Holy Smokes! We’re Giving Away 200 Free PogoPlug Premium Accounts Today




Cloud Engines announced their new, software-only personal streaming service today for PogoPlug. While the free version of PogoPlug is pretty nice, their Premium service adds a few extra features, like being able to stream music and movies to your iOS device. Running out of room for new movies and music on your iPhone or iPad is always a downer, but PogoPlug ensures that will no longer happen. Lucky for our readers, PogoPlug graciously gave us a whopping 200 Promo codes for free Premium PogoPlug accounts.

We already gave out a couple codes to our loyal Twitter followers this morning, but we’re now opening the floodgates to all of our readers so that the first 195 people to come will get a free PogoPlug Premium account. Here’s how to get your promo code:

1) Visit this link http://promo.pogoplug.com/promo/cultofmac

2) Pop in your email address

3) Hit submit

4) A code will be emailed out to you.

Super easy! The only catch is that you’re going to have to act quickly. We only have 200 codes so this won’t last long.

(Update) Looks like all the codes were gone within 10minutes of posting. Glad we have so many fans of the site.

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16 responses to “Holy Smokes! We’re Giving Away 200 Free PogoPlug Premium Accounts Today”

  1. Christopher Martone says:

    Wow; sold out already?!

  2. hausoftrinity says:

    I don’t know if I got one or not. I filled out the form and hit submit…

  3. huyett says:

    I’m getting $10 off — Not free… does that mean they’re all gone??

  4. Buster says:


  5. Brian says:

    That was pretty quick.

  6. c0rinne says:


  7. c0rinne says:


  8. Alon says:


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