Best Buy Will Beat Apple’s Disappointing Back to School Promo


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In an effort to compete with Apple’s latest Back to School promotion, Best Buy has launched a more attractive promo of its own that will see the retailer throw in a free $100 Best Buy gift card when customers purchase a qualifying Mac.

Apple’s Back to School promo for 2011 has been a huge disappointment to many, after the Cupertino company dropped its traditional iPod touch giveaway and decided instead to offer a $100 gift card to spend on the Mac App Store, the App Store, the iTunes Store, and the iBookstore.

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If you were hoping to get yourself an iPod or iPad rather than free software and music, however, Best Buy’s promotion may be better suited to you. With a $100 Best Buy gift card, you can put your money towards that iOS device you’ve been after, or anything else in the Best Buy store for that matter.

Best Buy isn’t advertising the promotion, so you’ll have to ask for it in store, according to MacRumors.

If you’re a student, does this change who you’ll be buying your next Mac from?

  • ConnorJackTurnbull

    #1 – Do you get the education discount too on the Mac itself? Probably not (but then again, I don’t know).

    #2 – How is it disappointing? Of course, more people will prefer the iPod but getting a free $100 credit is great in itself, if it hadn’t been for the past years of iPod giveaways.

  • Christian

    You won’t get the educational discount at Best Buy.

  • Cody

    Warning!!! when I bought my mac from best buy a couple years ago, I asked about the back to school promo.  They offered to match the education pricing from apple and offered to match the free ipod.  This is where the warning comes in…they told me that in order to give me the ipod, they would have to give me the amount of the ipod on a gift card and apply that toward the iPod so I would essentially get it for free.  I had purchased everything on a best buy credit card, and the employees were so confused about what they were doing and what they were charging that they said they would have to charge my credit card for the amount of the gift card and then refund it back on credit…the employees had no idea what they were doing much less what they were selling and I later noticed on my bill after it was too late that I got charged for the gift card…free nothing!  If you want good products, good service and good info on the products, go to the Apple store and take whatever their giving you and be happy about it.  You should be happy that you even get student pricing much less $100 gift card to anywhere…even an app store.  Best buy will talk you into buying their black tie protection for $400 for 4 years. (yes I got suckered into it) and I later found out that if you have to send a device to that (my blu-ray player was the unfortunate device) it comes back just as broken with frankenstien parts!  they just throw whatever crap is lying around into your device.  Yes, this post is a rant.  I learned my lesson about best buy a long time ago…BE VERY CAREFUL!  THE BEST BUY PPL HATE YOU…even if they look like they don’t.  Well, I don’t know about that last part, but if this is your first mac, do yourself a favor and just go to the apple store!  Sorry for the long rant, but I hope it helps.  BTW, if your best buy is good in your area, awesome, but mine sucks…baton rouge, la (both locations).

  • Paige Adams

    I believe the $100 in software has broader appeal that an iPod touch, even though the value of the Touch may be more than $100. I know the last thing I need is another iPod (I have many), but everyone could use new software for their Mac. Sure, one could always sell the Touch and use the money to do whatever, but this promo is a good way of introducing folks to the Mac App Store, and (hopefully) some great Mac developers, which ultimately makes the platform even stronger by encouraging third-party sales. This is a smart move by Apple.

  • Apptard

    Either way, Apple wins.

  • GregsTechBlog

    I don’t know if this is that great of a deal either. From Apple you get an educational discount, $100 off a printer, and the $100 gift card. 
    Depending on what you need, you may still save money with Apple. 

  • ConnorJackTurnbull

    I don’t know about the US, but we get about 12% discount over here on an education Mac. Say you buy an iMac…

    At Apple, you get $143 cash discount PLUS $100 Mac App Store credit
    At Bes Buy, you get $0 cash discount and $100 Best Buy credit.

  • Kamuro

    I would love to spend that money on music and movies, but in Europe we only get a 75€ card, which sucks. Make it 100! (Like someone said, they sell their stuff 1:1 in Europe, so make the credit 1:1 too)

  • Merckel

    Apple makes at least 30% on everything it sells.  It’s a business.  And don’t more people already have an iPod at this point?  I expected this kind of stuff at Giz.

  • Debbiemalyn

    No, because of Apple’s education discount I’m still better off buying online from the Apple Education store

  • Jharo00

    Technically speaking guys… If you buy your Mac through Best Buy, wouldn’t you still be eligible for an iTunes Gift Card? Since you bought a MacBook for school? 

  • Woody

    We had taken advantage of the free iPod touch back to school offer a couple of times, and it was great. But honestly, we really don’t need another iPod touch, so if we were buying another computer, the $100 towards app would be awesome. Not sure I get the *disappointing* aspect of $100 towards apps, music, and books. Unless you mean it like “I was disappointed Steve didn’t sign my new iPhone and give me 2% of his Apple stock.”

  • CharliK

    Nope. You have to buy it at an Apple store to get it. 

    That said, Best Buy isn’t advertising their promo so it isn’t really a promo but more of a price match game. Which begs the question — are they matching the free printer and the student discount on the computer and applecare. Without these things, Best Buy isn’t really ‘beating’ the Apple offer. In fact they aren’t coming close. Their gift card isn’t even enough to buy an ipod other than the shuffle. 

    Also, not everyone feels the sense of ‘they did it before they have to keep doing it’ entitlement that Killian feels so they aren’t ‘disappointed’ by the fact that Apple dropped the ipod. They get that Apple is not required to do anything at all and are happy to get anything. Although some of them wish that on occasion Apple would extend some discounts to non students/teacheres

  • Tysons

    Surely it would be an isolated incident where it was lack of training of those particular employees at fault not the actual company’s fault.

  • dude

    What disappointing click bait. Do your research. How embarrassing that reader comments so quickly and decidedly nullified your bait-and-switch excuse for an article.

  • just a guest

    That is not true.  I just bought (read 4 days ago) a new MacBook Pro at Best Buy and got a free HP laser printer (on sale for $99.99), a $100 itunes gift card, and the $100s off of the computer.

  • Dilbert A

    the employees work for the company

  • jrmjraymond

    Best buy offers the same thing. I just went in.

  • Mitchell Nguyen

    Well considering I’m a college student, I get all my software for free from the college (or at least in tuition) and I “most likely” download all my music and movies, If I go with the mac I’ll be getting a free $100 worth of apps in the app store for my iphone… which is less than appealing than getting a free ipod touch.

  • Mitchell Nguyen

    Well considering I’m a college student, I get all my software for free from the college (or at least in tuition) and I “most likely” download all my music and movies, If I go with the mac I’ll be getting a free $100 worth of apps in the app store for my iphone… which is less than appealing than getting a free ipod touch.

  • Lanh

    How did you get the free printer? I thought you could only get $60 off.

  • Viento

    You can get accidental protection at Best Buy which is totally worth it! 

  • NikkiTribbey

    I totally didn’t get my gift card from best buy..and I got $38 off since the mac was already on sale at bestbuy..

  • Pril Lara

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