understand that iOS5 is in beta right now, but that is where they identify issues and resolve them before it becomes final.

  • Jay

    Wireless iTunes sync isn’t even enabled for this beta, how is this a bug? I have to agree that this article is terrible, sorry.

  • dagamer34

    In order to sync, you have to be plugged into a power source.

    More importantly, I want a widget in Notification Center which let’s me quickly toggle 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Location, Brightness and VPN settingsso I don’t have to dive through a bunch of menus just to enable something!

  • Guest

    You’re the biggest Douchebag out here, Peabody!

    I’ve seen your comments around this website before. You think you’re the almighty common sense voice around here and you’re not.


  • changroy

    geez, shuddup already, its beta ! LOL

  • stevethomp

    Re: iTunes Sync

    did you try plugging it into your computer? Works great, although I have been having a couple issues with backups. But this is beta software and I expected bugs going into it.

    Unless you’re referring to wireless sync, which the release notes specifically mention as being disabled in this beta…

  • Guest

    Wow Killian must be feeling pretty terrible after this one!

    Have to agree with everyone. Complete waste of my time reading this..

  • geebake

    Not sure I understand the flames here. Clearly the author is aware that this is a beta and is just pointing out things that aren’t working. He would have had to pay for the privilege of being an Apple  Developer as I have. The whole point of releasing betas is to find flaws – exactly as he does in this article. I don’t think he’s criticizing Apple or iOS5, just pointing out where it’s at at the moment. Very valuable info for we fellow developers.

    I’ve found another annoyance in iOS5. When out and about, I rarely turn off wifi. Just too much of a hassle. When I launch an app that wants to connect to the net, it flashes up the window that allows you to choose a wifi network. As I’m out and about, there are typically no available networks. So I have to click cancel quite a bit for no particular reason. I don’t recall this in previous versions of the OS. Seems like the OS should be smart enough not to ask you which network to connect to when none are available.


  • stevethomp

    The issue is that the proper place to make a post about bugs would be on the Apple Developer forums. You can find all this information in posts and discussions there. This article is breaking the NDA for no good reason other than to complain about bugs in the first release of beta software. 

  • wchoreo

    The insults are uncalled for!!! 

  • Tom McGrath

    This isn’t really a Beta error – I haven’t used iOS 5 so I don’t really know what it’s like – but Apple seriously needs to update AirPrint. I don’t want to have to by an HP printer just so I can print stuff off my iOS Device, or have to upload it to iWork.com, I want to be virtually ‘PC-Free’, as they say. I’ve got a perfectly good printer right now, a three-in-one, and I really hope they’ll implement it either in iOS 5.0 or 5.1.

  • aga

    Actually, the Prof. gives balanced and informed opinions on this site, having posted some of the best I read here. If you cannot recognise this, you are just showing your ignorance.

  • 9 Real Things

    Meanwhile, 9 real things Apple needs to fix in iOS 5:

    9. System wide brightness settings without digging into Settings8. Make default Apple apps delete-able 
    7. Show email in the new notification center.
    6. Make home screens rotate with the device (like iPad)
    5. Make landscape iPod controls when the device is landscape
    4. Make the track-forward and track-back buttons harder to hit when I’m trying to hit pause in a moving vehicle
    3. Since the new Reminders.app has GPS-based triggers, iOS 5 must constantly know where it is, let me push that data to whatever service I want (Latitude, Facebook, Foursquare, etc.)
    2. Enable iPad camera connection kit for iPhone.
    1. Enable faster tab switching in Safari (that animation just takes too long).

  • aga

    That would be a great feature. I am fed up with the lengthy process involved with turning BlueTooth on and off. I looked for an app but guess one does not exist.

    Killian, feed that back to apple for us.

    Interesting post regarding current state of iOS 5, thanks.

  • brownlee

    As Killian says VERY explicitly, people are asking whether iOS 5 is stable enough to use as a default operating system. It isn’t. Here’s the reasons why. 

  • brownlee

    Thanks for rewriting the next sentence of the post for us, saying exactly that.

  • brownlee

    Again, no one is “complaining.” People have written us a number of times, asking if iOS 5 is stable enough to use full time. It isn’t: these are the big issues that prevent it.

  • geebake

    I’ve read and signed the NDA and this in no way violates it. Lots of regular end users tend to be interested in this kind of thing as well as we developers. I still don’t see this as criticism of the OS. Or at the worst, it’s constructive criticism. I just don’t get the venom here. “the author is a retard”???? If you’re not interested in the article, move on. I suspect I’m not the only person that read this and found it useful.


  • I3pr Linx

    Exactly Steve. 100% Agree!

  • Wayne_Luke

    As long as they are fixed by release, I don’t care that much. Not going to put a beta on a mobile device I need to use every day. Developer’s can do so but they are more equipped to handle it.

  • theguycalledtom

    How about drawing attention to features that are actually missing rather than common beta version performance issues?

  • yagankiely

    Mail shows up in the notification center on the iPad for me (it is in the settings somewhere, you have to turn it on).

  • Guest

    You know your writers are bad when the editor needs to jump in to defend!

  • Guest

    [Witless, abusive and unconstructive comment deleted – ed.]
    (Edited by a Douchebag moderator)

  • Guest

    Above comment should have been added into the post justifying it’s pointless abuse of our time..

    A few people know of the write-ins asking about the iOS5 stability while the rest of us are stuck questioning the author’s competency….

    Another COM fail. 

  • brownlee

    We don’t need to “add it to the post.” It has been in the post since the very beginning.

  • Chris Brunner

    Remember, kids, all we’ve seen is a beta. It’ll  be far more polished on release day!


  • AP Orlebeke

    I too am running iOS 5 on my iPhone 4, but I have to admit that I agree with some of what you say I disagree with other things.  Battery life has been noticeably worse with iOS 5, but I wouldn’t say it’s dreadful.  Me and my Android friends joke about the fact that iPhones naturally have to be charged at least once a day.  I’m not trying to downplay the fact that battery life is in fact worse, but I had to charge it at least once a day anyway before iOS 5. . .

    Camera is definitely “buggy”.  Although I’d have to say that’s definitely an understatement.  I’m currently abroad and I took about 20 or so pictures and 5 movies and while I can view/watch them fine, when I’m looking at the thumbnails in the photo app all of them are black . . . I can’t even import them to iPhoto . . . this is concerning.

    It looks as though aspects of iCloud are functioning.  For instance I can see a “Photostream” but I have no idea how to view them online or access them through iPhoto.

    What does give me confidence though is the smoothness and snappyness of a lot of the apps, moving apps, using safari, etc.  I am hopefully that these things will get fixed, but I was hoping a little more would be fully functioning in this beta.

    We’ll just have to wait and see . . . 

  • MacGoo

    Holy troll-fest Batman! Killian is pointing out issues that are in a Beta, yes. But they are bugs nonetheless. Get off his case guys – there’s no moral high ground when it comes to revealing beta bugs. I found the article informative.

  • Ivanich

    Killian Bell, 
    I have ios5 and none of what you are saying is true.  All the item you said, work for me.  Even if this was GM or final release, I can live with it and love it. So:
    1) You violated NDA which you have signed before you got to developers
    2) You did not know how to install the ios5.
    3) I will say, shame on you! 
    Don’t come to attack the best and most honest company just to make your living.  There are better, more noble ways to earn your bread.

  • Guest

    But he is labeling issues consistent of that with a beta! Is it stable enough to run?! Will I still be able to make phone calls and receive text messages? So what if the beta alarm doesn’t show 24 hours or the camera runs slow! That’s expected! At no time in this did I see him answer the question on if it’s stable enough! Will my phone crash or not??!!

    This was a complete waste of everyone’s time and you know it!

    I’m praying that you guys at COM start writing better articles and reporting on topics that don’t make us question your competency! 

  • thelee

    i’d chime in with everyone else complaining about the relative worth of this article, but instead of repeating the sometimes profane words, i’ll merely say:

    when apple says “beta” they don’t mean the same thing as google means when they say “beta”. apple beta REALLY is beta.

  • ifireghost

    Another think that doesnt work: Facebook. When commenting, the app goes straight to a screen claiming its not connected to the internet.

  • Rsmp1983

    Absolute pointless review!

    Did make me giggle abit though reading the replies!!! what a plumb!!

  • Rsmp1983

    Absolute pointless review!

    Did make me giggle abit though reading the replies!!! what a plumb!!

  • adam

    “Make home screens rotate with the device (like iPad)” Why, Have you thought about the space issues. It doesn’t work well.

  • DLC

    If you are a developer, which is the only way to legitimately have iOS 5, you are under NDA, and so are expressly forbidden to disclose issues with it. The beta process is meant for developers to give Apple feedback on bugs so that Apple can then continually improve the product until it is ready for public release. Only then is it appropriate and legal to publish in a public forum any shortcomings in the publicly released iOS 5. If you want to discuss iOS 5 beta bugs with other developers, there are several private forums on Apple’s developer site.

    I hope Apple warns you of your egregious NDA violation.

  • BrandonLai

    umm sorry not to sound sarcastif but thats what a beta’s for. Its not ment to be used as in daily use and remember IOS 4 the battery life was terrible in beta’s but actually got significiantly better. The only time i’d be worried is when it hits RTM and the problems are arising

  • Scrist88

    With iOS 5, I have noticed sometimes my wifi cant detect wireless networks. So in order for it to work, you have to reboot the iphone and then the wireless networks will be found. 

  • Scrist88

    Definitely would like to see the home screen rotate when device is landscape.

  • brownlee

    “This was a complete waste of everyone’s time and you know it!”

    Guest, all I’m going to say is if you’ve got enough time to continue to sputter on in impotent rage about the fact that we wrote an article answering several readers’ emails to us about whether or not iOS 5 beta was stable enough yet to use as a full-time replacement for iOS 4.3, that time probably isn’t valuable enough for us to have wasted it.

  • DLC

    If you are a developer, which is the only way to legitimately have iOS 5, you are under NDA, and so are expressly forbidden to disclose issues with it. The beta process is meant for developers to give Apple feedback on bugs so that Apple can then continually improve the product until it is ready for public release. Only then is it appropriate and legal to publish in a public forum any shortcomings in the publicly released iOS 5. If you want to discuss iOS 5 beta bugs with other developers, there are several private forums on Apple’s developer site.

    I hope Apple warns you of your egregious NDA violation.

  • Koy Carraway


  • David

    1. when i try to share  a contact it crashes and takes me to the home screen
    2. sometimes when i receive or place a call the phone it shows me the spinning circle WTF?
    3. battery blows!  

  • Jwspark90

    My battery on my iPhone 4 STILL lasts 2 days with iOS 5. 
    The only snags I’ve ran into are with Netflix and Grindr, and netflix just doesn’t work yet, and Grindr has all the colors inverted.
    IT IS fully functional and works just fine on my iPhone that I use for day to day use, I have no complaints except Personal Hotspot doesn’t work at the moment, and neither does OTA iTunes Sync.

  • KillianBell

    No — not at all. Quite the opposite in fact. This article has helped a lot of people decide whether the upgrade to iOS 5 is worth it with beta 1. The whole point of it, as it clearly states, is to help this readers — not necessarily poke holes in the beta.

  • KillianBell

    Thank you. I appreciate your comment.

  • KillianBell

    It’s not a review.

  • Guest

    And if you’ve got enough time as an Editor of this blog site to defend such a crap article then obviously COM isn’t worth anyone’s time. It’s a two way street..

    Now on with my impotent rage…. Will iOS5 crash my device or not????? If this article was meant to answer this very simple question (and my “impotent rage” was meant to find said answer) then maybe you owe it to the readers (myself as one; yes, you owe me) to deliver!

  • KillianBell

    No one’s surprised. I am merely point them out for those that are interested in upgrading and want to know what the current issues are.

  • Ncm

    You forgot to mention the iPhone tehering does not function, this is by far the biggest problem for me, I bought wifi only as I could tether with my iPhone. Come guys let us have beta 2 Soon please

  • KillianBell

    It might be useless to you, but to a lot of other people it’s very helpful. We know it’s only a beta, but believe it or not, a lot of people want to upgrade anyway, and therefore they want to know what they’re in for.

  • ConnorJackTurnbull

    Well, at least you’ve update the title to say before the Gold Master.

    I’m sorry if there was any offense caused by my comments, but there’s way too many sites reporting on iOS 5 bugs or just reporting on “brand new features” that have been in their since iOS 3 or 4.

  • KillianBell

    Again, we know it’s a beta, but many people still want to upgrade and are keen to know what the issues are beforehand. We’re just reporting those issues for those that want to hear them.

  • ConnorJackTurnbull

    Remember the article advertising the HDMI adapter that cost 2x as much as Apple because the author was oblivious to Apple’s official one?

    Or the series on jailbreaking and pirating apps?

  • Forest Walker

    The battery life is pretty dismal. But I’ve always kept it in a cradle when at the office, and that usually keeps me going through bedtime.

    The camera app is slow as all hell.

    Bluetooth pairing with some devices has not been great (bluetooth audio receivers, Mercedez Benz bluetooth receiver etc). But after some restarting of devices and receivers, eventually works.

    The iTunes sync option IS available on my devices and seems to work fine, apps, music, everything.

    I have had the keyboard stay up over the home screen when I exit an app (iPhone 4 White)

    The drag down gesture for the notifications pane seems to be too easy to trigger, a lot of times I will go to tap a button near the top of the screen, and it will trigger the notifications pane.

    Of course, a lot of aps are still not updated to run on iOS5 so I have a lot of issues with Facebook, Foursquare, etc.

  • KillianBell

    Well, you’re one of the lucky ones. I’m not the only one with these issues.

  • Aj Tk427

    Umm, the only reason you would be able to upgrade to iOS 5 would be if you’re a developer and are looking to develop an app or update for iOS5 specific features and as such should accept the fact that it is a beta and not complete software so no   guarantee that it will function fully.

    The way you right this article is in way that you seem to be addressing those that may have obtained this in a way not through the developer channels and just want to update to iOS 5 on a whim.

  • brownlee

    Agreed. Prof Peabody’s awesome.

  • Aj Tk427

    this is beta OS and should in no way reflect your choice in getting the iPad 2 (that is if this is a serious question)
    The beta software is not currently shipped on any device.

    This is why this is a complete waste of a post, because you get questions like the above here ^^^

    I’m still trying to understand whether the author of the article thinks that Apple will not fix these issues for final release???  Are you just pointing out what you think are prime issues to fix for the next beta release???

    If I’m a developer, I have my device which I use for me, then a device that I use for test development, which I would not care if it is not fully functional.

  • DUH!!!!

    you can turn on the mail to show in the notification center by going settings>notifications>mail> turn on notification center. 
    people this is a beta. its not for public use. its for developers to try out there apps and fix them to work with ios 5. the official ios 5 doesnt launch till september. 3 months away. im sure that by the time it launches most of the bugs will be fixed. by the way complaining here isnt gonna fix them. go tell apple its there software. again its beta, things arent gonna work, things are gonna break things are gonna crash. 

  • KillianBell

    While iOS 5 is intended for developer-only access, we all know that other users get their hands on it too. And yes, the article is aimed at those users.

  • Jordan Burger

    Safari on iPad 1 is a nightmare….actually been able to read 5 words is a miracle.

  • John Griffis Jr.

    You missed something~~~!!! The notification windows on the iPhone conflicts with the “tap to top” feature! when you try to bring down the notification window from the top bar well you are browsing the internet or in an SMS window it brings you to the top of the conversation or page you are on. they need to allow for a “tap to top” setting so you can turn it off if need be or make it a double tap not a single tap….

  • Michael A.

    Have your iphone connect to a power supply and then you’ll be able to use itunes sync.

  • Scott Pilgrim

    Yeah how about also the lock screen flips out and randomly puts the status bar on the left side slide to unlock in the middle and the clock in the middle it makes it like a mini iphone.

    One other small bug how about the fact that it ERASES ALL YOUR TEXTS!!! Yesterday I was typing a text my iphone froze the screen wen’t black then came back on EVERY SINGLE TEXT WAS GONE!

    ALSO it caused my messages to stop showing up in notification center i’ve rechecked all my settings and messages still won’t pop up there

  • oriorda

    I’d opine that anything that sends Facebook to the shredder is a feature. 

  • oriorda

    Sorry, but a contract is a contract. As a developer you get to enter the Beta program under conditions. If you don’t like the conditions, don’t participate in the Beta. There is no room for discussion on this point. A Beta program brings mutual benefits along with responsibilities. It’s part of being an adult to understand responsibilities are to be taken seriously, they are not there for you to comply with them as and when you like.

  • oriorda

    There are effective channels for communicating issues arising during the Beta process between developers and between them and Apple. Publically airing them isn’t one of these. Copycats are everywhere, picking off the best ideas in iOS left, right and centre, without having to do most of the original (and expensive) R&D themselves. Obviously Apple is interested in keeping things under wraps as long as possible. Back in the ‘good old days’ (yawns all round) merely dropping the product codename inadvertently could get you booted off the program!

    I should add that I too found the article interesting and valuable to me… but that still doesn’t make a public airing correct

  • Brayden

    When swiping the messages icon from the lock screen to respond to a text, my device will always give me another “incoming text” sound and sometimes it will even duplicate the text.  Other times, it leaves a space between my text bubble and keyboard as if it were going to duplicate the text, but then it disappears. Also, when deleting a photo on iPad, the photo will usually return to my album hours later in some mysterious way.

  • MacGoo

    Did he ever indicate that he signed a developer agreement? No. I understand upholding contracts and responsibilities that you have agreed to, but Killian never indicated that he was under a dev agreement. In addition, I find it pretty hard to believe the all the trollers are upset about a contract violation when the average comment about it is as high-brow as this: [comment deleted].

    As geebake says, “I’ve read and signed the NDA and this in no way violates it. Lots of regular end users tend to be interested in this kind of thing as well as we developers. I still don’t see this as criticism of the OS. Or at the worst, it’s constructive criticism. I just don’t get the venom here. “the author is a retard”???? If you’re not interested in the article, move on. I suspect I’m not the only person that read this and found it useful.”

    No Greg, you’re not the only one. But we are a select few.

  • MacGoo

    No Greg, you’re not the only one. But we are a select few.

  • Robert Dahl

    bluetooth toggle like in SBSettings!

  • wayzom

    Apple already Very clearly says it is not. I did not see where he actually reported these bugs..

  • wayzom

    Ignoring the fact that you or whoever authorized your device agreed not to do that…

    You also seem to ignore your own title. Maybe had used a title like 9 reasons not to install this iOS beta on your phone.

    The 2 of you are really stretching to try and defend and almost inexplicable post. The title of the post also directly contradicts every one of your arguments…

  • wayzom

    Seriously, you keep making this argument. Change the title to something that is remotely aligned with what you claim the point of the story is…

  • wayzom

    He either is or worse he is violating the trust of someone who authorized his account.

  • Ryan Mitchell

    I’m running iOS 5 on my iPod touch, and it still doesn’t rotate the multitasking switcher. I would really like to see this.

  • liiamatkins

    facebook notifications dont come onto notification center 80% of the time.

    im getting the same camera problem, but when my camera opens its a black screen, I think the camera itself is broke for me.
    the wallpapers thing is anoying.
    and sometimes the date will get messed up on reminders (says today twice one with the right date and the other is the day after) 
    me.com activation pls? im sick & tired of having @live already.

  • Junior Dean

    Everything works pretty fine on my phone…I would say its useable other then there isnt any netflix or anything like that & the camera app does lag. My battery lives longer.

  • Dilbert A


  • katnip284

    The prior OS did have the option of not choosing whether or not to find other wifi networks. In Settings.

  • katnip284

    Really! Good lord, people, take a Beta Blocker and quit the flaming! Guy meant no harm, FGS! Whether an NDA was violated is for Apple to decide. Who made you all the Policy Police? Aren’t there far more important things in this world to be concerned about? I think iOS 5 is going to be a huge success when all the bugs are worked out over time.  

  • katnip284

    Really! Good lord, people, take a Beta Blocker and quit the flaming! Guy meant no harm, FGS! Whether an NDA was violated is for Apple to decide. Who made you all the Policy Police? Aren’t there far more important things in this world to be concerned about? I think iOS 5 is going to be a huge success when all the bugs are worked out over time.  

  • KillianBell

    No it doesn’t. Readers asked what issues the beta has — we told them “what Apple needs to fix.” What’s the problem?

  • Mikael Noren

    Don’t forget to add multitouch gestures to iPad 1st gen!

  • Sandi & Alex

    I personally don’t think it’s a pointless post. I can record MANY additional bugs on top of the ones listed but this post is perfect for those thinking about upgrading to the beta – there are many users without developer knowledge who just want to try out the beta. Saying “its for developers” isn’t going to deter anyone, but pointing out the massive bugs you’ll need to contend with is :/

  • rize

    iPod touch should have a wireless charger …. lolzzz

  • Daniel Muñoz

    Really bad article.
    You shouldnt be judging unreleased software, because it’s unfinished, and it is supposed to have some bugs. Apple warns you that no one should install beta software on devices used on a daily basis, only on test devices.
    AND the only way to get this(legally) is being a registered developer, what puts you under NDA and you shouldnt be writing posts like this.

  • baby_Twitty

    i’ve been using the beta for almost 2 weeks now, and the reason (i’m making a good guess here) why iOS5 is draining battery is becoz of alot of the new background operations related to the iCloud. Almost every new photos, documents, datas, musics, apps, bla bla are being
     processed/analysed natively in the background so that they would work with the iCloud.I’m not saying this is bad, considering its a BETA. I’m sure they’ll iron out the kinks (What background processes are necessary or not, and how to do them most efficiently ) by the time iOS 5 officially launch.

  • Leigh Kennedy

    I’m sure they do, but unless they are actually developers with an ADC membership, they under no circumstance should be allowed to.

    We don’t release our betas for anyone other than those who are testing and if we ever had anyone come to one of our Genius Bars then we would not be obliged to fix the issue if it is beta related. Developers don’t actually go to a Genius Bar either; they have their own support with us.

    Kind regards,
    Leigh Kennedy
    ? Apple Developer and Beta Tester

  • Leigh Kennedy

    I like this post a lot.

    Kind Regards,
    Leigh Kennedy
    ? Apple Developer and Beta Tester

  • Leigh Kennedy

    How very cute Killian. You are now implying that iOS Devices have their own personalities… You do realise if an issue effects one, it effects all (iPhone to iPhone, iPad to iPad, etc…)

    Kind Regards,
    Leigh Kennedy
    ? Apple Developer and Beta Tester

  • Leigh Kennedy

    For your viewing pleasure Killian.

    Kind Regards,
    Leigh Kennedy
    ? Apple Developer and Beta Tester

  • Leigh Kennedy

    Define “review”

    Kind Regards,
    Leigh Kennedy
    ? Apple Developer and Beta Tester

  • KillianBell

    Am I wrong in thinking it affects different devices in different ways? For example, my wife has issues on her 3GS I don’t have on my iPhone 4. How do you know which device this commenter is running the beta on?

  • KillianBell

    Again, we know people aren’t supposed to install it for general use, but they do.

  • Edward Lerchen

    If anyone would like the new beta (and all future betas) of iOS 5 for $7, please email me at elerchen01@gmail.com and I will register your device ID (UDID) and provide downloads.

  • leojsayta

    Good Grief.  Reading the vitriolic comments to this article makes me feel embarrassed to be an iDevice owner.

  • Josh the Happy

    if you want a FREE 15$ ITUNES GIFT CARD follow these directions:
    1) install the shopkick app from the app store.
    2) after clicking “let’s do it” (haha) click cancel at the top left of your ipod.
    3) go to the “me tab at the bottom left of your ipod.
    4) click the ” got a promo code? box and on the next screen type in mink8492 ……..this works on all ipod touch generations jailbroken or not. THUMBS UP SO ALL CAN SEE THIS PLZ AND THX :)

  • ModGadget

    You’re an idiot. The reason of a beta is to fix reported bugs before the final release.

  • Chealion

    No. No he’s not. There’s such thing as a way to correctly report a bug, especially one under an NDA. In this case, the lovely little site at http://bugreporter.apple.com/

    Writing an article about bugs found is a breach of the NDA and just generally a douchebag move. Then again… it is Cult of Mac.

  • ModGadget

    Okay, Apple Police.

  • Chealion

    Seriously? You’re pulling that card?

    Serves me right for commenting.

  • ModGadget

    No, but you take this way too seriously like if you owned a part of Apple or something or someone has died because of this. Any way, there a videos and everything and even site to download the iOS 5 ipsw. I know you have the right to say whatever the f yo want but i just saying. mean no harm.

  • Matthew Ginn

    are you serious about life. im an apple developer and i wanted to know of bugs that i may not have seen and make a decision as to whether or not to use this on my primary device or only on second and 3rd just relax dude

  • jggtn

    PC Nazi’s like you, DLC, always crack me up. Why don’t you mind your own business and let Apple take care of theirs. It’s what they have attorneys for.

  • Person

    To do the sync, you need to plug in your device.