Rival smartphone makers are desperate to rip off 3D Touch


Everyone wants to get in on the 3D Touch game.
Photo: Synaptics

3D Touch was the single biggest selling point of the iPhone 6s, so naturally every other smartphone vendor is tripping over themselves and each other to add their own version of Apple’s pressure-sensitive iPhone feature to their next handset.

Because of this, a new report claims that force sensing module shipments will grow by a whopping 317 percent in 2016 to reach 461 million units. As a result, almost one in four new smartphones shipped will include the technology.

Xiaomi rumored to be ‘borrowing’ Apple’s 3D Touch tech


Xiaomi wants to bring Apple's 3D Touch technology to its smartphones.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Xiaomi isn’t exactly known for having its own ideas, so why would you expect it to act any differently when Apple introduced its innovative new 3D Touch feature for the iPhone 6s?

True to form, a new rumor coming out of China claims that Xiaomi has patented its own version of the technology. Because, of course it has.