Ball Frenzy Is A Fun, Addictive Soccer Puzzle Game



Ball Frenzy isn’t a game I expected to like – but I do.

Unlike most Englishmen, I have little interest in football as a sport. But despite its name and its appearance, Ball Frenzy isn’t really a football game at all. It’s a puzzle.

The game is played with a selection of colored footballs on two opposing teams. Your job is to knock your opponent’s balls off the pitch, by striking them with one of yours.

The trick, as you’ll soon learn, is to make sure you knock several of your opponent’s balls out of play with every shot. Hitting just one at a time won’t be enough.

The game gets tougher as you get better. Every time you win a round, you lose a ball for the next. As the game continues, the tactics become even more important.

Ball Frenzy is very simple, but lots of fun and, like all the best games, unexpectedly addictive. There’s plenty of just-one-more-go power here, and two-player mode is very entertaining, in an “I’ll get you back for that!” sort of way. Excellent value for a dollar.

[xrr rating=90%]

  • Clinton Verley

    I can’t beat the Finals round no matter what! I’ve been trying all afternoon.

  • Mediakitchen

    It is very difficult but it is definitely possible