Kindle For iOS Will Now Turn Your Favorite Books Into Audiobooks


Amazon’s Kindle app for iOS hasn’t always been as accessible as Apple’s own iBooks, but that changed today with a new update that adds VoiceOver support, among other new accessibility features. Kindle will now read aloud over 1.8 million books, allowing those who are visually impaired to kick back and listen to their favorite titles.

Here’s What The New 13-inch MacBook Air Looks Like When X-Rayed [Image]



When your dad’s a radiologist you probably get to see all kinds of neat crap get x-rayed, because hey, why not take an x-ray of those apples and carrots before you put them in a blend? Maybe the radiation will make you into a super mutant. You’re the boss of the magical x-ray machine and can do whatever you want.

That’s kind of what happened to one Redditor. They ordered a new MacBook Air, but when it arrived their dad didn’t tell him it arrived. Instead he took it to his lab, x-rayed it, and gave his son the x-ray to tell him that his new Mac was finally here. Ain’t that sweet?


Source: Reddit