Check Out Four Exclusive Pages From The Upcoming Steve Jobs Bio Comic! [Gallery]


The cover for Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple, due in comic book shops in August.
The cover for Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple, due in comic book shops in August.

Set to be published in August 2011 by Bluewater Comics, Steve Jobs: the Co-Founder of Apple is a comic book bio by writer C.W. Cooke and artist Chris Schmidt that aims to tell the story of Apple’s inimitable founder in a less wordy and more visual format than Steve Jobs’ official biography.

Although the comic has not been colored or lettered yet, Bluewater Productions was kind enough to give Cult of Mac an exclusive preview of a few of the pages of the still unfinished comic, covering everything from Steve Jobs’ birth and adoption to his time as a tripped-out, LSD-popping Buddhist working for Atari. Check them out!

Steve Jobs unveils the original iPhone at Macworld in 2007.
Adoptive parents Paul and Clara pluck an infant Steve Jobs from his hospital basinet.
Steve Jobs attends Reed College in Portland, Oregon. He drops out after just one semester.
Returning from a trip to India as a Buddhist (during which time he heavily experimented with LSD) Steve Jobs went back to his job at Atari, where he and Steve Wozniak worked on eliminating redundant chips from the circuit board of the game 'Breakout'.
  • Timothy Williamson

    RU SRS???

  • Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira

    Art sucks!

    Looks like something from Marvel or DC ( sans Vertigo )

  • Drew

    This takes cultism one step too far. The biography is one thing, but a comic? Pas pour moi!

  • prof_peabody

    The history seems a bit revisionist at best, and yes .. awful clip-art style artwork.  Most of it seems to be traced from photographs.  

  • fernando

    i think is lovely comics.
    thanks cult

  • Prabhakar Siddhant

    killer killer.. cant wait.. 

  • GrimWit

    Jeez… I saw a post when this was originally reported that said Bluewater comics art sucked and I thought, no, that can’t be true but OMG it is!!  

  • netnerd258

    sorry that’s ugly.

  • Romain Moisescot

    I agree it looks reeeeaaaal-ly bad