Amazon Will Finally Go To War With The iPad In August [Kindle Tablet]


Image used under CC license from kodomut on Flickr
Image used under CC license from kodomut on Flickr

We’ve written how Amazon plans to challenge Apple’s iPad with its own Android-based tablet. New details indicate the devices will appear as soon as September, in time for the important U.S. holiday buying period.

The e-book maker plans to sell 4 million tablets in 2011, shipping between 700,000-800,000 units per month, industry publication DigiTimes reports, citing unnamed “Taiwan-based component makers.” The tablet will use Texas Instrument processors, with Wintek providing touch panels and Quanta Computer assembling the who package.

Earlier leaks indicate the Kindle-maker will offer to tablet versions: a 7-inch device codenamed “Coyote” for $349 and a 10-inch model for $449. Amazon will provide “streaming movies services” for its tablet users, according to today’s report. The Internet retailer recently was ranked just behind Apple in online video sales.

  • Chris Brunner

    Good luck to ’em. 7-inch tablets aren’t doing so hot right now. The iPad is the perfect size for a tablet and now that it isn’t “tied” to a PC or Mac, it’ll be even tougher to compete with.


  • Robrt

    I hope it goes well for Amazon. As much as I love my iPad, competition is always good for the consumer, and until now, Apple absolutely owns every other tech company tablet-wise.

  • ralphtweety

    Believe it or not – if anyone can do it just might be Kindle that ends up giving iPad a real race.  For starters Amazon isn’t just bonking us on the head with a new product, they have an established and growing [not as fast as the iPad] community of users.  I have one eyebrow raised…

  • Mike Rathjen

    Spot-on. I plan on getting an iPad whenever they get around to a higher resolution, but I still wish success for Amazon. Competition is good for consumers.

  • CollegiateLad

    I remember when the Xoom was supposed to take the iPad to war. How many tablets does it take to come remotely close?

  • Bluelou65

    I’m most intrigued by apple’s patent on the hybrid screen that would display both e-ink and LCD; i love the iPad 2 but i would def upgrade if they ever pulled that off.

  • imapp

    This is going to be the real challenger to iPAD due to the following reasons:
    – The ecosystem Amazon has built where uses can buy books, music, movies and apps
    – Pedigree of the Kindle ereader device
    – Millions of existing Kindle users who may want to upgrade and have not jumped into iPAD