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iCloud Will Be Like Oxygen For iPhone Owners


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A new survey finds nearly all iPhone owners will use upcoming iCloud and iMessage. However, avoiding the new Apple services may be like deciding to not breathe.

Are you planning to use iCloud when it arrives? Of course you are. Apple knows it and now there is a survey to back up their self-confidence. More than three-fourth (76 percent) of iPhone users are very likely or somewhat likely to use iCloud services, according to RBC Capital Markets. Additionally, almost three out of four (73 percent) of iPhone owners will adopt iMessage to text other iOS 5 users. The only major selling job expected for Apple will be the $25 per month iTunes Match service that upgrades your music.

However, the survey results don’t illustrate how interconnected iPhone users will become with iCloud, making it virtually impossible not to use the services – even if you are unaware. From storing your tunes, to syncing your iOS device to sharing family pictures via PhotoStream, iPhone, iPad and iPod owners will become tethered to the Apple mothership – and that’s something the tech giant prefers.

But the iCloud shouldn’t be viewed with a Big Brother mentality. After all, we don’t get angry at our bodies for involuntarily breathing-in oxygen. The Internet is this age’s equivalent – and like music distribution, Apple is making it as simple as just breathing.