iOS 5 Tethered Jailbreak to be Released Today? [Update: Released]



In honour of the final day of this year’s WWDC today, the iPhone Dev-Team may have a little treat in store for those of you have are running the first iOS 5 beta.

It took the Dev-Team less than 24 hours to successfully jailbreak the first release of iOS 5, and today, they may be about to let that jailbreak go public.

In a message posted on Twitter a moment ago, Dev-Team member MuscleNerd wrote:

Last day of WWDC…seems as good time as any to release tethered iOS5 jailbreak (for Mac owners with registered UDIDs)

Right now there’s no untethered jailbreak, and we’re not sure if there will be for some time, but those of you who are struggling to live without a hacked OS on your iPhone may not have to wait much longer.

However, with all the new features of iOS 5 – such as the new notification system, Wi-Fi syncing, and private browsing in Safari – is there really any need to jailbreak any more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

UPDATE: The Dev-Team have now made the Redsn0w jailbreak for iOS 5 available – you can download it now if you’re using a Mac from the Dev-Team’s blog.

  • fuck face

    Jailbreak is now completely useless.
    The ONLY feature missing is SBsetting.

    iOS 5 is a robust and enough complete OS.
    Jailbreak just make it unstable

  • KillianBell

    I completely agree. The only other reason I can see for jailbreaking is to use the iPhone for illegal tethering, but carriers are cracking down on this.

  • Eat Sleep Mac

    Okay, I see where your coming from. But for many people the main reason, if not the only reason they even Jailbreak is because it gives you the ability to have almost any app you want for Free. Does iOS 5 do that? lol

  • johncar

    I am sorry but I do not understand this. Someone spend time jailbreaking an iOS version which is not available for users and we still haven”t seen a jailbreak for iPad 2 and the existing iOS version. Come on guys, get more serious.

  • Red Rock Lobster

    Besides whatever great features jailbreaking allows, there will always be an extremely good reason to jailbreak: access to the file system.  I can’t tell you how many times being able to do that has fixed a broken app that would have otherwise required deleting and reinstalling (just by deleting its preferences files).  A couple times being able to remove corrupted files has saved me from a complete restore of the phone, too.  I get to use the SMS, Voice Mail, and Mail sounds that I like. And I could go on.  But one thing is for sure; a tethered jailbreak defeats the purpose. The advantage of being able to fix problems with the file system is most useful when on-the-go, traveling or away from my computer. So I hope the dev team geniuses will be able to come up with an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5. Until then, I stay on iOS 4.3.x.

  • Alon

    SBsettings, Installous! 3G unrestrictor,MewSeek, Winterboard

  • MH

    This jailbreak uses an old/known exploit. Stop whining when you don’t know what’s going on. iPad 2 hardware patched that exploit. As will the iPhone 5. So save it. Thanks.

  • facebook-505899793

    Ah, yes, the ability to steal. Bravo.

  • Ciccio Willy

    It’s not a good idea.. to steal from developer

  • Red Rock Lobster

    What horrid trolls!  I suppose I shouldn’t feed y’all, but I gotta say, first, you’re off topic; this is about whether jailbreaking is still useful despite the features introduced in iOS 5.  Second, what in my comments makes you think I’m whining? I merely said that a tethered jailbreak defeats the purpose, not that I’m ungrateful for all the work the jailbreakers do. Simply hoping for an eventual untethered jailbreak and stating the continued need. I’m well aware of why an untethered jailbreak is going to present new challenges due to what Apple closed.  People with the attitude of “jailbreak yourself” are ridiculous. Obviously few of us are as talented as that.

  • besweeet

    3G Unrestrictor. Enough said :).

  • MH

    nope not you. i agree with your points.
    this tallest guy doesn’t seem to get it tho. cause this tethered jailbreak will prob help the cydia app devs to get there apps ready for sept iOS 5 release. if not I’m sure he would be back saying non of my cyida apps f-ing work, and still bitching.

  • MH

    shit not tallest_Skil sorry…its johncar whining

  • Austin Schoepflin

    Whoa guys you read me all wrong. Personally I am not planning on jail breaking iOS 5 or any other OS for that matter. I myself plan on developing apps for iOS and I am aware of the hardships linked with piracy. I’m just stating the fact that an immense portion of the jail breakers in the jailbreak community do it for that reason and your ignorant if you think otherwise..

  • SrTeEcPtHoErN

    I know that piracy is a big issue in the jailbroken community but I believe that the better side of the community sees the true potential of jailbreaking their phones. It is a way for us to unlock the full potential of our devices and removes the constraints that Apple enforces. I for one will jailbreak as long as it is around. I would be lost without my simple tweaks like scrolling board and sbrotator, springtomize and even the black keyboard. These little tweaks don’t hurt anyone but its the freedom to use them and to make my phone unique that I love

  • kirschlippen

    What I personally look in the jailbreaking is customizing my iphone. I dont like the way it originally looks so I like to give it a distinguished look with the themes I find.