Preliminary Reports Surface About iPhone 4S Screen Quality Issues


Credit: chr0m
Credit: chr0m

There is an open discussion on Apple’s discussion forum where iPhone 4S owners are reporting problems they are having with their new phones display. The majority of complaints are about how the display has a yellow tint which is especially clear when you place the iPhone 4S next to an iPhone 4. There are other lesser complaints about color washouts and contrast in the same discussion thread.

Yellow Tint Redux My iPad 2 Backlight Is Bleeding [Updated]


It looks as though early iPad 2 adopters are being hit by a previous problem with Apple displays on the iPhone 4  that had yellow tinting appearing on the LCD or backlight bleed through.

These problems are being reported on various news sites and I’ve experienced one of them myself. My own iPad 2 Wi-Fi-3G 64GB AT&T model is displaying some LCD anomalies on the portion of the display closest to the Home button.