iPhone 4 Now Doubles as a Portable Rave-Party Machine with LED Flash Alerts [iOS 5]



Our heads are spinning with all the new little features that are packed into iOS 5. Our heads also might be spinning from the new “LED Flash for Alerts” feature found under the Accessibility settings which we just enabled. While it currently only works on the iPhone 4, this neat little feature enables your phone to send out a few pulses of light from the LED Flash every time you get a new Text or Phone call.

Users should note that the LED Flash on the iPhone 4 is pretty strong for a little LED. I caught a few alerts right in the eye a couple of times, which was less than pleasant. An alternative use for the new feature could be to throw a mini-rave in your bedroom. Hook your iPhone up to some speakers, set it face down in the middle of the room and have your friends text you all night. Could be a pretty awesome party.


(thanks to @cossa24 for sending us the tip via Twitter)

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12 responses to “iPhone 4 Now Doubles as a Portable Rave-Party Machine with LED Flash Alerts [iOS 5]”

  1. GregsTechBlog says:

    I’ve already used my iPhone for both the music and the strobe light at a party.
    Now if only the beer pouring app in the Bud Light commercial was real…

  2. Barton Lynch says:

    hopefully there will be an appropriate LED on the front of the iPhone 5 (by the way I think it will be called the iPhone V, isn’t that a cool name?)

  3. Hampus says:

    Kinda pointeless, who ever puts their iphone face down? :p

    Feel like and indication that Apple might add a led just for this purpose in future devices.

  4. nthnm says:

    This is a useless feature in my opinion. I won’t use it.

  5. CharliK says:

    You won’t use it. But my deaf roommate will. Cause you know, he can’t hear the ring tone. And he doesn’t always want to leave it in his pocket. 

    And yes he would put his phone face down, for privacy.

  6. Bchang100 says:

    Ppl will say apple copied Sony psv

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