Mophie Releases New ‘Apple Edition’ Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4



We think it’s a little odd for a company that only makes Apple—related products to label one of said products with the words “Apple Edition.” But that’s what they’re calling the new, slightly different version of their marquis Juice Pack Air iPhone 4 backpack battery.

The difference? The new version has an open-top design, with the small, snap-on part of the case moved to the bottom. Same functions, same 1500 mAh battery, same $80 price.

Why did they do this, you ask? Mophie says the new case was prompted by a request from Apple. Next they’ll be asking that any new iPad cases come with cupholders.

  • prof_peabody

    why is the picture sideways?  

  • Damianvines

    All signs point to a new iPhone in Sept. why go to all the re-tooling re-designing of a case for a phone that is at the end of it’s life. Do they know something we don’t? Like, the new iPhone will be the same form factor as the current phone?

  • elimilchman

    Good point, although the iPhone 4 will most likely continue to be sold (as is the 3GS today).

  • elimilchman

    There’s something wrong with the artificial gravity in my space pod. 

  • Guest

    And it now works with the Verizon iPhone…

  • Ella Xu

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