Apple Recalling Verizon iPad 2s Mid-Delivery? [Update]


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Many customers eagerly awaiting the delivery of their Verizon iPad 2 are left disappointed when they check their order status to discover that their package is being re-routed on its way from China – all the way back to Apple. But why?

Devices being returned so far appear to be Verizon iPads. However, it’s not clear why Apple is recalling them – or why they are not contacting customers to let them know.

The issue was first discovered when one disgruntled customer reported his experience to 9to5 Mac:

Apple may be having problems with Verizon iPad 2. I was supposed to receive my ipad2 64gb today but all of a sudden fedex sent it back to apple and said that apple requested it’s return. Apple’s customer care seems to be unaware or unwilling to acknowledge the problem. I went on the discussion boards on and there are a number of people discussing the same thing and all posters so far have all ordered Verizon ipad2’s.

Other customers have voiced their concerns in a thread on the Apple Support Communities forum, and it seems as though there’s a rather large number of them who are experiencing this problem.

One customer writes:

… I ordered mine early may and yesterday I was thrilled to see it actually say out for delivery! Then I got the delivery exception. Called fedex and heard the same thing you did. Called Apple and they had no clue why just that it would be delivered tomorrow(today). Called fedex again and they assured me that the package was already on it’s way back to it’s origin. Now this morning my tracking number reads undeliverable, return to sender. So, my 1-2 weeks turned into 3 to ship and it some how took fedex 2 weeks to get it to my city and now this. I wonder how long it will be before I actually see my iPad.

Another writes:

So same bunch of crap is happening to us as we type….ipad2 makes it all they way from CHINA to within 40 miles of our house and they are returning it to the sender!! In Elk Grove! I called Fedex and they said it was an Apple request. Apple says it’s a fedex problem – and I quote “why would we ask to return your ipad that you have been waiting for”. She went on to say that it should be delivered to us in “1-2 days”. I wonder if they weren’t hacked or something and a bunch of return to sender requests were sent out. I just can’t believe it frankly….

And another:

Exactly the same thing happened to me yesterday too!! I got the same response from FedEx, the customer service rep there said the package was flagged “return to sender” several times. I don’t believe they even attempted delivery as there was no tag left on my door either! Apple was clueless but did tell me they had a lot of calls from customers with the same problem. He said he’ll pass the information on to his manager & a new order will be placed for me. I’m thinking they had tech problems with this batch of iPad units but aren’t admitting it! Its frustrating that they won’t admit what the problem was. So back to the waiting game I go.

At the time of writing, there are around 60 posts like this from customers with the same problem, but none have received a satisfactory response from Apple that details the reason for recalling their iPads or when they might receive their order.

Another 9to5 reader claims Verizon iPads are also being removed from retail stores:

I was in the apple store in Lakeside Mall (LA) and I saw two people coming from back of the store (exiting the stock room) and leaving the store with a cart full of boxes. The boxes had \”verizon 64gb\” and \”verizon 32gb\” written on the outside of them.  I assumed they were iPads. This may relate to your story of Apple recalling Verizon iPads. -Rory

Have you had problems with your Verizon iPad order?

Update: Here’s why they are being recalled.

If someone activates a cellular connection on the device, then wants to view or edit account information, they can’t. They receive a message that it is activated, and that\’s it. I saw someone open at least 6 looking for one that didn’t do it. It’s device specific, not software.

Anyone with a Verizon iPad 2 noticed this issue? Got a serial number to share?

  • Marc Negron

    I haven’t received any notice yet. But looks like I will soon. Glad I have at least one to hold me out until then. Though this one was going to be a gift for a friends b-day. I guess I am gong to have to make up an excuse now. 

  • BBurch

    I have had the same thing happen with my order that was scheduled to be delivered today. Was on truck for delivery and then a delivery exception popped up. When I called FedEx they said Apple requested to have it returned. Apple finally acknowledged that there was a problem and credited me $50 on my order. Everyone make sure you get your $50 credit. They said a new iPad2 would be shipped to me but couldn’t give me any information as to when or why. They said to keep checking my email and that I would get updates via email. So far, no updates.

  • Bill8993

    I wouldn’t believe anything Bell writes. He’s the same idiot who claimed AT&T was out of iPhones simply because he didn’t know how to navigate the website. Argued for hours and never acknowledged his screw up.

  • KillianBell

    This kind of comment is just pathetic, and not helpful to anyone. Go back to that post and see that the story was credited to another site – I wasn’t the only writer to see them out of stock.

    Before you leave silly comments saying you don’t believe anything I write, check the sources and see where the information has come from. This post was also credited to another site.


  • Guest

    I ordered a 32 GB 3G Verizon model on May 25th. I received the case on May 27th. The ipad was supposed to be delivered on June 9th, but I received a FedEx Notice that there was an incorrect address and it could not be delivered (which doesn’t make sense because I received the other part of the order without difficulty). FedEx said to call Apple. After numerous back and forth exchanges with me calling both FedEx and Apple at each others insistence, the bottom line is that the ipad2 has been returned to Apple. Apple says they didn’t ask for it back BUT in a few days I will receive notice of a new shipment and they will send me a new ipad (not the one they asked for which was previously shipped). So, obviously, there is something wrong with the ipad, but Apple does not want to publicize this fact. If it was a shipping error, why wouldn’t they simply send me the original one? Very frustrating to not know the truth. I am a loyal Apple customer, but do not like the run around I am getting. 

  • CharliK

    Well you aren’t likely to get that update the same day. 

    the issue isn’t actually a huge deal. According to my sources, a batch of Verizon ipads went out with duplicate id numbers and thus you can’t activate the 3g. Once the ipads have new numbers assigned to them they will be fine. Apple will likely do a free expedited shipping for everyone that was affected so you get your new ipad as quickly as possible.

    As for the $50 credit, there’s no reason to panic and think that some folks won’t get it. They will. 

  • aggarwal_rahul

    The Verizon’s 3g network access issue
    due to the same MEID code has not attained the critical issue status. The users
    with this problem are serviced well with a exchange or a scan. Glad it was a
    correctable issue and not a grave mistake for the carrier and the users.