Verizon Will Kill Off Unlimited iPhone Data Next Month [Rumor]



All good things must come to an end. AT&T killed unlimited iPhone data almost a year ago, and now Verizon Wireless — which launched the CDMA iPhone 4 with unlimited data as a promotional stunt —is preparing to do the same.

According to scuttlebutt, Verizon will jettison their $30 unlimited data plan and replace it with tiered data plans ranging from the usual $30 for 2GB of data to $80 for 10GB. Overages will cost $10 per GB, while tethering will continue to cost $20.

I’m actually surprised Verizon’s killing unlimited data before the next iPhone comes out. Even though unlimited data didn’t draw in quite as many switchers as Verizon wanted when they launched the iPhone 4 in February, unlimited data would be quite the advantage over AT&T when customers start lining up in September for the iPhone 5.

Either way, if you want unlimited data on Verizon, better commit now and get grandfathered in.

  • bplano

    “…unlimited data would be quite the advantage over AT&T when customers start lining up in September for the iPhone 5.”

    100% agreed. Not to mention if Verizon gave them extra incentive, like a transfer-your-number-and-save credit, they could have hundreds or thousands of new subscribers.

  • CharliK

    I can’t help wondering if they are NOT killing the unlimited plan before the new iPhone comes out. Perhaps the rumors of a fall release were wrong.

  • CharliK

    I can’t help wondering if they are NOT killing the unlimited plan before the new iPhone comes out. Perhaps the rumors of a fall release were wrong.

  • JD

    So, I have a 3GS on AT&T with unlim data and my contract is up. I want to move to Verizon… Do I do it now for the unlim data and just get an iPhone 4 and cry when the new one comes out OR do I wait for the shiny new iPhone and pay for tiered data???

  • Craig List

    I would do it now. There will always be another iphone but unlimited data will not last very long.

  • Lylesdonald

    I just bought a new white iPhone for my wife through Verizon customer service on Saturday(6-18-11) and I asked her about this. She said that she had not heard anything about this happening.

  • Wayne_Luke

    Knew this was coming. They’ve just been milking it. I have unlimited data on my iPad. The month to month contract is through AT&T. I use my iPad extensively but really haven’t needed unlimited data as much as I thought I would. I only use about 2 GB a month. Don’t usually stream music or movies over 3G though. Speed is crap compared to WiFi which is available everywhere, even in my podunk semi-rural city about 60 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

  • huyett

    I was under the impression that this was official, not a rumor…

  • minimalist1969

    Depends on how much data you use.    You can check on your carrier’s site if you dig around.  I rarely went over 600-800 MB a month.  But then I disovered 3G  music streaming via the Rdio app and I used almost 1.5 GB over a Memorial Day weekend trip.

  • minimalist1969

    The unlimited plan will last only until the 4G iphones come out though so you’ll only have use of it for a year or a year and a half at most.  Most carriers make you upgrade your data plan for the newer systems.

  • Apple

    Verizon and AT&T at the launch of the iPhone 5 will have tiered plans…… will not be grandfathered in when you are ready for an upgrade because everyone will have tiered data plans. You can’t threaten them by leaving because they’ll know you dont have an unlimited data option anymore. AT&T grandfathered customers in because they were going to go to Verizon for unlimited, but not in two years. When you are ready for an upgrade in two years you wont be able to keep your plans if you want the new phones…..because of the carriers offering the same 2GB plans.

    It’s like what Sprint is doing now….if you want a smartphone you need to pay $10 extra for data…..if you want to upgrade or even if you buy off ebay to activate on Sprint…..they charge you $10……no way out of it if you want a Sprint smartphone…..

    In two years data plans will be $20 for 2GB, $30 for 3GB……….data will be cheaper, and minutes will be throw ins…………………….

    I was smart enough to realize this and signed up with ATT for the 2GB, cheaper data and unlimited minutes to all cell phones on any network…..Verizon will try to nickel and dime you on everything. 

    AT&T will be the biggest carrier because they milked the iPhone and now they will make smart moves that everyone hated them for years about.

    Verizon is evil, Sprint is good but they are also moving to tiered, and T-Mobile will be part of ATT.

    Jump the gun now or in September with which ever carrier best works for you, but remember ATT is offering more bang for your buck if Sprint doesn’t get the iPhone.

  • CharliK

    It is official that they said that the unlimited plans would not last forever. It’s rumor exactly when they are cutting them. 

    That said, I have to wonder the same thing CharlieK has. Perhaps this rumor is true and the ‘no new iphone until september’ is wrong. rather than the more likely which is that this rumor is false and they will wait for the new hardware like ATT did last summer

  • CharliK

    ATT didn’t. I had unlimited on my 3gs and got a 4 and there was no issue with keeping the unlimited. Verizon could very likely do the same thing, especially when you consider that their rumored price for 2gb is more than ATTs. There’s a risk they could lose folks over that. 

    There’s been no major rumors about anything huge for the iphone 5 so personally I would go for it now if data needs justify the unlimited plan. 

  • JayeDee369

    This won’t affect you, you’ll be grandfathered in for future upgrades. I’ve been telling my friends who have been waiting to get the 4 now with an unlimited plan. The only good thing about these companies is that they at least honor when you started your contract so you never have to get your plan changed to this ridiculous cap system they have in place now.

  • Guest

    sorry Verizon users. Won’t have a better carrier till the Sprint iPhone 5 comes out in August.

  • Apple

    ATT didnt because they needed you to stay. When the 4G phone comes out, iPhone on any network will be forced to sign a new service plan, or be happy with the one you have. NO MORE UNLIMITED DATA PLANS FROM ANY CARRIER STARTING END OF 2012………unless Google comes out with their own network and changes the game.

  • minimalist1969

    The 3GS and the 4 used the same 3G radio technology. When the iPhone makes the jump from 3G to 4G there will almost certainly be a new data plan. Same thing happened when I went from my original iPhone to a 3GS. The 20 dollar a month plan was EDGE only. To get 3G data I needed a new plan.

  • Tim

    having the same questions, esp since AT&T does not offer 3g coverage in my home county or ANY coverage in many areas around me.  Wondering if Fanboy and minimalist are right.  I REALLY want the new iphone, but I also really like my unlimited data plan, esp. since I have been using about 4-5GB/ month streaming netflix and music.  I’m leaning toward waiting until Sept. for the iphone and paying the tiered plan rates, esp since I also want an ipad and am hoping that the new plans will allow tethering without an additional plan, but by then I will only have to wait another 6 or so months until AT&T acquires T-Moble.  Don’t know what to do…