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Auxo Designer Shows Off Awesome New App Switching Concept For iPhone [Video]


Auxo, a wonderful app switcher from interface designer Sentry, has become a must-have tweak for jailbroken iPhones since it hit Cydia back in December. But it seems Sentry has plenty of other ideas up his sleeve when it comes to improving the multitasking experience on iOS.

He’s released a new concept for switching between apps on the iPhone that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. Check out the video below.

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Zephyr Update Brings iPad Gestures To The iPhone, Fixes Issues With iOS 6 [Jailbreak]


The popular jailbreak tweak Zephyr has today been updated to squash a number of incompatibility issues with iOS 6, and to bring the iPad’s four-finger gestures to the iPhone. It now allows you to close apps and swipe between the ones you have running without touching the home button.

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Here Are The Very Best Jailbreak Tweaks For The iPhone 5 [Roundup]

Cydia iPhone 5

Time to get tweaking.

The iPhone 5 has been jailbroken, and that means that it’s time to install the coolest tweaks and apps from Cydia, the jailbreak alternative to the App Store.

Wondering about what you should install? Here’s a roundup of the very best jailbreak tweaks available for the iPhone 5:

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This Sleek Metal Bluetooth Speaker Lets You Juice Your iPhone While You DJ

This Sleek Metal Bluetooth Speaker Lets You Juice Your iPhone While You DJ

Sometimes you need to give your iPhone just a little bit more oomph. Maybe you need to output just a little more sound so you can DJ the impromptu breakdancing showdown that’s spontaneously popped up in your NYC subway car, or maybe you need to give your iPhone’s battery a jolt after being declared MTA Breakdancing Champion Of The Lower Boroughs And The Universe.

Either way, Spar’s Zephyr has got you covered. Think of it as a metallic JamBox with a lightning rod inside: a Bluetooth speaker and hands-free speakerphone, paired with an external battery that can juice up your iPhone in a pinch.

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