Apple Releases Software Update To Prepare For New Time Capsules



Last night, Apple released Airport Utility 5.5.3, a minor bug release update for both Apple’s AirPort Extreme base stations as well as Time Capsule. More interesting, though, is reference within the update to incoming updates to Apple’s two wireless routers. Are these the iOS-running, A5-equipped Time Capsules we’ve been waiting for?

MacRumors also found reference within the update to future AirPort Extreme and Time Capsules that can store software updates. Here’s the reference:

bsUP.productName” = “Store Apple software updates on this %@”;
“bsUP.description” = “Apple software updates that are copied to this %@ are available to anyone using this network.”;

K31 K30B Time Capsule (Simultaneous Dual-Band, Gen3)

K10B Apple AirPort Extreme (Simultaneous Dual-Band, Gen3)

Running up to this year’s WWDC, many rumors suggested that Apple would unveil new Time Capsules and AirPort Extremes that used Apple’s own A5 CPU and iOS operating system to store software updates for devices that connect to the network.

In addition, Cult of Mac exclusively reported that future Time Capsules would tie into iCloud and allow you to stream your home media connection over the net. Such functionality was not announced at WWDC, but our source still tells us it’s coming, and fills the “streaming” hole of the iCloud feature set Steve Jobs did reveal at WWDC.

What do you think? What sort of functionality would you like to see in new Time Capsules?

  • Unis Zuurmond

    I agree with Cult of Mac on this one. The Time Capsule needs to be more than just a backup device and router, it should also include media streaming with a direct link to iCloud. If that is the case, put my name on the list of buyers – I’ve been waiting for this forever.

  • Joshua Stockwell

    How would a streaming time capsule work? How does it fit in with the ecosystem, i.e. Mac running iTunes, Apple TV, and other iOS devices? I am not convinced this feature will appear. Especially as long as AirPlay and streaming via iTunes only supports broadcasting a single stream.

  • Eddy Lopez

    If only Apple would put all the functionality of an Apple TV, Time Capsule and Airport Extreme into ONE unit, doing everything at once! Instead, everything is separate, sigh…

  • bmdonovan

    iOS 5 is supposed to remove the need for a PC from households that just want iPads and iPhones. The problem still remains that these homes still need to have a PC turned on, with iTunes running in order to Airplay anything. Perhaps these new Time Capsules will get rid of that silliness, and allow people to stream their media without having to have their PC on all the time. 

  • John Stiles

    A Time Capsule *is* an Airport Extreme, with a hard-drive built in.

  • John Stiles

    I would definitely buy a new Airport Extreme if it could host my iTunes media library via an attached hard drive. That would be a HUGE selling point in my house.

  • Richard


  • Matty

    Just for a little clarification, as someone who uses AirPlay daily through an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch through an Airport Extreme to my 2nd gen Apple TV, I definitely do not have to have my Mac on or iTunes open to “Airplay anything” as you stated, only to stream (i.e. AirPlay) iTunes media to the ATV. You can already very easily use AirPlay-enabled iDevice apps and stream stored content from any iDevice that shares your LAN sans Mac or iTunes. That said, I would love to have the ability to host my entire media library on my Airport Extreme and have access to it without a Mac in the mix. That will indeed be a significant upgrade to the current functionality.