Geeks infiltrate Royal Ascot with iPad, iPhone Hats


Source: Wire Image
Source: Wire Image

Horse racing event Royal Ascot is really all about the headgear.

How not to admire these young ladies for bringing a little geek into the proceedings by topping off their finery outfits with iGear-inspired hats?

Sure, they could use a little more work (or maybe some geeky friends with giant iPod making expertise) to make them look realistic, but the over all effect is a lot better than some of the children’s-birthday-party-centerpiece-ate-my-head toppers that some of the other women were wearing.

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6 responses to “Geeks infiltrate Royal Ascot with iPad, iPhone Hats”

  1. Jonjo says:

    What a bunch of losers

  2. Craig Donnelly says:

    They are promoting PaddyPower bookmakers ( – who have recently launched a new iOS web app for online betting.

  3. oriorda says:

    I wouldn’t mind ‘losing’ to those two at all!

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