NetNewsWire Sold, Creator Plans New Mobile Sharing App



If you’ve ever used RSS feeds to keep track of new stuff the web (and people used to, before Twitter and Facebook came along), the chances are good that you’ll have heard of an application called NetNewsWire.

NetNewsWire is the finest RSS reader around, and for the last decade has been a leading light in the indie OS X development scene – in no small way thanks to its creator, Brent Simmons.

But changes are afoot. Simmons has just sold NetNewsWire to new owners (Black Pixel), and is embarking on a new, somewhat secretive project called Glassboard.

What will Glassboard be, exactly? According to a brief write-up at ReadWriteWeb, it will “allow iOS and Android users to share text, photos and in some cases location with small groups”.

Wait, that sounds a bit like Facebook.

A bit, but sharing with Glassboard promises to be very different. Users will have much more control over their privacy. They will know who has access to their stuff, who they’re sharing with.

If you’re as keen to see what emerges from Sepia Labs in the coming weeks as we are, add their blog’s RSS feed to your copy of NetNewsWire right now, and keep your eyes open. Like we said, changes are afoot.

  • Jenny Blumberg

    Thanks for the write-up Giles! I’m on the Sepia Labs team and we were happy to see it. You’re right that Glassboard is a *bit* like Facebook, but the focus is all on private group sharing. We can’t wait to launch next month!