Apple Support Page Facelift Gives You Easier Access To What You Need Most



Apple has revised their website today. The new site has a cleaner look with most of the popular items accessible and immediately visible. I happened to run into it tonight while checking the status of an AppleCare auto-enrollment for a new iMac that was purchased last week-end.

The site features new larger icons representing the primary product lines that Apple sells immediately at the top of the page. You’ll find Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, and Other Products.

Following these is a row of icons that give you quick access to video tutorials, manuals, technical specs, downloads, and Apple’s discussion forums which are now called Communities.

Next you’ll see self-service options, contact information to go to the next step if the support page doesn’t help (Genius Bar appointments, etc.), information about AppleCare, exchange and repair programs (i.e. recalls), Apple ID support, and other resources and information.

It looks nice as you can see from the picture above and what you need most is immediately accessible. I did a little digging around, but so far I haven’t found anything new. However, I did note that the Communities section had  maintenance scheduled last tonight. I’m looking for some new surprises in that section of the support site, but so far I don’t see anything new.

Additionally, I recall readers reporting that accessing the Communities on any iOS device caused problems with scrolling on the site and those problems still exist. Just try to view on your Mac and then on your iPad and you’ll see the difference. I hoped that last nights maintenance meant that the site would be more compatible with iOS devices, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Check out the new support site if you haven’t and if you find anything new please be sure to share your discovery with the rest of us by leaving a comment.