Twitter May Be Integrated, But Contacts App Has Fields for FaceBook, Flickr, MySpace [iOS 5]



The integration of Twitter in the new iOS 5 firmware makes it easier than ever to tweet photos, webpages, YouTube videos and more directly from your iOS device… but did you know there’s also support for a number of other social networks within the Contacts app?

When you add a new contact to your address book, you can now choose to add a new field labelled ‘Profile’. This field automatically defaults to Facebook, but if you tap on it, you also get the option to add Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn and MySpace profile addresses to each one of your contacts. You can also choose to add a custom service for social networks that aren’t available.

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Once you have social network information recorded for each one of your contacts, tapping on their profile will launch Safari and take you straight to their page. The only downside is that, unfortunately, it doesn’t launch the application that corresponds to each network if you have it installed – but it’s still a nice new addition to the Contacts app.