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How The iPad Helps Diagnose Athlete Concussions

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Just over a month after Apple launched the second story on its ‘Your Verse’ microsite, chronicling how iPads help mountaineers climb the world’s tallest peaks, Apple has released a new update, detailing how the tablet can help diagnose athlete concussions.

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Apple’s New ‘Your Verse’ Campaign Is A Real Cliffhanger

iPad mountaineering

Apple has launched the second story on its new Your Verse microsite.

The campaign — which focuses on showing the iPad in unexpected real world situations — this time chronicles the work of mountaineers Adrian Ballinger and Emily Harrington, who take the iPad with them on their extraordinary climbs.

Ballinger and Harrington use the iPad — along with the Gaia GPS topography app — to plan and navigate their ascent, while also using the device’s access to social networking tools to post photos and progress updates during various junctures of the journey.

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