Apple’s Back to School Promo to Launch Tomorrow With $100 iTunes Gift Cards?



Apple’s annual Back to School promotion is rumored to launch this week, but it may not be quite as appealing as it has been in previous years. Rather than a free iPod touch with your new Mac purchase, one report claims this year’s giveaway will be a $100 iTunes Gift Card.

While its first rumored launch date came and went with no sign of any Apple freebies for those in education, it now looks like Wednesday might be the big day. Dreams of free fourth-generation iPod touch may have just been quashed, however, with a source for 9to5 Mac claiming this year’s prize for purchasing a new Mac will be a $100 iTunes Gift Card.

Sure, it’s not a bad giveaway — with $100 to spend on iTunes you can equip yourself with a pass to season 6 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and have credit left over — but you’ll only have your hefty new MacBook to watch it on unless you stump up the cash for an iPod yourself.

Apple’s Back to School promotions traditionally launch around 3 months prior to its annual music event held in September, and usually helps clear out the existing iPod inventory to make room for a new lineup. However, if these rumors are accurate, the iPod touch might not shift as quickly it has done.

If you’re a student eagerly awaiting this year’s Back to School promotion, how do you feel about a $100 iTunes Gift Card as opposed to a free iPod touch?

  • okayrene

    I hope it’s not true. I’d be highly disappointed.

  • AlecmMoore

    Aww thats a bummer. But 100 bucks isnt bad. 1/3 rd of FCP X!

  • HeDainian

    Though a $100 gift certificate is nice, that would only get a student 1/10th of the way to purchasing the ‘I Am Rich’ app.

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  • CharlieSheensAddiction

    hey apple, f#ck you

  • Support 18inc

    At least a $100 gift certificate to the Apple store would have been better. I don’t like the idea at all…I think if push came to shove I’d buy the Beatles anthology and rent a couple movies which I would have illegally or otherwise watched for free in the first place anyway. With an offer like this, I would think students are just going to be looking for the store with the best savings on an Apple computer, this doesn’t entice me enough to bring in traffic at the Apple store. 

  • Keithandlogan

    I have been waiting for the Macbook Ipod promotion for about 3 weeks now. My son starts college in the fall and we have never owned any Apple products. Thought getting a Macbook and Ipod at the same time would be great for my son at school, but if it’s an Itunes card I guess i will be buying an HP with a XBOX sorry apple

  • Rxcketeer

    apple is giving you a $100 gift card and taking $100 off your purchase if you are a student. You are not hurting them by buying an hp. alot of people dont even know about the free ipod until they are told so who are u hurting?

  • Vbedford91287

    If they announce this stupid promotion I am going to hurry to the story to make sure get my Microsoft computer + XBox. 

  • Vbedford91287

    the XBOX is free btw when you buy a Microsoft computer. 

  • angryshortguy

    Not hurting Apple by purchasing an HP instead?How does that make any sense?How does NOT buying a product help that company?I love Apple products, but it’s ridiculous comments like this one that make anyone who owns Apple products look like elitest snobs. As well as fools.”We (Apple) don’t need your money, we’re above needing money from people who don’t bow down and kiss the feet of Steven Jobs!!!”Please, stop this insanity before it get’s more out of hand…

  • Rosh

    I’ve been waiting for this for a while now… what am I gonna do with a 100$ gift card ?
    I mean, I don’t buy music and stuff from itunes :|
    even if i decide to buy from itunes, It’s obvious the ipod is way better…

    I hope It just stays as a rumer…

  • J-Man

    As an Educational reseller — This is the biggest kick in the A** I have gotten from Apple yet. There are going to be tons of unhappy customers. Its pretty stupid for Apple to shoot itself in the leg. Is it forgetting where it got its foot in the door and what helped keep it afloat through tough times? The education market. This will ABSOLUTELY have a negative effect on sales, and will probably be the death of this years bonus.

    Thanks Apple. That was Greaaat

  • Custom

    Bad …bad Apple!

  • CheapApple….

    I wish this is a false information…
    I have been waiting since the launch of the new MBP to get the free iPod…
    When spending 2k on a computer, not even offering the tax is a low-baller…

  • Buckoman

    Personally, it would be a big step down from what they’ve had in the past. Just give us the iPod so we can sell it on eBay and buy an iPad to watch those movies on.

  • bplano

    Yeah. $100 of music (that I could own via other means) or a new game console? Hmm, that’s a hard decision :P

    Of course, you could always buy the PC, take the Xbox, and then sell the PC, then put the money towards the Macbook Pro… XD

  • DisappointedLawStudent

    disappointed if this is true. I’d prefer the options that we were hearing early on about iPod or $ towards an iPad2. I had my heart set on expanding my apple collection to include a nano, but I guess that might not be in the cards this year. Will that make me reconsider my purchase? I don’t know yet. With the information about the 2012 overhaul of the line, it seems more and more likely that I’ll hold off for a year.

  • c.t

    Me to. If it is not true though, my Dad could by the Mac and I could have the iPod- It would be my first ever iPod

  • DJ

    I would be LIVID if they did this. I just turned down getting my MacBook Pro last Sunday in anticipation that they would do the promotion with the free iPod. And I’ve been looking forward to this for the last few weeks. Apple is about to screw us over again. Greedy bastards…

  • Patrick Kelly

    I’ve waited 5 months on buying a laptop because I was expecting a better deal. If there is no free iPod, I’m out. Asus will be welcoming me into the family instead.

  • Michael

    As a student, I would rather have the iPod Touch.  Much more appealing, and if worse comes to worse could sell it and get a $200 (or two $100’s) iTunes gift Card.  I’ve been waiting to get a MBP for just under a month because of this deal now.

  • Barbara

    I’m in the same boat as you. I’m in educational Apple sales at a university and I’ve been telling my customers that if they buy a Mac, they’ll probably get an iPod. That’s been the motivating factor for students (and parents who want the iPod for themselves) in the past few years. I’m going to lose sales to HP and Dell with their new free Xbox 360 promo.

  • Kaiulani Schuler

    I think it sucks. I was going to buy two MacBook Pros for my sone. Now Ill have to buy PCs. Yeccch

  • Guest

    100$ giftcard? apple go suck a d***, im getting an alienware if thats what happening. wasted 6 months of my time for this promo

  • Pissedoffed

    Wtf. I’ve been waiting since may for this. I was thinking a discount off the ipad was unlikely but giving us an itunes giftcard instead?! Thanks I’ll take the free xbox from pc.

  • applegotdumbstaff

    the old promos for this… thats hella lame, how can they be so stupid = =

  • jgur88

    Compare the alleged $100 gift card for a Mac versus a free Xbox 360 with a Windows machine right now. I was hoping for an even larger incentive than last year ($300) to try to lure students into an additional sell of an iPad. 

    Regardless, I’m glad I never threw out my College ID!

  • Abcd

    i have been f***ing waiting for so long……

  • Buckingham Ulysses

    Same boat man!!! I promised my brother that I would give him the ipod for his birthday….guess I am gonna have to back out of that one

  • CharliK

    Everyone needs to seriously chill. First off, this is a rumor. Not a fact. 

    Second, stop and think for a moment. Think about that big nasty earthquake in Japan that killed a bunch of folks and destroyed a bunch of buildings. Guess what, douchebags, where do you think a lot of the components for Apple’s stuff is made. Yeah, that’s right, in Japan. Its only assembled in China. 

    That is why the ipad 2 stocks still haven’t settled out and why they might possibly not have the means to mass produce a ton of ipods, especially touches, for the promo. So the choices are do nothing at all, make what they can and screw a bunch of folks cause it is ‘as supplies last’ and they know supplies won’t or do something else. If the rumor is true then they are going for the latter. Which many would say is better than just tossing up the hands and doing nothing (although they could perhaps give better discounts on the computers also)

  • CharliK

    No, you can still buy your son’s Macbooks. A decision like this should not hinge on what free toy you can get. It should be on what is the best computer for them to have. 

  • CharliK

    Even if they were doing the ipod, the ipad won’t be included. The stock amounts are too low and it would just create chaos with folks buying whatever they can get for the rebate and then trying to return it for what they really want which won’t turn up until after the 2 weeks blah blah. 

  • CharliK

    You told them something that wasn’t firm. That’s on you not Apple. You shouldn’t have set an expectation that you didn’t have confirmed. 

  • CharliK

    You are a totally rocking dad. So great to see that you buy according to your feelings about the quality of the product and not about what toys they toss in. 

    Oh wait . . . 

  • Rnbw__remo

    OOps! Wish apple gives more than $100 itunes…. probably the ipod touch.. hope apple holds its repute on this Back to School program… :)

  • CharliK

    You do know that if it is a physical card, you can sell it. It’s not restricted to your own use. Hell even if it is just credited to your account you could probably pass it on to someone else as an egift. Say after they ‘gift’ you with a $100 bill. 

  • CharliK

    And hey, if they are trying to match previous BtS promos it could be more like a $200 credit. Even better toward that FCPX

  • AnnoyedMacbookUser

    so ridiculous, apple is already make a solid profit off of every mbp solid. if i dont get an ipod with the purchase of a mbp, what good is the itunes card? the apple of making purchases on itunes is having the ability to use them on a mbp AND/OR an ipod. do they really think budget tight students are now going to cough up the extra $200+ to buy an ipod now that they get a $100 gift card towards purchasing music/apps/videos for it from itunes?

    backwards logic. mac had it right in previous years. students who get the ipods with mbp’s are more likely to jump on the itunes bandwagon and make a ton of purchases for their new ipod before school starts. 
    sounds like this may be a weak cover up by apple to hide the fact that they dont have a new line of ipods ready to be released this fall.

  • Joe


  • James COnnor

    Poor decision in the wrong year….Microsoft takes the cake and should benefit greatly from this foolish move by apple

  • Kevin

    Student discount on $999 mb/MBA is only $50.

  • emericaous

    Since 2004 I have owned almost exclusively Apple products. I’ve owned an
    iPod mini, iPod video, MacBook, IMac, iPhone (the day it was released,
    3GS and now 4). I was looking forward to purchasing a MacBook Pro as
    soon as the back to school sale started. If this report is true, I think
    it’s time to go back to PC…especially since Microsoft is giving free
    Xbox 360s away with the purchase of a $699+ PC.

  • Bibaoblob

    Actually you can only by one notebook for your son per academic year, per the Education policy. So if you were actually purchasing two, you were scamming the system. And with that, you give up your right to complaining about getting something for free.  

  • MarkT

    I’m disappointed with a $100 promotion.  They’d have to sweeten the educational discount by $150 or drop prices across the board by that much to meet my expectations.  Will I continue with my planned purchase?  Maybe, but it won’t be tomorrow.  I’ll take time to consider my options.

  • Andy King

    He told them something that’s been true for the last five years; pretty much everyone expected that Apple would resume the offer again this year.

  • Andy King

    Last summer I bought a Macbook Pro and gave the free iPod to my mother, who until then never had a reliable MP3 player of her own. She loves the music, loves the portable web, loves the apps. I’m no fan of the closed ecosystem of iOS, but fantastic hardware is fantastic hardware. I’ve been looking forward to getting a new Macbook Pro to replace my previous purchase, which was stolen in November, and to a degree was even more excited about getting a new iPod Touch so I can have a dual-camera, retina-display iPod Touch; fantastic hardware.

    To hear that they’re replacing this offer with a $100 iTunes gift card, when I don’t even -have- an iPod in the first place? I don’t buy my movies and music from a closed market and never will, and without an iOS device on which to play apps, that makes this offer useless unless I can somehow sell the credit, which I have a suspicion I won’t be able to do (I find it likely they’ll just credit it to my Apple account instead of handing me a gift card). Added to the fact that the value of this promotion is less than half that of the offers for the past five years? I liked OSX, and I still miss the power behind the Macbook Pro, but I pay a premium for the Apple brand, and if that premium isn’t repaid back to me in the form of a student offer I can actually -use-, I’m passing on this one.

    I understand that the free iPod was always an incentive to get me to buy apps, buy music, and bind myself to Apple’s ecosystem; something I’m willing to put up with for the sake of fantastic hardware. But for them to toss half-value credit at me and pretend it’s still a good deal? I won’t be used so obviously.

  • Rxcketeer

    its better than something tho…MBP discounts are $100

  • Rxcketeer

    if you took time and thought about it, it would have made sense instead of quickly replying without thinking. obviously, he has been waiting to buy a mac but since apple is giving him something different, he is going somewhere else to but another product. he wanted a mac for a reason so he is about to sacrifice those reason cus he is not getting an ipod touch but a gift card instead? If he doesnt buy it, the next person will. its a free gift at the end of the day. 

    PS. Think before you type.

  • Asdfk

    It’s one less unit sold. Which becomes one unit that will later have to be sold at a lower, discounted price.
    P.S. Get a business degree before you try to be an expert on it.

  • Stevejobssucksballs

    i was looking forward to purchasing my first mac after i heard about the free ipod deal, but it looks like I’ll be be getting another pc and a free xbox….poor move steve

  • Ginbur

    wow, apple fail

  • Yoursdllad

    really sad to see apple come up so short, i was waiting for this team for awhile

  • Support 18inc

    Okay, so instead of a free iPod I have to list a card on eBay…mail it, then wait for the $75(let’s be real here, no one will buy this card at face value) to get back to me.

  • Ronnyron

    the only questions now is ibm thinkpad or dell inspiron, bad PR move apple

  • Germ

    disappointed in this news…hope its not true

  • Support 18inc

    It’s Apple…assumptions get you no where. Last year when iPhone 4 came out we all assumed iPhone 5 would hit the following summer but it didn’t. We assumed iPhone 3Gs would be called iPhone 4. We assumed Snow Leopard was going to be $129. We assumed the iPad would have better cameras. We assumed the MacBook Pro would’ve gotten a physical redesign by now. We assumed the iPod nano would keep it’s click wheel. Say it with me…”It’s Apple….assumptions get you no where.” :)

  • Support 18inc

    You’ve captured the essence of why Apple is doing this. Now you have to go out and buy an iPod. You could always sell the gift card and buy a Shuffle, and have enough left over to buy 10, maybe 20 songs.

  • Support 18inc

    What if this year Apple is giving away a cheaper iPod like the shuffle or nano in addition to a 100 dollar gift card. If they gave away a Shuffle and a gift card then the incentive seems better and Apple still saves money. Or, maybe the iPod line isn’t getting refreshed this year, hence no need to give away free “old” iPods.

  • Support 18inc

    With all the money you’ll have to spend on virus software, and computer repairs…itd be cheaper to buy the iPod. Is free stuff really how you base computer purchases?

  • Guest

    First off, I believe he meant 2 sons. And macbooks are getting a lot of viruses recently, I think their equal to the level of PCS. He can easily get a fully loaded PC form less than a $1000, and then get the  free XBOX(S). It is simply the rational and pragmatic decision. I believe that this new approach will lead to apple’s fall. Personally, I have been a loyal apple customer for about 5 years, spending over $10,000 at the apple store. Even I feel like apple is trying to take advantage of me. Is the price of a macbook my number one concern; no. But to me, apple seems to be taking my money for granite. I feel unappreciated as a customer, like everyone else should. This poor exhibition of customer appreciation on apple’s behalf is something I find absolutely appalling. I hope that this is simply a false rumor, perhaps created by apple itself in an attempt to estimate the response. In all honesty, Apply should be increasing it’s incentive in an effort to lure customers away from PC. If anyone from apple is reading this, please stop this promotion before it happens, it’s just a slap in the face. I will NOT be making my annual macbook purchase if it is true, like many others.

  • sixtyseventdk

    i decided to purchase a macbook pro through my college the day after i confirmed my enrollment, which was three months ago. my mom told me that it would be best to wait in order to recieve the free iPod deal with the computer, yet here we are, with no iPod deal :( in my opinion, i’d rather have an iPod, but i guess a $100 iTunes giftcard wouldnt be too terrible, but i’m not sure its a fair trade-off

  • angryshortguy

    Not only do I think before I type, I’m usually correct and know what I’m talking about.
    You could do well to follow my example before insulting someone’s intelligence.
    It doesn’t take an economics major to know that opportunity not realized is opportunity lost.

    Let’s do the math together so you can understand a basic principle of business:

    Two customers buy one Mac each, two Macs are sold, Apple gets the profit from two Macs sold.

    One customer changes his mind, doesn’t buy a Mac, buys an HP laptop instead.
    Second customer buys a Mac.

    Apple sells one Mac, Apple gets profit from one Mac.

    Two is more than one.

    I “think” that pretty much explains what I meant with my original comment.

  • Yugol

    Who is to say that it won’t be sold later.I don’t think Apple is going to sell their products at “lower, discounted prices” due to lack of sales.
    P.S. Do you have a business degree?(Because even that doesn’t entitle you to limit others on their opinions.)

  • Gerold

    Meh. That’s really an exaggeration. There’s good anti-virus software freely available (although I frankly do fine without it for the most part). And these days $1000 will buy you a pretty high end PC laptop, which means you can VERY easily go through two of them before you’ve got one MBP 17-incher.

    I mean don’t get me wrong – I’ve been looking at Macs and they look like nice computers, but they are also extraordinarily expensive. It seems like what they offer has more to do with look-and-feel and less to do with substantive features.

  • Gerold

    What a bizarre comment. Is it some sort of a sin to be responsive to how much an item costs? Truth is the primary consequence of going with a comparable PC will probably be … more money left over.

  • Gerold

    What a bizarre comment. Is it some sort of a sin to be responsive to how much an item costs? Truth is the primary consequence of going with a comparable PC will probably be … more money left over.

  • guest

    Not to happy about this decision by apple. I have been waiting since December to buy a mac for college after my sister told me how great her macbook was, as well as the free ipod touch that came with it (She got last year’s back to school promo). I have been waiting to get the new mac book air. But, assuming this rumor is true, Looks like I will be getting the free xbox instead! Much better deal than a $100 itunes gift card…

  • Broncobob212

    Lame lame lame — did you hear about that XBox the other guys are offering?

  • Scottlucas

    yeah you jackass’!!! lol thanks for the global supply lesson

  • Rachel_yyz

    I really think this is a crappy deal! But since my previous laptop died, there is no choice but to submit myself to Apple’s meanness this year. 

  • LaBianca

    I would rather have a straight $100 dollars. At least that would be half or more of a good ipod. I could buy it myself and Apple would still make money off of me. But an $100 itunes gift card is NOTHING. I don’t buy that much stuff on itunes. I don’t have an iphone or a ipod touch to use it in the app store. SO this is STUPID! I might be reconsidering buy an MBP at all. The only reason i thought about buying a 2k computer is because I thought i would get a free ipod, but i guess not…

  • Poopybut420

    You are all gay. shut up. 

  • Poopybut420

    There are people losing their homes, struggling to pay for health care, and all of you sit on your computers and complain about “only” getting $100 off a brand new mac book, plus another $100 (education discount). If you can afford to buy a macbook, you have no reason to complain about any discount being less than you were hoping for.


  • burrr

    lol yeah and there’s poor people in africa starving to death everyday and all you do it sit on your computer and whine about people whining to save money.


  • so annoyed

    This is the most disappointing news there could be. Who gives a crap about free iTunes??? screw you apple

  • Gancs

    try a year…

  • Gancs

    in osx lion, you will be able to purchase apps for your mac. this promotion acts as an incentive for developers to work quicker and produce apps for the new app store so that they can collect as much of that gift card free money (reminds me of the relationship between the federal reserve and wall street). ain’t corporatism grand?

  • Mike Saltzman

    Yeah… so bizarre they would choose THIS year to soften their offering with a competitor offering such a strong offer. 

  • Mike Saltzman

    PCs hold much less resell value then MACs — so keep it in the box… also with so many models of PCs out there the resell values are harder to pin down. This is somewhat risky with most PCs… but I guess you have a $300 margin to work with.

  • Coachbabyx0x

    lmaoo best idea ive ever heard!! you think verry wisely

  • Ffej4productions

    Aw, man…

    I was really expecting Apple to continue with their previous deals this summer. I really think that it is a mistake to offer such a crappy discount while their competitor (Microsoft) is offering free Xbox 360s. Ridiculous. I am seriously considering now not buying a new Mac, and just keeping the one I have now. Thanks Apple.

  • meowskis

    what an effin’ waste of patience.

  • Deena11

    Any clue as to what time this promo may start?

  • Michael Kim

    LOL burrr owned Poopybut420.

  • Michael Kim


  • Shutup

    You all are fucking stupid. “wahahaha I want a macbook” I want a discount” “give me what i want”

    BRB-Going to buy you all some tampons

  • Macuser233

    AGREE! Let me donate to the tampon fund, for these bitchy people!

  • Jdgoff

     Listen to this guy! Shut UP! All Of you!

  • burrr

    no, he’s right. I actually agree. 

  • burrr

     BTW Micheal, I am a lonely gay man. Let’s hook up sometime?

  • burrr

     Forgot to mention…….gay dudes get at me!! Yea! GAYGAYGAYGAY!! RIGHT HERE

  • Guest

    ugh. 2 months of waiting for nothing. it’ll take me a year to even use the 100 bucks. weak apple. seriously weak. 

  • Erica

    I’m not complaining, because any free promotion is nice when you’re buying a computer. However, I can’t help but think more kids are going to opt for a PC and the xbox this year. I don’t really understand why Apple would choose a less expensive option this time around. Ah well, I’ll take what I can get…

  • Ginny85

    i really hope this is a false rumour! i have been waiting for weeks for this promotion and only a $100 itunes gift card while i could get a free xbox with a pc – seriously, apple?!?

  • CharliK

    i might be a jackass for having a grip on reality but how about the jackasses whining that they might not get the FREE thing they really want from a company that doesn’t have to give them anythin.

  • CharliK

    Not as bizarre at someone who claims he is looking to buy a computer for his kid for college but the deciding factor is the free thing the company is tossing in. Not actually which computer might be better for their needs. 

  • CharliK

    number of children is actually irrelevant. 

    Comment about Macs and viruses is false. There’s been one trojan horse under about 6 names but no actual viruses and nothing as close to the thousands of viruses et al that PCs are plagued with. 

    Apple’s incentive to lure PC users away is their hardware and software NOT the discounts and freebies and it should stay that way. If you don’t like that, I’m sure Apple won’t miss you. There’s still plenty of non student customers to keep them afloat. 

    But you are right about one thing. Perhaps they should stop this promotion. But I don’t mean the itunes card. I mean just stop it. No more freebies for the college kids. Then they can avoid the whining cause it’s not the freebie that YOU want. They can avoid the whining cause it’s only college kids etc. 

  • CharliK

    You are livid because you made a bad assumption. And given that they don’t have to give you anything, I’d said the greedy one is you, not Apple. 

  • Elevro

    It hasn’t started yet, as of 11:00 am EDT. Any ideas as to when this promotion will actually take place?

  • emericaous

    Don’t forget that if you purchase a new Mac while the promotion is ongoing, you will need to upgrade to OS X Lion when it’s released this fall. So, you’ll need at least ~$29 if you want to upgrade and take advantage of the new OS. Hopefully people can use iTunes gift cards to purchase OS updates (so, a net of $71 vs. someone who purchases after the promotion is over/once OS X Lion is released).

  • Onealej

    It is not happening today, this site and 9to5mac have it wrong. 

  • Jboudreau

    Very dissapointing. I have been waiting a month to purchace an imac and this is the payoff? Almost makes the free Xbox look appealing.

    Sad PC to Apple almost converter.

  • Max Zeryck

    1. Lion comes out in July.
    2. If you purchase a Mac after June 6th, you get Lion for free.

  • Mac Error

    nice comeback

  • Mac Error

    not to mention, from the “likes”, it appears as if people agree with you

  • Mac Error

    dude, shut the hell up.  Everyone is open to their own opinion.  Stop being a douche

  • Lal

    THIS IS B!@#$%^&* !!!! I  was loyal and waited ! BAD APPLE.


  • Gameon333

    Terrible choice on Apple’s part.  I have been waiting for the traditional back to school incentive, free ipod, for two years.  This news did not make my day.  Sorry Apple, looking like another PC, but with an Xbox.  I will wait a week before buying in the event you come to terms with your poor choice of promotion and relaunch the offer so many of us have waited for….Mac & ipod incentive….

  • Saddened Hopeful

    i agree. My laptop is giving me problems and I was really hoping for an ipod because I don’t own one.  So now a gift card is virtually useless. I’m having a dilemma now.

  • Jondo

    I was about to going to buy a mac, but I guess I’ll be getting a PC now. Too bad, Apple is loosing it’s most important market share to competition. It’s most valuable customers and best sales happen during summer by college students during B2S promotion.

  • angryshortguy

    Or you could get a MBP at Microcenter for $999.
    Best Buy matched the price for me, so I’ve got another 999 BB points on my account as well.
    Not even any rebates to deal with!
    And it’s the latest MBP…

  • Nodiddlyway

    I feel like I should have bought a new mac last year…

  • Max Power

    I’m sorry but businesspeople frequently need to make assumptions. For an art teacher and armchair commentator it’s probably not as important, but when you have customers in your shop all day asking questions, you can’t just tell them all that you don’t know anything and they’ll just have to wait. Not if you want to stay in business anyway. 

  • Max Power


    It’s a dumb argument. At some price you have to be willing to switch. If a PC is $700 and the Apple is $125,000 would it still be a better option because it’s better quality? What about $50,000?  $10,000? $2,000? For some people the difference between $2,100 and $1,900 may be the difference maker. Obviously it is. Sadly I think your idealist position is the minority, and please quit your lame mantra ‘better for their needs’ ‘which is better for their needs’ waa, well some families need to consider cost. I’m happy for you that your parents do not.

  • Max Power

    Sorry Yugol. Even if it is sold later then it takes the place of a third unit that they otherwise would have sold.

    Are people really this dense? One person not buying a macbook hurts Apple to the tune of its one-item profit margin (which is huge btw), even if someone else still buys a macbook.

    I’m sure Apple Marketing loves to read this stuff, they know they’ve found their consumer – someone with Mom & Dad’s money and not a clue how to spend it wisely.

  • Max Power

    After reading your prior comments I’m happy to see this balanced insight. Totes agree with your objective observation that ‘students are just going to be looking for the store with the best savings on an Apple computer’ – I think we can all agree that Apple will sell fewer MacBooks with a less generous promotion…unless you think they’ll sell MORE MacBooks because of it, or unless you think they’ll sell EXACTLY the same number, then they must sell less.