A Tablet Just Isn’t A Tablet (And No One Wants One) Unless It’s An iPad


Photo by Kominyetska - http://flic.kr/p/7TQmYh
Photo by Kominyetska - http://flic.kr/p/7TQmYh

Turns out, creating a tablet that sells like an iPad is simple: just make it look and feel just like Apple’s device. Yes, you might run into the knee-crackers from Cupertino’s legal department, but you’re guaranteed a winner.

“We find that consumers are not interested in form factors that deviate from the benchmark set by Apple,” according to Bernstein Research.

This means Apple is doing another iPod on the entire PC industry. Remember MP3s? Just as facial tissues quickly became known by the brand name Kleenex, MP3 players were all referred to as iPods. And, just as the iPod controls 80 percent of the MP3 player market, so will go the iPad – I mean, tablet – market.

Are you thinking of launching a tablet with a 7″ screen? Think again. More than half of the consumers Bernstein spoke with prefer an iPad-like 10″ display. That’s likely the reason why the BlackBerry PlayBook is going nowhere fast and Samsung (you know, the guys Apple is suing, charging they ripped-off the iPhone’s look-and-feel?) quickly introduced the 10″ Galaxy Tab after receiving only yawns concerning the 7″ model.