Readdle’s PDF Expert Now Allows You to Finalize Documents On The Go



PDF Expert is a popular iOS app from Readdle that promises to be the ultimate solution to all your PDF needs. In addition to its excellent ability to let you read and annotate PDF documents, its latest update allows you to finalize documents on the go with support for signature fields.

If you haven’t already discovered PDF Expert and you regularly use PDF documents on your iOS devices, I recommend you check it out. Its myriad of terrific features makes it perfect for both casual and enterprise users, allowing you to annotate your documents; make notes; highlight text; and draw onto them with your finger. Any annotations or notes you make can be saved and you can share them with your friends and colleagues.

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With support for PDF forms created in Adobe Acrobat, you can utilise text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, and various other elements – all of which is saved inside each form and can be password protected. However, its latest update on the iPad is what makes PDF Expert really stand out.

It now support signature fields that allow you and your clients to sign and finalise documents on-the-go, without having to use any other devices or pass paperwork back and forth. In addition to this, version 2.5 includes the following:

Customer & my signature fields
Support for signature fields
Select text by dragging finger
Refactored PDF stamps
Improved forms calculations
Various bug fixes

PDF Expert from Readdle is available on your iPad for $9.99.