Our First-Ever Meet & Greet Was a Gratuitous Kick in The Nuts! (in a Good Way)


Seth Quest of Hanfree wins a prize, gives thanks to the Lord of Lottery.

We met some amazingly fantastic people at our first-ever shindig (at San Francisco’s Il Pirata) and gave out a smorgasbord of smashing raffle prizes.

For those of you who made it, thanks for coming out; for those who couldn’t, stop with all the moping! We had so much fun at this one, we’re going to start throwing them more often — so keep your eyes peeled.

Our gratitude to all the folks who were kind enough to pitch in with prizes for the raffle:

And of course, pronstar Lexi Belle, who came out to help MC the raffle. Thanks Lexi! See you all at the next one!

Some lucky sod's about to go home with an iSkin keyboard condom; that's Lexi Belle about to identify said sod as Cult of Mac writer Lonnie Lazar looks on jealously.


A happy partier wins a fancy iPhone case from Sena (yes, we very carefully matched all our winner's shirts with the interior of each prize box).


We gave away a few of these way-gorgeous iPhone Obsessed photography books by Dan Marcolina.


Not sure exactly what's going on here, but I don't think anyone is paying any attention to Lonnie at this point.


Lexi was almost as enthusiastic about giving the prizes out as the winners were about receiving them! Awesome. So was the cool iPad bra thingy Pink Visual set up on Lexi's chest, which rotated images of bra-clad breasts (and one of a hairy guy's chest) every few seconds.




  • Alex

    You stay classy.

  • elimilchman

    Classy is for San Diego!

  • lwdesign1

    What’s a pronstar?

  • M Walker1

    WOW very nice cult of mac bring a pornstar along…..looks like i’m off to macrumors to get my apple news from now, on all of a sudden this site feels greasy. I come hear for apple news not herpes infested skanks.

  • Eat Sleep Mac

    Don’t let the virtual door hit your up tight ass on the way out. Cult of Mac brings Apple news in a fun way, and just because she’s an adult film star doesn’t make her love for the Mac any less important. Take your poor shallow minded attitude else where. Thank you

  • iHate_Is_Back

    just because she’s an adult film star doesn’t make her love for the Mac any less important.

    You’re right it just makes her a money hungry whore.

  • Nanada
  • netnerd258

    I was like hey that girl, sure looks like that porn star, hehe turns out she is, wish I was there to meet her and get a signature, very cool :)

  • Mark

    @iHate_Is_Back Get over yourself – you’re just jealous because she’s better looking than you and earns more than you do. Learn to accept other people’s life choices, perhaps you’ll broaden your mind instead of being a stuck up prig.

  • Jordan Clay

    a pronstar is another spelling of pornstar that doesn’t trip filters on work computers and the like.

  • Ohmadaze


  • brassman

    money hungry whore = capitalist
    fun ? sin

    Get over it. Haven’t mormon types done enough damage to our democracy.

  • brassman

    Oh, duh. I assumed it was a typo.

  • Cincotta_e

    well said, brassman.

  • jackson1988

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  • prof_peabody

    Pornstars, cheap giveaways, and the whole article is a shill for the manufacturers of the products that tells us nothing about the Cult of Mac staff or any of the nice people that bothered to show up.  

    This site is disgusting sometimes, and the title for the article is offensive.  Doesn’t it ever occur to anyone that it’s not *only* twenty-somethign males that read tech sites?  Did it ever occur to anyone to imagine a seven year old girl reading this site and how this kind of low-brow crap looks then?  

    Now I understand the “MILF” shirts.  Everyone associated with this site is into middle-aged men porn apparently.

  • Alberto Carlos Velasco

    Wow..  This is really sad.  Cult of Mac did something fun and made light of her career with an iPad.  I personally thought it was a lot of fun and hilarious.  My fiancee wouldn’t go because there was a “porn star” there.  Big deal.  So this girl makes her money in a less traditional way.  It in no way affected anybody who was at the event, it was NOT sleazy in any way, and everybody had a really good time drinking beer and eating pizza.

    Cult of Mac actually publishes more relevant stories than Macrumors in my opinion.  I check more than 5 Apple rumor sites and I’d say Cult of Mac is in my Top 2.

  • Ryan Thompson

    She’s a human being, of this I am certain.  You, not so much.

  • Mike Radie

    Next event should be in Philadelphia!

  • Bob Forsberg

    I would doubt any 7 year old girl tunes into CultofMac, if you have one shouldn’t you be keeping a better eye on her websurfing?

    Myself, an avid reader and sometimes commentator of this site I don’t find anything offensive here. There are many other places for you to get you daily dose of Apple news where others might actually sympathize with your ramblings.

  • M Walker1

    hahahaha so me not liking porn is shallow minded? What if I don’t like onions? Nice try.

  • M Walker1

     better looking? are you kidding? nobody is more burnt out than people who have sex for money aka prostitutes..oh wait pornstars

  • Aubreyandbuddy

    yea lets rip on religion. mormons why not? Jews next? 

  • M Walker1

    So it’s inhuman for me to have an opinion? 

  • iHate_Is_Back

    I suggest you STFU and take a chill pill. You want to look at some whore having sex for money that’s your prerogative. The fact is there’s nobody here with kids who would ever want to see their daughter do that for a living. If you have the stupidity to answer back something to the contrary involving your daughter then you’re either a liar or a fucking tool. Now stuff it dumbass.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Whose debating the overall content on COM? The point is you can have fun without bringing in a high end prostitute which is what she is. The fact she’s parading around with an iPad on her chest is tacky to the highest degree. I don’t pander to the feminist viewpoint but in this instance they’re right. Society has to grab a brain and learn women having to resort to using their sexuality to make money is lame. The fact that some women willingly choose to use their sexuality to make a quick buck is even lamer. If she was there as a Mac fan girl and was just schmoozing with everyone else then that’s fine more power to her. The fact is she was there only as a means to further promote her sex trade job which has nothing to do with being into Mac’s.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Surprise surprise the Christian haters are on the thread bashing religion because some people have a sense of higher morals when it comes to women willingly allowing themselves to be used as a sexual object. Pathetic is all i have to say to people like you.

  • Allison Vivas

    I write about my own story as my way to address some of the various comments here.   I’m Allison Vivas, President of PinkVisual, the company that Lexi Belle was representing.  I’ve never been a performer in the adult industry and I’m also a happily married mother of two girls. I also once was someone who thought down on certain careers or life choices before I had the true chance to observe reality and form my own opinions.  

    Now I definitely do not frown on certain careers as I realize that careers are not what define a human being.  If they were, we’d all be teachers and teachers would be paid a lot more :).  I’ve seen statistically high rates of priests, professional athletes, celebrities, public officials, and corporate executives live lives as child molesters, adulterers, embezzlers, and liars. On the flip side, I’ve met porn stars, like Lexi, who are good people. 

    So as a mother myself, I’ve come to realize I want my daughters to be intelligent and good to both themselves and to others. Beyond that, career wise, I’m like any typical parent.  Do I dream for my child to be a plumber? No. A tight rope walker? No. An ice road truck driver? No.  And the reason for all of that would be because most parents aspire for their children to have lucrative, longterm, and secure & safer careers like attorneys or doctors.  Typically, the average porn star is not paid much money, has a short lived career, and is in a higher risk field.  However, if my daughters were to choose any career path that wasn’t safe, longterm and lucrative, I’d still love and support them.

    As a mother, I’m also concerned what my children could be exposed to in the media, both online and off.  I have to say though, I’m much more concerned with the exposure of violence from sick T.V. shows to the news to even professional sports where violence is cheered on by adults.  In a scenario like skimming through the channels quickly, I’d be able to explain why there are two naked adults on T.V. but  not able to explain why thousands of adults are cheering on men kicking and punching each other or why someone shot another person in the head.   

    Porn stars are performers who depict an act that occurs amongst most couples.  They just happen to display it on video tape for other adults to enjoy if they so choose.   Yes, adult performers have  a lot of sex.  However, they probably have about as much sex as professional athletes & other celebrities and yet rarely is a professional athlete judged as harshly as an adult performer in society.  I can’t believe it’s just the mere additional act of accepting money could produce such judgements?

    I also attended the Meet N Greet and enjoyed meeting some of the attendees.  Lexi did a good job representing PinkVisual and both Lexi and PinkVisual I think did a good job of having  some fun at the party, without going overboard.  We realized like in most situations people want to choose when and how they are exposed to more explicit material, so we kept it SFW.

    Thank you to the CultofMac for the invite and thank you to all the attendees who enjoyed Lexi and PinkVisual’s presence. 

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Yeah yeah what ever lady keep throwing the bullshit around I’m sure there’s enough fools on here who eat it up with a spoon. Fact of the matter is you’re just another high class pimp in the sex trade which only equates to you being a lowlife smut peddler who cares about one thing and one thing only using people to MAKE MORE MONEY. As for being concerned about your employee Lexi don’t make me laugh. The only thing that concerns you about Lexi is being able to dress her up as a young girl and paying her to parade out in front of a camera and perform sexual acts so pervs can get their rocks off watching her on tape. Lexi being a nice person isn’t the issue the issue is she chose to make money spreading her legs on camera that’s the issue. I don’t hate Lexi I hate what she does and I hate people like you who use people like her to pad your bank account. Once Lexi gets a little older and can’t pass off as a young teen girl anymore you’ll just throw her to the side and move along to the next naive 18 year old girl looking for quick money. When that day comes I wonder what Lexi will do then? My hope for Lexi is she has the brains to eventually see you and others like you for what you all really are which is nothing more then a bunch of lowlifes. Hopefully she has the sense to get away from people like you as fast as possible.

    Your bullshit comment about violence TV etc is just that BULLSHIT. It’s nothing more then a straw man thrown out to try and derail the facts and get off topic. Nice try but the naked facts can’t be covered up when someone chooses to stop and actually see whats in front of them.

  • James Beer

    your an idiot no one cares or agrees with you. Go back to your PC world and live your PC life you boring fool. What sort of name is iHate anyway?

  • Brian

    Won’t someone think of the children

  • Brian

    Please go to a different site. You just suck the life out of the comments here.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Whats the matter James you scared my comments might one day mean you can’t watch a 18 year old girl getting gang banged in all orifices? Don’t worry James America doesn’t care what people like me say which explains why the country has fallen into the toilet. As for the handle iHate I created it because of the asses on the Foxxcon threads. You see it’s not a jab at Apple per say it’s a jab at the heartless maniacs the platform has become associated with. That’s what so many of you fools represent to me and others like me when you blabber like parrots with bullshit excuses concerning Apple and Foxxconn. You’re all nothing more but soulless cretins spreading iHate.

    You’re the fucking fool if you agree with the bullshit statement from Vivas. Guess it’s true there’s a sucker born every minute.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Screw off God hater you don’t like my comments don’t read them.

  • Lon L

    I always find it curious how people who are wildly opposed to pron and pronstars (as well as to prostitutes, strippers and other ladies of easy/negotiable virtue) possess so much detailed knowledge about what they do.

    I was at this party and spoke with both Lexi and Allison, found them sincere, engaging and down-to-earth in a way that’s been all-too-rare at many of the other tech-related events I’ve attended over the years.

    To quote from a popular book often often cited by moral scolds, though this particular passage is usually conveniently overlooked: “judge not, lest ye be judged.”

    Party on, Garth!