Firefox 5 For Mac Released — Here’s Why You Should Download It



Mozilla’s Firefox 5 web browser officially launches today, “bringing together all kinds of awesomeness to make browsing better for you.” Here’s what’s new…

Firstly, there’s the “Awesome Bar“:


The new navigation bar allows you to access your favorite sites quicker then ever before — even if you don’t remember the full URLs. Type in your keywords and the autocomplete function will include matches from your browsing history, bookmarked sites, and open tabs — much like Apple’s Safari web browser.

Improved User Interface

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Firefox 5’s new user interface boasts tabs that sit along the top of the browser, a dedicated bookmarks button for quick and easy access to your favorite sites, a simplified all-in-one reload and stop button embedded within the Awesome Bar, and a relocated home button that now sits to the navigation bar. For Windows and Linux users, all of the menu items are now located through one button for easy access.

Tabs & Panorama


Firefox 5 handles tabs in a whole new way and allow you to give your favorite sites — like webmail or your favorite social networking sites — a permanent home within the browser, with one-click access to each. When you open a new tab and begin typing an address into the Awesome Bar, Firefox will check that you don’t already have the site open within another tab — and if you do, it will redirect you to the existing tab so that you don’t have to open up another one. If you accidentally close a tab or window, you can now reopen it again with just one click.


A new feature called Panorama lets you drag & drop your tabs into manageable groups that you can organise, name, and arrange in a new visual way.

Lots More…

In addition to these great new features, Firefox 5 allows you to seamlessly sync your browsing history, passwords, and bookmarks with all of your devices. Its password manager will save your login credentials so that you don’t have to enter them each and every time, and its form complete feature will make it incredibly simple to fill out online web forms with your personal details.

Get your hands on Firefox 5 now by visiting the download page on Mozilla’s website.

  • EasyOSX

    It seems like all of these were features that were announced in FF4 (except for the awesome bar, which has been around before then).  

  • joseluisbenavente

    Agree… every feature mentioned I already use it in FF4…

  • xraydelta1

    Nice press release journalism. Firefox’s own website couldn’t have put it better.

  • Michael

    And this is why I still use Google Chrome.

  • copey

    Agree. Not a single one of those features is new or unique to Firefox 5. What’s *new*? 

  • KillianBell

    John, thanks for your comment, but I don’t really understand why you’re criticizing. All of the information was taken from the Firefox website and tells you all about Firefox 5 — what’s the problem?

  • John McLachlan

    Agree as well.  Maybe they copied the wrong press release?    or maybe FF5 just speeded things up.   Takes forever to re-load all my tabbed pages when I re-start the browser (was faster in FF3…)

  • Lee Hinderstein

    Yes a lot of new bling, but is it stable?  Lost too much work using FireFox. . .I will stick with Safari for now

  • xraydelta1

    “I don’t really understand why you’re criticizing”
    You don’t? Really?
    “what’s the problem?”
    This is the problem: “All of the information was taken from the Firefox website and tells you all about Firefox 5.”
    Lazy “journalism” is what I’m criticizing.

  • esapata

    Tabs on top is not actually a new feature. It was an option in Firefox 4. In fact, its still an option in FF5, its just the default option. If you don’t like it go to view>toolbars>tabs on top.

    I’m in the beta channel, and I must admit, FF5 beta did crash on me an abnormal amount… even for a beta. Chrome is still my go to, but FF5 has sped up. Hopefully the release (I’m trying it out now) will prove to be more stable.

  • baby_Twitty

    i have to agree, this is lazy article about firefox 5.

  • blueleaves

    I’m sorry but using a broswer called Firefox 5 when it has hardly any visible end-user features above and beyond FF4 just makes the whole version number release cycle seem silly.

    iOS 4 had 2 (I think) feature updates this year – the one around Xmas that added in the air-print stuff and the one recently that added the nitro javascript engine to Safari.

    By Mozilla’s reckoning, Apple would’ve been announcing iOS 7 a few weeks ago.

    Silly concept, no? I’d rather that Mozilla simply dropped the version numbers from their marketing and focussed on features.

  • ErinsDad

    Download and install only if you plan to run Netflix on Safari instead.  I write from personal experience and 30 minutes with the kind and imaginative people of Netflix support (who really are kind – I rate them 5 out of 5!)

  • HumptyDance

    Killian, you’re gonna let John T. talk to you like that? Nish nish.

  • David Maloney

    Mozilla is trying to catch up with Chromes numbering is all FF 5 is about. It really should be called 4.0.3.

    And since no one else has mentioned it, Cameron Kaiser and co have tenfourfox’s PPC Firefox 5 out in beta 2 format for those luddites still on G3’s, G4’s and G5’s. It took monumental feats of programming skillz to get it to work, but they did it. Altivec enhanced WebM! Yes, I said it!

  • KillianBell

    Are you serious? What do you want me to do? Read the FACTS on the Firefox website, then fabricate a list of features I made up myself?

    It’s lazy journalism because the features I wrote about are the same features Mozilla advertises?I didn’t copy & paste the information from the website — I merely got the list of features and wrote about them.

  • sryo

    Do you want the real list of chanegs in this release? Wikipedia: Added support for CSS animations; the Do-Not-Track header preference has been moved to increase discoverability; tuned HTTP idle connection logic for increased performance; improved canvas, JavaScript, memory, and networking performance; improved standards support for HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL, and canvas; improved spell checking for some locales; improved desktop environment integration for Linux users; WebGL content can no longer load cross-domain textures; Background tabs have setTimeout and setInterval clamped to 1000ms to improve performance.

  • Lorinda Hoover

    The “Here’s Why You Should Download it” part of the title led me to believe there would be analysis/reflection on the features and why they are important.  But there’s not any, it’s just a list I could get from Mozilla’s site.  And, like others here, I realized immediately that most of what is listed above are features in FF4.  Not only does this reflect poorly on Mozilla, but it also reflects poorly on Cult of Mac.  I would at least expect some discussion in the main article about the fact that these are carry-over features, or perhaps how they have been improved since FF4.

  • Hampus

    Wow… I kinda expected a few reasons why Firefox 5 is now even more awesome on a Mac, maybe you know like actually use a native interface and fitting to content instead of maximizing…

    But no, you list features like tab groups (you know what panorama ended up being named), tabs on the top and an improved user interface all of which was introduced in 4 and features like the awesome bar, password manager and sync (as an addon, built in with 4) that has been around since version 3 and even before that.

    You didn’t actually mention one single new thing with Firefox 5…

  • Ivan Kanski

    You know what this marketed versioning reminds me of? 

    Mobile 4G!!! Its One Greater than 3G*! 

       *Speed improvements only seen in select markets while standing outside at higher altitudes. Coming to your town in 2013. Get 4G NOW!!!!

    Even Mozilla couldn’t resist the age of over-hype.  I don’t give an eff where they put the home button now, or that i can now click a Real Live Button™ instead of the word “Bookmarks” in the menu bar.  Where are the BUG FIXES!  I’ve been wanting to go back to 3.6 ever since getting hoodwinked into 4, now I’m supposed to trust another .0 release?

  • merandy

    Is any one knows how to Sync Firefox5 running in a Mac and a Firefox5 running in a PC