Verizon Will Kill Off Unlimited iPhone Data Next Month [Rumor]



All good things must come to an end. AT&T killed unlimited iPhone data almost a year ago, and now Verizon Wireless — which launched the CDMA iPhone 4 with unlimited data as a promotional stunt —is preparing to do the same.

According to scuttlebutt, Verizon will jettison their $30 unlimited data plan and replace it with tiered data plans ranging from the usual $30 for 2GB of data to $80 for 10GB. Overages will cost $10 per GB, while tethering will continue to cost $20.

I’m actually surprised Verizon’s killing unlimited data before the next iPhone comes out. Even though unlimited data didn’t draw in quite as many switchers as Verizon wanted when they launched the iPhone 4 in February, unlimited data would be quite the advantage over AT&T when customers start lining up in September for the iPhone 5.

Either way, if you want unlimited data on Verizon, better commit now and get grandfathered in.