KidGPS lets you keep track of your brood from your iPhone


Parents can track their kid's whereabouts with the KidGPS.
Parents can track their kid's whereabouts with the KidGPS.

I remember the day I was way late from school and met up with my frantic mother as I walked home. She was walking quickly and carrying a metal comb with a pointy handle. This was for stabbing my attackers, or at least the ones that entered her mind as she fretted.

Of course, technology these days brings us a saner way of tracking down a late kid. One is KIdGPS, by mobile accessories maker X-Doria. It’s a palm-sized tracking device the kids carry so that nervous parents can check on their whereabouts via a companion app on their iPhone or Android device.

X-Doria’s Shield Case For iPhone Is Rugged And Good-Looking [Review]


Shield by X-Doria
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $40

As you already know, I swing more or less caseless when it comes to iPhones and iPads. I cover the iPad’s screen with a Smart Cover, and have a dedicated jeans pocket for the iPhone. But once in a while eI need something more rugged, and that’s when I reach for X-Doria’s Shield, a multi-layer case which adds minimal weight and bulk but quite a good bit of protection: