Adobe Releases Tools To Build iOS Apps In Flash… But Will Apple Even Let Them Through?


  • Nings

    I think this will only result in more crap on the App Store, if you have a great idea nowadays you either have to spend a lot of money hiring a developer or you could spend a lot of time learning iOS SDK, Objective-C and Xcode. The term “a lot” is the thing that filters out all bad quality stuff that today ends up in Android Market.

    Flash is so easy to implement stuff in, everybody can make apps in very little time. They will probably be in lesser quality because its a “converted” app. So if Apple allow this, I hope they show this in the App Store: “This app is made with Adobe Flash and may not be as high quality as with apps made with Apple software”.

  • CharliK

    They won’t require any kind of warning because they will be accused to being nasty to those developers and the negative press will go all over the blogosphere. 

    I actually wonder how many folks actually go this route to make apps, I suspect not that many. Making this a carrot for a donkey that only likes potatoes. 

  • huyett

    If the apps are that crappy, apple can just reject them with a list of things they need to address before re-submitting.

  • Earl Ferguson

    There are already many apps in the app store that use Adobe Air. Including HBO GO, the Grammy App, some Sony Apps, the new ESPN app and many others. Really all this is, is an upgrade to the tool set to support packaging iOS and Blackberry apps using Flash Builder, it was already capable using Flash Professional (and using command line with Flex). Their is actually no Flash involved, what it does is cross compile to efficient Objective-C and Xcode bytecode. So it’s all native code in the end. Know because I had to use the tools to create a Sony app at the company I work for. It’s cool cause I was able to easily get like 60 fphs in this game I was working on even on a 3gs.

  • Al Mor.

    this is really a challenge to microsoft since they adopted html5 and java script as standart for there all devices windows 8….As google and Apple are united around html5 along with microsof I don’t think this good idea will last long, if it arrived 2 years ago would be great!

  • Daniel Macias