I’m the Computer Man – Old Video Parodies Mac Support Techs



Well here’s something you don’t see every day. I’m the Computer Man is a bizarre, funny parody of Apple Macintosh tech support services. Shot with a 70s disco flavor and sung in Scatman John style, this is one unique Mac related video. Entertaining, in a cloyingly sweet way.

I’m the Macintosh man with the virus scan

Moving your files all across the land

Some Photoshop photos and After Dark

Get your Microsoft Office, XPress your Quark
Millions of colors with a VRAM chip
How about a system crash that will make you flip?

A reader comment on YouTube notes that the video was created by the McCann Erickson Agency IT staff back around 1997. I hope they gave these guys some time off…

  • Patrick Minze

    Art would love to see this Video just go away, it is never going to happen now. I can not believe how many people have seen this now.

  • Adam Rosen

    Patrick, did you work on this piece?  It’s hilarious – and widely believed to be a real commercial around the internet!  Do you know the backstory?

  • fernando


  • Jeff.L

    Insanely grating.

  • bminata

    LOL. Imagine Steve Jobs stars in this ad :)

  • iHum4n

    The tune reminds me of the song “ScatMan”

    • Moriarto

      No shit, Sherlock

  • Josh

    It’s actually Photoshop filters not photos.