Why The iPad Made Me Ditch My iPhone For A Nokia Dumbphone [Opinion]



Two weeks ago Sunday, my iPhone 3GS slid from my pocket and nuzzled itself amongst the fossilized bubble gum, mottled receipts and other sticky detritus that lays thick between the seats of the 7:20pm MBTA train to Forest Hill on the Orange Line. Doubtless someone is playing with it even now. I didn’t even notice it go, but unlike the last time I lost my iPhone, my initial reaction was not panic or thundering rage, but a serene sense of acceptance: I just don’t need an iPhone anymore. I barely even tried to recover it. This is my new phone, and god help me, I love it.

I admit it. Feature-wise, the Nokia C-300 is a pretty big step down from any iPhone. With an iPhone, I can check my Twitter, update Facebook, read web pages on the go through Mobile Safari, play games, read e-books and upload photos and video. My new Nokia just sucks at this stuff. It’s Twitter and Facebook functionality is utterly remedial. The web browser looks like the World Wide Web Consortium aborted HTML4 all over itself. The games are clunky Java affairs; photos and videos are stuck locally; reading an e-book on this thing would be a joke.

How can I be so happy about my Nokia phone then when it can’t do any of this stuff? Simple: since the iPad came along, I never do any of that stuff on my iPhone anyway.

It’s a weird thing, but once you get an iPad, using an iPhone just feels hopelessly cramped. All of a sudden, the profoundly rich experience of using iOS and its apps goes from the context of a frame through which you can do anything you want to do to a tiny terminal. Sure, you have access to all the same stuff, but short of two big exceptions — phone and SMS — it’s all done worse than on an iPad with 3G.

Ironically, what that means is that, for me, my iPhone might as well be a dumbphone for all the use I have gotten out of it since the iPad debuted. Unlike my Nokia, though, its a dumbphone that can be nerve racking to carry around. Even an older iPhone is a luxury device… one that can get easily lost, or stolen, or broken. Merely having it in my pocket, I’m constantly fretting about dropping it on the ground and shattering the glass, or accidentally placing my keys in the same pocket and scraping it up. I worry about being mugged for my iPhone, I worry about getting it wet when it rains. And, yes, I worry about it slipping out of my pocket on the 7:20pm Orange Line train to Forest Hills to get lost along the commuter detritus and reclaimed by some random stranger… a worry which does seem to be fairly well founded.

So I love my Nokia C-300. It barely qualifies as a smartphone, and I use it as a dumbphone, but I love its durable plastic construction that holds up to even the worst key gouges or spastic dances across the payment. The QWERTY keypad that makes texting an effortless dream. I love the built-in FM radio that works as a poor man’s Spotify. I totally dig the week-long battery life. There are trade-offs, of course, but I’m totally fine with the 2MP camera, which will do for just about anything in a pinch, and I’m okay with waiting until I get home to share what I capture. Even the lack of an iPod.app doesn’t bother me: I’m more than happy to just drag 8GB of frequently listened to albums to the SD card in case of emergencies.

Best of all, there’s just no psychological baggage. Not only does it cost as little as $90 to replace if I lose or break it, but it can be used on any GSM network nationally or abroad without signing up for an expensive two year contract.

When Steve Jobs took the stage in March of 2010 to announce the first generation iPad, he positioned it as a device that was meant to fill the gap between your laptop and your smartphone. Bizarrely, though, for me, the iPad just made the iPhone obsolete. It is my iPad that I bring out of my bag when I want to access the Internet, watch a movie, send an email, update my Facebook or read an ebook the road.

The iPad is the gadget iOS was made for, and since it arrived, it’s just emphasized the stress and extraordinary financial commitment that is the true cost of being an iPhone owner. And for what? There’s psychological baggage to carrying around an iPhone, and if all you really use is your iPhone’s telephone capabilities, it isn’t worth its own weight in worries. Gimme a cheap, contract free dumbphone any day… as long as you don’t take my iPad away.

Anyone else feel like they don’t really need an iPhone now that they have an iPad? Let us know in the comments.

  • Matteo Dall’Ombra

    At first when I sold my iPhone 4 to get the new iPad 2 I was feeling like you. But then, I realized that having an iPhone is always handy, because I don’t have my iPad always with me, so I’ve ended up by buying a used iPhone 3G, and this combination is working really great for me now :)

  • Kevin

    Totally agree! I work from home and I hardly ever use my iphone since I got an iPad (…and ipad2…slightly indulgent). Once I’m out of contract I’m going for a dumb phone !

  • wilkerlucio

    I can’t do it :p

    Besides common tasks that I usually do on iPhone (email, twitter, facebook, etc…) I also use it for my finances control, and play games when got in big lines.

    Without iBank on iPhone I will totally mess my finance control, I record all my transactions while on the street with iPhone, I also use iPhone more than iPad at home (in really, I only use iPad for music stuff), in home I prefer to use my Mac than iPad.

    So no, I can’t change my iPhone to a dump phone, it will not work, at least for me.

  • andymcclung

    I agree 100%.  I ditched my iPhone when the iPad 1 cam out and haven’t thought twice about it.

  • natcreat

    Glad you’re happy. Not for me, though. 

    I use my iPhone 4 for everything, every day. It’s extremely useful, handy, and, with a simple but effective case, impervious to drops and general abuse. So, I experience no psychological baggage or worry about damage.

    I use my iPad, too—at home and the office for things where it particularly shines. But my iPhone is stone pleasure to use on the go, and that’s what I do.

  • Matt

    Interesting take.  But if I had to give up either my iPad or iPhone, without thinking twice it would be the iPad.  The fact that I have the iPhone (and not the iPad) with me at all times makes it indispensable.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPad, but I find it replacing my laptop’s duties much more than my iPhone’s.

  • Len Mason

    You are experiencing loss. This sounds like the denial stage to me…

    The trade offs you mention are deal killers for me. I need a great camera. I want to share photos right away.
    If you had psychological baggage with a tiny iPhone, I can’t imagine the angst that bulky iPad causes you.

    I would put money on the fact that you’ll be back. Please blog about your return when you are done grieving the loss of your iPhone.

  • MattSTKC

    I ditched my iPhone as a way to fund my iPad 2 purchase. I ended up purchasing a prepaid flip phone for $30 dollars and couldn’t be happier. I even routed my texts through Google Voice and use their app and can text from my iPad when I have it or reply from my dumbphone and it threads the convo’s instantly. Unless a sub-100 iphone was out off contract, I don’t think I’ll ever go back. The only thing I miss is a Qwerty keyboard and I can just get a better prepaid phone for $50 if I really really want one. Otherwise, iPad is king, and the dumbphone does the only thing my iPad can’t – Phone calls. (of course I do make iPad phone calls on speakerphone at home using Skype and $24 a year unlimited US/Canada calling).

  • Ivanich

    I think you are writing that to console yourself.  There’s no way that any one normal human being will go from iphone 4 or any other apple iphone back to Nokia Dumbphone.  Somrthing is wrong with you.  Either, some one has pay you to write that, you are tired and depressed or even sic.  My advice will be to consult a good physician.

  • neilfairbrother

    Thought about doing the same thing, but decided in the end to stay with iPhone. The cameras are more usable and at a pinch the iPhone can be used as an iPad… it also fits into the pocket so is more portable. 

    The iPhone, for when you can’t iPad.

  • brownlee

    Sadly, the iPhone does not have by any stretch of the imagination a “great” camera. And the smart cover is hardly “bulky.” As for being back, well, I’m an Apple journalist, so yeah, probably, eventually… but right now, your claims of “denial” are pretty laughable to me. I’m not missing a single thing right now: I’m getting the exact same usage out of my iPad 2 + Nokia as I was getting out of my iPad 2 + iPhone 3GS, at a fraction of the cost.

  • JeeBee

    Heh, London also has an ‘Orange’ line that stops at a place called “Forest Hill”…

  • Blake Beavers

    I think this is the worst thing I have ever read on a mac website

  • neil

    I love my Motorola 376g Tracfone…

  • theguycalledtom

    Things I couldn’t live without on my iPhone which is with me all the time:

    Podcasts, Audible Books, Genius music playlists, Internet Banking, LED light, Shazam music identification, skype, IM chat, synced to-do lists.

    Plus there are many things that I use just occasionally that are icing on the top like a TV guide w/ remote access to my DVR.  There are also things that my iPad can also do, but if its still sitting next to my bed charging and I’m downstairs, I use the iPhone to do, since its always with me like using it as a remote for iTunes or my HTPC.

  • nvunge

    not even in a million years i would go back to a nokia…. somethings wrong with you… did you buy nokia shares or something ?!

  • Don Pope

    Sorry, but the iPad doesn’t fit in my pocket.
    The iPhone is much more important to me.

  • markm49uk

    I never thought I would feel the same but after getting my iPad2 I hardly ever use my iPhone 3GS. I was a heavy user previously but now I find it painful to browse the web or play the games i purchased. The iPad is so right for iOS anything else just feels second rate.

    My iPhone contract ends in October – I think I may join you in the dumb phone club and save my £40 a month.

  • justinscheetz

    I thought about doing this, but decided to keep my iPhone for quite a bit longer and I’ve found that I use both, to their fullest extent. I have different apps on my phone than I do my iPad.

    I browse Facebook on my phone rather than on my iPad when I’m out and about. Maybe this will change if Facebook actually releases an iPad app.

    iPad: Email, web, books and games.
    iPhone: Music, GPS, Camera and checking stuff quickly (bank, Paypal, eBay items, etc.)

    Each one has it’s uses, and one is almost always better than the other at them. This is my experience and I would NEVER quit one for the other.

  • dcj001

    Brownlee said:
    “Sadly, the iPhone does not have by any stretch of the imagination a ‘great’ camera. And the smart cover is hardly ‘bulky.'”

    Did you mean to say “iPhone,” as you did, or did you mean to say “iPad,” as I believe that you did mean to say?

  • Robrt

    Totally agree…I have the original iPhone 2G. I was planning on upgrade to the iPhone 4 until I got my iPad. Now, it´s just a fragile dumbphone. Hell, even a new dumbphone has a better camera and AD2P. 

  • wilkerlucio

    also, my contacts are all in sync and organized, most of them with photos (that I take with iPhone when I get the person contact), I can’t let it go anyway. Calendars in sync are really nice too.

    Also, when the iCloud cames to get it all in sync automatically, will be even better.

    No, I will never be happy changing my iPhone for a dumb phone.

  • MattSTKC

    I agree with iCloud now it would be great to have both, but the expense is absurd. I hope Apple rumors are true in regards to a iPhone Cloud or iPhone Air that’s low cost, no real local storage except for apps/streaming, and can tie into my content via iCloud. Then I’d go back to iPhone.

  • natcreat

    Im not sure about it being the worst thing, but the concept is definitely funky and counter-productive to me.

  • wilkerlucio

    I don’t think expenses are absurd… and here (in Brazil) the things are really expensive comparing to other countries.

    Here my iPhone 4 costed to me R$1200 ( + – $750), and my phone plan costs R$200 per month (+ – $125) with unlimited 3G.

    I mean this pays for the easy.

  • Sydney Nichols

    I mean, if you ALWAYS carry your iPad with you, sure, it’s redundant to have an iPhone. But if you’re a normal person, then don’t you want to use Maps that actually work and check your email in a rich way? I.e., on an iPhone? The argument here is skewed. Also, if you live in a city where you drive everywhere (like LA, where I live), it’s really helpful to have an iPhone that’s quick and feature-rich with Maps, etc. And obviously you’re not going to be using an iPad while you’re driving.

  • Adamhall27

    I have an iPod touch 4th gen. I text with my iPad, talking is overrated. But my iPad 2 replaced the need for the touch, now I just wish the nano had Bluetooth, then my life wou ld be perfect

  • crateish

    My highly carry-able iPhone is with me 24/7. I have been in too many business and casual situations where data access on the fly has saved me or impressed others.

    Now if I was a blogger wandering from my living room to coffee shop to Urban Outfitters…

  • smoovebert

    i bought a motorola f3 (google it, it’s about as dumb as you can get) to try this out a little while ago, and it’s definitely do-able, but an iphone 4 is way more convenient than a dumbphone/ipad combo.

    also? once the retina display came out, I found myself using my ipad LESS. 

  • brownlee

    Brilliant, and oh so true, at least in this blogger’s case.

  • brownlee

    No, I didn’t meant to say that. For any photographer of anything greater than total noob proficiency, the iPhone’s camera is terrible. That’s sadly an issue with all cell phones, but frankly, I find the difference between the 2MP camera in my Nokia and the 3 megapixel camera in the iPhone 3GS pretty remedial. I would only use either in the greatest pinch.

  • R.W. Elti

    I never have had an iPhone and have saved several thousand dollars in the last 2-3 years by using a prepaid t mobile ten cents a minute GSM phone for home and abroad. I love apple and my iPad, but 70 bucks a month is too much. 50 is too much.

    It’s the monthly costs that add up.

  • David Alexander Harrison

    While I appreciate the logic of this argument, I cannot agree with the conclusion.  Although it is true that – in a sense – the similarity between the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad causes them to all render each-other mutually redundant to a degree, it is still obvious that one will not carry one’s tablet around all the time, where as one will most probably always have one’s phone.

    If you don’t want the extra cost of a top-of-the-line iPhone as a burden, I would say the most logical choice would be to just have the previous-gen economy option (i.e. a 3GS currently, and soon to be a 4 once the iPhone 5 is out) – but still have one, especially with the advent of iCloud simplifying syncing to a mere background process, lest you find yourself needing to access some vital document while you’re at dinner in a fancy restaurant, or bowling, or anywhere else where you would be sans-iPad…

    Personally, if I had unlimited funds I’d have one of every major device – not just “because I can” (well, could) – but because they’ve all got their different places & purposes.  I’d have an iPod classic for my music, an iPad for when I was going somewhere I knew I’d need quick access to the internet & basic Apps, a MacBook Air for when I knew I’d need to do a lot of typing but little else, a MacBook Pro as my primary desktop (but none the less portable when I needed it to be) computer, and an iPhone as (obviously) a phone but also as a back-up for when I didn’t have any of the above items.

    This wouldn’t just be for extravagance, it would be for convenience & *redundancy*, something the author now has none of.

  • a Randy Savage

    sounds like a great idea. i recently thought about that a few days ago.
    *Note (you for got the word ON in the last part of your second to last paragraph).

  • travisb238

    I completely agree with the logic behind the article. Ever since getting my iPad 2, I find my time spent with my iPhone 4 to be minimal. The iOS experience is extremely more enjoyable on iPad. I haven’t ditched my iPhone yet, but may do so soon to save money and myself from worrying about dropping it on either glass side!

  • Anonymous

    So carrying around a larger, more expensive device that can’t be protected very well with anything short of a metal briefcase is less stressful and inconvenient than carrying around an iPhone?  Maybe I’m just weird, but I’m the exact opposite — I can count on one hand the number of times my iPad has left the table next to my bed.

  • natcreat

    There are other alternatives, such as an iPhone 4.

    I’m a professional photographer and, while a mobile device camera will never replace a pro camera for versatility and quality, the iPhone 4’s camera is pretty decent on the go. I’ve seen some stunning work done with this humble camera.

    Just saying, a 3GS is a low bar anymore, and the bar is and will be raised with every new version of iPhone.

    That said, different strokes, different folks, yada, yada. 

  • Omer1000fm

    i have iphone 4 but iwant ipod nano just for my music and now i want ipod touch just for games 

    and ipad for email facebook and thet stuf… and after ibut my iphone for iwant go back to my old phone just to buy ipod touch 4g cause ipod is speisel if u have just old phone  wall it just me  lol

  • Victor Healey

    Amen and Amen

    I sold the last iPhone, I have had four of them, the same month the iPad 1 3G was released. I bought a Motorola Razr and put that on T-Mobile prepaid where I have the cheapest cellular in the USA, crappy phone service compared to AT&T but it costs me nothing from month to month. I buy the minutes in a $100 bulk package that rolls over even  if I don’t use them. All I have to do is to remember to put $10 on the phone every twelve months to keep the account. I got my wife the same deal.

    I still use the Motorola cell phone as normal which is infrequently as all the texting, email, and all the neat stuff I do is on the iPad.

    i use Apple’s original case and carry it with me most places I go. Few even know what it is when closed. It looks like a man with a normal black portfolio. I even put some normal paper work in there also behind the iPad.

    Using Whistle I can make and receive real phone calls in an emergency, but generally I note who is calling and call them back with little cell phone. The T-Mobile Razr also has plenty of volume for when my hearing is giving out and it pairs nicely with my solar powered bluetooth when in the car.

    No self-respecting hoodlum wants a Motorola cell phone so I am safe in crime ridden areas as long as I leave the iPad behind.

    My only real monthly expense which used to be $76 on AT&T for the iPhone has dropped to $29 on AT&T for unlimited use of the 3G cell system therefore I am saving $47 a month less the net cost of the occasional cell call. The experience of the ipad is light years better than the iPhone. The only thing I miss is the camera and when Apple adds a decent one to an iPad I will snap that one up in a heartbeat.

    In the meantime with some of the money I have saved I have purchased other Apple items like a 2011 MacBook Pro with Thunderbird. Everything about Steve’s vision just makes sense. I used to be big in building high end Windows computers and helping others with Window PCs but now I could care less. That stuff is like watching paint dry. I am tired of the whole Microsoft concept of personal computers. Now I just live for stuff that just works and lets me enjoy life with my wife of 44 years. 

    Finally she loves the tech we use too. Before she barely touched anything but now she knows what she wants and just does it with no problem. Apple just makes everything too easy when they control the hardware and software. BTW with the exception of the Mac Book Air and the iPad their stuff is easy to work on too if you have the correct tools.

    Do I miss the iPhone, not really, the screen  is too small to really use it like I do an iPad. As a normal cell phone it sort of sucked too with that flat surface against the ear. You almost need a bluetooth headset to really use it to the full 24×7.

  • Kayneeezy

    I felt just like you the first week of owning my iPad.. I dont feel this way anymore.. I find myself using my iPhone more now that the initial excitement of owning an ipad has worn off.

  • RaycerXray

    The two devices (iPad and iPhone) compliment each other in many ways so having one without the other wouldn’t work for me (especially with video and audio) but I get what the author is trying to say. I still feel I need both though.

  • Oludy

    Same for me. Since I got my iPad, my iPhone was relegated to doing nothing other thabasic phone functions. I think am not going to buy an iPhone anymore. What more? My 3GS just went dead too. Lol.

  • EveConnected

    Hey, good choice.
    Have you installed Snaptu? I use it on a C2-01 (even more low-tech) and must say, it is quiet capable for fb and twitter (of course, it is still nothing for a twitter power user who follows 5000 people and usually manages all their lists on a mobile device).
    One negative point: snaptu can’t run in the background.

    Edit: And for the occasionally webbrowsing you should install the newest Opera Mini version.

  • Mike Rathjen

    The best camera is the one you happen to have with you when you need to take a picture.

    Very few people walk around with their DSLR and a backpack full of lenses.

  • Forest Walker

    I think this is the first time I have agreed with Brownlee… ever?

    I broke my iPhone4 a month back and ended up adding a second line to buy a discounted white iPhone4. Now I wish I hadn’t. I barely use it. When I DO use the phone function it is via bluetooth in my car or on my home phone headset…

    With iMessage being available on the iPad, all I need now is for my iPad to have built in, native, voice capability… I could ditch my phone altogether.

  • Pukey D

    I get it. Ageing 3G needs replacement. I am torn between waiting for the iPhone 5 or just not bothering and getting a cheap reliable Nokia. The camera could tip it for the iPhone, but since I got my iPad I hardly use any of the apps – like you say, cramped.

  • mattsouthern

    I never owned an iPhone before but I wanted one badly. I got an iPad 2 instead and no longer desire an iPhone at all. I have since stripped down all the expensive features of my blackberry smartphone contract, basically turning it into a dumb phone. When my contract runs out I am definitely going the prepaid route

  • Srdempster

    I’m afraid I agree it’s weird using the iPad then my iPhone it’s looks wrong been considering using a slim phone like a nokia 6500 classic but no one seems to produce a slim phone anymore.

  • Elwi

    I never bought an iPhone nor an iPad, and I am totally happy with that!


    I have been thinking of doing the same for a while now too, just can’t seem to bite the bullet. Cold feet.

  • Multi_moog

    I’d never want to go back to carrying both a dumbphone and an MP3 player, especially since having an iPhone is having the BEST MP3 player.

  • Blackleopard

    Sorry but I can’t believe any of that bullshit about you ditching an iPhone for a Nokia phone! How much is the check that Nokia send you for this post? 

  • Cunamara

    I didn’t need an iPhone *before* the iPad.  Ten minutes spent with my wife’s iPhone and one look at the monthly bill was enough to demonstrate that. My 10 year old Nokia does what I need:  it makes phone calls.  Isn’t that what a, umm, *phone* is for?

    Ten minutes with my wife’s iPad also convinced me I don’t need one of those, either.  It’s too small for anything I would want to do on it.  If they’d made it 8 1/2 x 11 or A4 sized, I’d have snapped one up.

  • AdamC

    Can’t believe the comments here, it looks like everyone is ditching their iPhones and buying dumb phones.

    Apple must be getting worry,wait if this is happening to the iPhones then what about the androids, I believe they are being ditched as well.

    Yea, now they are carrying the dumb phones to text and make calls and as for emails well they can handle them when they reach home.

    LOL what a bunch of c**p.

  • Jeffrey-the Barak

    I too gave up on my second iPhone, but because I have poor eyesight and big thumbs. I re-activated an old Razr phone (that I once gave away and then asked for it back). I blocked incoming texts and would never attempt an outgoing text. I use it for phone cals, usually less than ten per week. There is no data plan or associated data bill. The voice bill is $30 and I have thousands of old rollover minutes.

    Okay I did buy an iPod Touch, but I hardly use it. But that’s better than my old iPhone was. I had an iPad for 4 months but found that uncomfortable too. So I usually just wait until I get to my 27″ iMac to do anything that requires vision and dexterity. I usually sit in front of that for 15 hours a day anyway.

    I couldn’t be happier. I’m enjoying my good old Razr, especially with it’s strong new $3 replacement battery.

  • scapelle

    I have a myTouch 3G on T-Mobile. Clearly not an iPhone, and not much more than a dumbphone, but I’m more interest in its functionality. It takes pictures, I can text, I have an app or two I like, but I have no fears about it being dropped. It’s pretty rugged, and the iPad is where I go for all my app needs. Once I played Angry Birds on the iPad, playing it on the iPhone seemed like a joke.

  • karloffpropaganda

    Awful article, obviously just can’t afford to buy a new iPhone since the iPad 1 made too much of a dent in his food bill.
    I use my iPhone and my iPad 2 to their fullest every single day. There are different games and apps on each to make use of their screens and functionality. I use to my iPhone for social a lot more than my iPad (although not exclusively), definitely use the camera on my iPhone more (I’ll never go less than a 5mp now), and use my iPad for content consumption and work far more than my iPhone.
    The smaller screen on the iPhone is more constricting to browse the web or read on, so that’s an iPad thing, but it’s better for other things – wifi track pad, music, calculator, to-do’s, games games games! Although that’s an iPad thing too.
    The point of the iPhone and iPad and indeed the App Store is to make your device a truly personal device, so as long as you use them both right, they’ll both be absolutely perfect. And Nokia’s break down 6 months down the line, they’re reliable like that.

    I browse eBay more on iPad, buy and sell on eBay more on iPhone. Weird, that..

  • Plainer is better

    Never owned an iPhone and probably never will.  Over the life of the contract, and assuming you don’t lose it or break it; it costs about as much as a decent used car.

  • Gustjor

    I have an iPod touch and an iPad 2. It’s the opposite for me, I love the iPod and use it so much that I had to buy a 4G because the battery could not charge anymore on my old one. I rarely use my iPad. I would hands down buy a new iPod touch, but I think that this is my first, and last iPad

  • Matt

    I’m rocking a Razr and iPad 3G and couldn’t be happier. The iPads screen size actually makes $25 a month for data worth it.

  • Javier

    Take many pictures?

  • buggietechnica

    I’m coming around to this way of thinking but I don’t take my iPad everywhere so having the added smarts on my phone can be a big convenience. The problem with the iPhone is not the phone but the carriers. They suck!

    I finally ditched the iPhone for a month-to-month plan with Android. $40/m for 1200 minutes and unlimited data/texts… it is almost too good to be true but there it is. I saw another m2m plan for unlimited everything for $50 a month. Android is going to steal some serious market share with that. On top of that I haven’t had a dropped call in two weeks. AT&T dropped my calls almost daily.

    Now that the coolness of the iPhone has worn off (faster because of terrible carriers), many of us just want a phone that actually works as a phone.

  • Support 18inc

    Wow, really well written article! I feel the same way, but…in reverse I guess you could say. I’ve got the iPad 2 and some cheap touchscreen samsung slider. I’m saving for a contract free iPhone 5 whenever it decides to appear because I find the iPad isnt too mobile. I see it as my media consuming device I can carry around the house, cook with, walk with, do chors with, because of its size. But the size deters me from going out with it. I would always need a backpack or bag to stash it in and I’m excited to get another iOS device. With a tethering plan, it’s also saved me some money I didn’t have to drop on the 3G version of iPad 2. It’s a great device, but Id much rather iPhones portability.

  • Support 18inc

    It’s an opinion piece and some good points are made. After using an iPad, iPhone seems small and cramped and at times I think the OS feels awkward for the physical size. Don’t be so harsh and go make love to your iPhone buddy.

  • rylander

    A 3Gs, sure, but I sold my first gen iPad about 6 weeks after I got my iPhone 4, because I stopped using the thing. Once you go Retina, you can’t go back. I seriously want an iPad, and I’m totally sold on the form factor, but I’m waiting on the pixel density to increase to give me that great iPhone 4 reading experience.

    (I also use my iPhone 4 as my main camera, which is worlds better than the sensor on the 3Gs)

  • Fatfreemc

    Finally! Somebody else who feels like I do! I don’t use my iphone much anymore, other than texting and talking on the phone. I was mad with apple for not having a dedicated texting app for the ipad. I was just about to buy a 3rd party app, until they annouced iMessage! I use skype for talking on the phone.

    Before I got my ipad (64gb white wifi, mifi), you wouldn’t have ever caught me without my iphone. I read all my books, magazines and comic books on it (Files Pro), watched all my video media on it (VLC, CiNex), all my music (20gb worth on a 32 gb iphone), all my games (don’t even touch my dsi anymore, even though I download all of my games for free, have to force myself to play ps3 and wii).

    Now my iphone hardly ever leaves my pocket, hell have the time it gets ‘accidentally’ left at home. (when it does I’m sad to say I don’t miss it.)

    Everything is sooooooo much better on the larger screen. So what if it is ‘just’ a giant ipod touch?
    The ipod touch is f&@king awesome!

  • Fatfreemc

    When I’m in situations where I can’t or shouldn’t have my ipad (church, movie theater, dinner table with family!), I can’t even enjoy myself. All I can think about is ‘Hurry up and get this over with so I can get back to my ipad!’

    I still want the newest iphone. But at this point, it’s more of a status symbol.

  • Fatfreemc

    If they ever come out with an ipad with decent cameras on it, I might have to let my iphone go.

  • Chinise_ninja

    Click here
    & “Like” the pic
    to get a chance to… win a next generation Wii U* !!!!!!!!!!

    *you can only win if at least 1000 people “Like” it within Monday (20th june 2011)
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  • Capixaba78

    Agree man… I have great wi-fi home and at work… Gps in the car,(cant use iphone drving anyway)
    Use ios 95% of time @home on Ipad … (5% @ macbookpro)
    Im just waiting to finish my 2 year comtract to ATT (1to go!!) and will get a “dumb-phone” and save at least $600, a year…!!! I will be saving to buy the new ipad every year!
    And i will also sell my “old ipone4” and get 3 ipod touch, so my family can all facecall and now text w/ ios5!!!
    Now: wich phone is dumb and which is smart?!?!? ;)

  • Dadhwajd

    I bought Nokia N8 to go with ipad becouse superb camera.

  • Jades

    it makes perfect sense!

  • Jeroen Gunning

    I really recognize this. I wouldn’t give up my iPhone though, but I do have a similar feeling since I got my iPad. I used to do stuff on my iPhone all day, now I just use my iPad. The big advantage of an iPhone is the fact that I always have it with me of course, so I wouldn’t want to miss it. 

  • GingerNinja

    I agree with the other responses.  I don’t hate this article as I do see the point.  I basically turned my iPhone back into an iPod + mobile phone + email device when I got an iPad as I do pretty much everything on there with the iPhone holding all my music and…..being a phone.

  • GingerNinja


  • thelee

    i have to echo the sentiments in the article. i started with an iphone, and now i have a bajillion times cheaper virgin mobile prepaid phone with an ipad. the ipad pretty much obviates the need for a smart phone.

    the only thing i miss is ichat (soon to be imessages)

  • ffjfjfjf

    yea i recently just got an ipad and also have an iphone and he makes some good points.  while i personally wouldnt give up my iphone, you def start using it less and less for iOS related things.  It becomes your secondary iOS device trather then your primary.

  • James Beer

    Im the opposite I cannot find a place for the iPad in my life between my iPhone and my MacBook. I often wonder about getting a Nokia as a phone to make calls on as my iPhone doesn’t even work in my house.

  • jnjnjn3

    I agree you don’t have to worry about loosing your iPhone, because you already lost it.


  • cesarf


  • ltomuta

    For the record, phone’s name is Nokia C3-00 and it is not a smartphone, it is not supposed to be one. Not a dumbphone either, it is what is called a feature phone, based on Nokia’s Series 40 platform which indeed has a rudimentary OS (compared with the iPhone or Nokia’s own Symbian and MeeGo) and only supports Java apps. But for the little it does, it does well. And it doesn’t drop a call, regardless how you hold it ;)

  • Guest

    Same for me… On the go, at work, subway etc I dont use the ipad… It’s kinda unpratical… While it fits much better than iPhone at college where I use iWork apps a lot… But still I use the iPhone Personal Hotspot feature… (Once would be pointless getting a 3G iPad having the iPhone)…

  • Kelvin Smith

    Or you could only use an iphone to begin with. 

  • Jjrog16

    January 27, 2010, not “March 2010”.

  • Topypunk

    A virgin mobile or boist android phone has UNLIMITED data and text and can be turned into a hot spt for extra charge for as little as $25 a month and at most $55 a month. Screw ATT when this contract is up. And I can still use this iphone4 and my iPad!

  • Grbeiz

    You are the Moron.. I would say antibiotics are the best thing that happened then the IPAD..

  • Jonny

    Nice move… try next new Nokia E6-00. http://europe.nokia.com/find-p… 

  • Jody Fanning

    Er, you mean C3-00 and it _IS_ a dumbphone. It uses S40 OS from Nokia which is only a feature phone OS.

  • Wind_stopper

    So, as time goes by you reduce the use of your iPhone to some of the most basic phone applications: a telephone!

    Guess the Nokia can do that just fine

  • Wind_stopper

    Wouldn’t that be ironic; first Apple sets out to destroy NOKIA with their iPhones, not the appearance of the iPad seems to reverse this crusade, as more users find that the iPad is a much more convenient iOS device and ditch their iPhones for a cheapy NOKIA … I do like that!

  • Dizzle

    I completely agree.  iPad is the best device ever made and I too ditched my iPhone and handle most stuff on my iPad2.  My current phone is Nokia E-72 and has a qwerty.  I send dozens of text messages everyday and I guess I save a couple hours a week in typing time send switching to this phone.  Typing is SOOOOO much easier.  Other cool thing is long battery life on the Nokia which allows me to keep the mobile hotspot open and connect to the internet for days with my non-3G iPad.

  • Wind_stopper

    Apple wants you to buy all of their gadgets. All of them are nicely and so intelligently designed. All of these devices fill a special niche, but can’t really replace another. I like the way Asus is going with the new phone+pad hybrid. Slot the smartphone into a larger screen and you have a tablet at home, take the smartphone out when you’re on the move. That is nice and solves the iPhone vs iPad issue. Sure, it might be a big thicker tablet than the iPad2, but latter one is not a highly mobile device anyway.

  • AlexandreMiguelCesardeCarvalho

     agree. I myself use a Nokia E72 (will switch it for an e6 next month) for my regular phone use (emails, pedestrian gps navigation, sms, calls, etc) and use a 1st generation ipad (given to me by my company) for almost everything else (although flash would be a big plus here..). Both are wonderful and user-friendly, and the proof that mobile phones are supposed to be small, durable and of fast use, not bulky surfboards. At the same time, I think tablets are still expensive regarding price <=> functionality, but we’ll see what the future brings.

  • CtB

    “I need a great camera. I want to share photos right away.”

    If you really mainly need a GREAT camera, then your only option is Nokia N8. Picture quality in that phone rivals with the best point and shoot cameras. It’s camera is head and shoulders above other phones for three main reasons:

    1. High quality optics by Carl Zeiss.
    2. Big image sensor.
    3. It’s set to take natural looking photos that can keep the detail by doing minimal amount of post processing like noise reduction and sharpening. Most if not all phones do the opposite.

    And it also has a xenon flash which is way better than led flash.

    So if photography is the number one thing, then N8 is the only serious option.

  • Vertti

    How much did they pay you to ditch the iPhone?

  • Vertti

    No sane person ever let their iPhone go without huge pile of cash and not even then.

  • Randy McCausleyvaughn

    Let’s face it. It doesn’t make sense having two iOS devices at the same time. Would you get an iPod touch when you have an iPhone? Of course, not. The same goes with the iPad: Once you get an iPad, you no longer need an iPhone – all you need is something like a dumbphone, where you can access the Internet, call and text. And of course, snap pics.

  • baby_Twitty

    Just wait till you lose your ipad and get stuck with your dummy phone.

  • chippy

    I have N8 and Galaxy Tab in the same way as the author. The N8 brings best camera and fantastic battery life on a high quality phone. The tablet goes with me everywhere.
    Sharing photos is important to me but thats a huge problem with Symbian. Android is the best for sharing so I often find myself sending the images over to the Tab for processing and sharing.
    Besides that, I’m also happy with my dumbphone and MID experience. It was always going to happen eventually!

  • Alexander_Tron

    Ya man, i whole heatedly agree. I’m not a IOS man. but i pre-ordered a touch pad. Sold my N8 and N900 bought a At&t F160 refurbished for 15 bucks. And i’m soooooo happy. No phone is worth the contract. I have 5 lines on At&t all of them qualify for a upgrade. but it’s just not happening. Not now not ever. 

    I’ll do all my computing on my touchpad. All of it. I even sold my desktop set up piece by piece.

  • JT Woltz

    Wow… Your Nokia would be an upgrade from my $10 phone. But really, if I could tether my phone to my laptop, and I had an unlimited plan, I’d be happy…