Apple Decreases iPhone 4 Order Ahead of Next-Generation Device



Apple has decreased its order of the iPhone 4 in anticipation of the fifth-generation device, strengthening those rumors that claim a new iPhone will launch before the end of this year.

Despite being a traditional peak season for companies like Apple, during the third quarter Taiwan-based printed circuit board suppliers have cut quotes by 10% on average for their order placed by the Cupertino company, according to industry sources speaking to DigiTimes.

These PCB companies, which manufacture components for the iPad and the iPhone, have already been disappointed by the orders they have received during the second quarter, sources said, while orders for June don’t currently show any signs of an increase. Demand for the iPad 2 continues to remain high, according to another report, but the ageing iPhone 4 is no longer as popular as it once was.

It’s all set to change in the third quarter, however, with expectations that the “iPhone 4S” will increase shipments significantly through September and into 2012.

  • Ciccio Willy

    We hope so

  • Connor O’Neill

    The 5th generation iPhone might be Steve Jobs’ ‘One More Thing’ at their music keynote in September!