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What The…?!? This Weird Japanese iPhone Case Looks Like A Child’s Severed Hand! [Gallery]

What The…?!? This Weird Japanese iPhone Case Looks Like A Child’s Severed Hand! [Gallery]

We’ve seen a lot of iPhone accessories here at Cult of Mac, but it’s rare that one leaves us absolutely speechless. Yet when I consider the Hand iPhone Case by Rakuten, my eyes bulge a little, my mouth goes dry, my tongue seems to swell and all I can do is mouth the consonants “W….T…..F……” to myself.

As you can see, the Hand iPhone Case is a disembodied hand… lopped off with an axe, cloned from latex and grafted onto the back of your iPhone, like a human ear growing on the back of a mouse. And hey, if that’s not utterly weird and creepy enough for you? You can pick up a version that pastes a child’s severed hand on the back of your iPhone instead of an adult’s, no additional charge!

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Try This: Google For “Tilt” On Your iPhone


This is all over Twitter today.

Grab your iThing, open Safari, and use the Google search box to search for “tilt”.

Your search results are… tilted.

Is this an easter egg? An April Fools gag that someone forgot to switch off?

Want Better iPhone Reception? Ask For A Glass

An iPhone in a glass, yesterday

OK, this is a little WTF, and I haven’t yet been able to verify it myself (because reception’s pretty good where I live), but: Boris Veldhuijzen van Zante over the The Next Web says he’s discovered a trick to improve iPhone 4 reception: stick it in a glass.

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WTF App Of The Week: iCheeseHead

iCheeseHead, yessir

At long last, ladies and gentlemen, after all these years of waiting, we finally have it: an app that puts cheese on your head.

Other folks have been waiting for Duke Nukem Forever, or for a 15-inch MacBook Air, or for democracy in their dictatorships, or even for basic stuff like world peace and an end to disease. Oh, and flying cars, people are still waiting for those.

But for the rest of us – for those of us who have longed for an app that puts cheese on our head – the waiting is over. iCheeseHead fulfils all our virtual cheese-on-head needs, and costs less than most real cheese.

Rupert Murdoch can keep his $30 million iPad newspaper. We can all have cheese on our heads now, and nothing else matters.

WTF App Of The Week: BeardTracker


Men! Pay attention!

BeardTracker! Yes, BeardTracker! Rrrrrrrrr.

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WTF App Of The Week: Beijing Opera Facial Makeup Lite


You’ve always wanted to paint your face up like a singer at the Beijing opera, right?

No? You sure?

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