Apple Now Claims Samsung Products ‘Blatantly Imitate’ the iPhone, iPad


Photo by khrawlings -
Photo by khrawlings -

Don’t mess with Apple’s designs. That’s the message as the iPad and iPhone maker steps up its attacks on rival Samsung. As the two prepare to face off in court today, Apple has now amplified its verbiage, claiming that Samsung products “blatantly imitate” the iPhone and iPad’s sleek appearance. Earlier, the tech giant referred to Samsung as merely the “copyist.”

If you’ve followed the courtroom wrangling, you know Samsung wants Apple to cough-up the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 — due largely because the court earlier ordered Samsung to provide early products to Apple.

The amended complaint just filed by Apple also names several more Samsung products, including the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy S, and Galaxy S II to an existing list of devices the Cupertino, Calif. firm alleges shows copyright infringement. Samsung “has been even bolder” than other firms that borrow the iPhone’s looks” with “products that blatantly imitate the appearance of Apple’s products to capitalize on Apple’s success,” according to the complaint.

Specifically, Samsung in 2007 copied “the clean flat surface of the Apple iPhone Trade Dress and Apple iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPhone 4 Trade Dress,” the company claims. That clean look was a break from the usual appearance of keyboards and other components which made cell phones bulky. “None had the clean lines of the iPhone, which immediately caused it to stand apart from the competition,” according to Apple’s court filing.

  • Askil

    Yeah, just look at the first galaxy S, the app tray was more or less copied right from iPhone. Samsung lacks creativity.

  • Joseph

    “The amended complaint just filed by Apple also names several more Samsung products, including the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy S, and Galaxy S II to an existing list of devices the Cupertino, Calif. firm alleges shows COPYRIGHT infringement.”
    That should be trademark infringement. Apple’s suit is mainly about trade dress, which is trademark. Copyright is an entirely different thing which has nothing to do with the things Apple is accusing Samsung of copying – packaging, industrial designs, etc.  

  • Guest

    Looks like someone dosen’t like the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S series or how the SGS II has booted the iPhone 4 out of its #1 spot in two countries (if not more) ;)

    kids on the playground.  kids on the playground.  Acting like kids on the playground.

    can’t compete, lets sue!

  • Hampus

    Just gonna state this, for anyone coming here and saying you can’t design a tablet or phone without it looking very close to the iPhone and iPad as such an argument is often made.
    Look at the HTC Flyer and the Acer Iconia tablets, both have a very distinct hardware design showing that it’s obviously possible to make a good looking tablet that does not look like an iPad.

  • aberaf

    The Galaxy S II looks just like an iPhone 4. I have both, and they are very similar in design.

  • SapirKraus

    maybe the S 2 booted the iPhone 4 from the 1# spot in 2 countries,but the iPhone still rules all the rest!
    and just to remind U,the iPhone 4 is probably the best selling product in the world.

    so if you can’t beat them,copy them and look pathetic!

  • Phil

    thats where RIM holds a strong hold.. the company that started smart phone technology! Their creativity and consumer satisfaction is above par and as a blackberry phone user I am very happy with my phone. Hater Hate.. nd apple was not the first to identify touch screens either

  • Alexander530

    Or maybe you should say, “Can’t compete? Let’s just copy.” :)

  • Tom McGrath

    I agree, Apple was not the first to identify touch screens, but they were the first to popularise them. 

  • Guest

    well I guess Apple is the master at it then.  ;)

    Steve said “good artists copy, great artist steal.”  

  • Guest

    If they were looking pathetic, Apple wouldn’t be suing them.  ;)

  • Jose Rodriguez

    so basically apple is saying that it’s customers are so incapable of visual analysis that they can’t take 2 seconds out of their lives to turn the phone/tablet over to see a giant SAMSUNG or GOOGLE plastered to the back instead of the white apple?

    This is truly sad.

  • Hai

    First of all you RIM/And Android noobs, Apple DID make their Phone unique, as the article says. No other phone looked or worked like the iPhone did, then you see phones coming out left and right starting to look/working like the iPhone.

    Remember the gyro? iPhone was the first phone in the world to have that capability, OOOOO but now I see several dozen of phones out there having that same hardware capability. Coincidence? First phone to have highest pixel density. First phone to have flat surface as such. First phone to have most battery life (read this fandroids). 

    Most of your trashy Android phones out there wouldn’t even exist without the iPhone technology. 

  • Guest

    A lot of iPhone features wouldn’t have existed if there were no “trashy” Android Phones.  ;)

  • Acrynomis

    Actually Apples did not ‘invent it from scratch’ but Apples reinvent the old ideas, and technology and refine them to be better (popularise). Say for example, the other phones already have dual camera even before iPhone, but when the other phones no longer use dual, iPhone reinvent it to for new product making it looks good. 
    Most of the phones including Nokia today copied iPhone sleek look by putting metal on their phones especially the new one. It is funny.. but yes iPhone did not originate them, but they make the things other companies neglected get so appealing… and then the other companies started to follow suit..