Calendar App In iOS 5 Supports Two Interesting New Landscape Views



Here is a photo of a new week view in the native iOS 5 calendar app. That app now features a scrolling landscape view of the users calendar, but the view changes depending on whether or not you are using an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

According to Apple the following new features for the Calendar app will be available after iOS 5 is released:

Get more perspective on your schedule with year view on iPad and week view on iPhone and iPod touch. Tap to create an event and drag to adjust the time and duration. Add, rename, and delete calendars directly from your device. And view event attachments without leaving the Calendar app. iCloud lets you share calendars with friends and family, and it keeps your events in sync on all your devices.

Calendar app users on an iPhone or iPad touch will see a scrolling week view of their calendar while iPad users will be able to scroll through a year view of their calendar. The best part is that from within this new view you can tap to add a new event and later stretch it to cover the appropriate time slot after you’ve entered the title and location of the event. Tapping it after that allows you to edit the event just like you would any other added in one of the other views (i.e. set reminders, etc.).

Finally, iCloud will let you share your calendars with friends and family while syncing your events to all your devices.

  • Bambeastie

    What is that little green bar between the bluetooth symbol and the battery percentage? I have never seen it before.

  • Timothy Barrett, Jr.

    If you want to try iOS 5 now I still have a few slots left. Email me at for details thanks

  • Kevin

    I would love to try iOS 5 now.

  • josh1314

    Yeah… I also want to know about that. Also, does it automatically show the percentage?

  • c.t

    Go here to find that out-

  • facebook-1346752231

    Hi – question about the calendar in iIO5:  can you search for events more than a year old now?  You can’t currently which is a massive pain for me since I’m always trying to look up old meetings and have to go to iCal on my Macbook to do it.

    Thanks much!

  • D_korfiatis

    hi, i have already ios 5 in my iphone 3gs, but i have a problem with the calendar. i can’t add a new event, some buttons missing. i can’t add an event with tapping in calendar either. can anyone help me?

  • Nonyabis

    I am having the same problem on ipod touch.

  • Troubled User

    Hi I have the same problem with IOS 5 on my iPhone 3GS calendar, I cannot create a new event.