Rumor: iPhone 5/iOS 5 Will Arrive on September 7th



When can you expect iOS 5 to drop on your iPhone? September’s a given, but the latest rumor gives an exact date that all the ripples of the iCloud will come to your device… along with the iPhone 5.

The International Business Times says that the iPhone 5 will drop on September 7th, and coming along for the ride with it will be iOS 5.

While we wouldn’t count the day out, it’s a sketchy rumor: any weekday in September seems just as likely to us as the 7th. More to the point, some of the logic the article uses to support its supposition is sketchy at best, and we’re particularly puzzled by this breathlessly passive-aggressive paragraph:

iPhone adherents will seethe with anger if their phone doesn’t tally up to the competitions’ range of Android OS-based phones as early as possible. Apple must have found it difficult to contend with the allegation that most of the rumored iPhone 5 features are already on Android OS-based devices.

Anyone out there really think Apple’s finding it “difficult to contend” with Android’s feature set? Anyone out there “seething in anger” over the inferiority over Apple’s mobile products? Didn’t think so.