Xiaomi exec says all smartphones look like the iPhone


Fancy swapping your iPhone for one of these? Photo: Xiaomi
Look, things just look like other things.

Xiaomi executive Hugo Barra doesn’t put much stock in what he calls the “copycat melodrama” surrounding the company’s products, which bear more than a passing resemblance to Apple’s hardware.

Barra gave his thoughts on the matter to Bloomberg’s Emily Chang. He says that the criticism is not so much because Xiaomi’s stuff looks like Apple’s stuff but rather because “every smartphone these days kinda looks like every other smartphone.”

You can see the whole clip below.

Apple is on the verge of being China’s number one smartphone maker

Chinese interest in Apple is at a boiling point. Photo: Apple
Chinese interest in Apple is at a boiling point. Photo: Apple

Apple is closing in on becoming the number one smartphone company in China, according to new figures released by Strategy Analytics.

Although Apple ripoff Xiaomi remains in the number one position — thanks to its strategy of selling low-cost devices — analysts note that the company’s momentum is starting to slow down, while Apple’s just keeps on building!

Samsung, by comparison, fell to an embarrassing fourth place after Huawei.

Apple copycat Xiaomi complains others are copying its copies


You know Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker which copied Apple designs en route to becoming the world’s most valuable startup?

Well, depending on who you are, get ready to bust out a tune on the world’s smallest violin, because Xiaomi’s quest to conquer the smartphone-owning world has apparently hit a bit of a snag: people keep copying its designs.

Yes, seriously.

Xiaomi’s beautiful new Android HDTV doesn’t rip off Apple for a change


Short of Samsung, there’s no other company that gets as bad a rap for copying Apple as Xiaomi. The Chinese gadget maker, though, has just beaten Apple to market in at least one category. Although a proper Apple HDTV has been rumored by the likes of Gene Munster for ages, Xiaomi has beaten Cupertino to the punch with a beautiful — and affordable! — Android smart TV.