Pay what you want to become a master of the world of WordPress [Deals]


Pay what you want to master Wordpress, the dominant platform in professional blogging
Pay what you want to master Wordpress, the dominant platform in professional blogging
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

So you want to be a blogger. One way or another you’re going to have to reckon with the big cheese in blogging, WordPress. To get your arms around the subject, we’ve gathered a bundle of a dozen courses that cover the ins and outs of using the dominant platform in the blog-o-sphere, and the business of blogging itself. Even better, you can pay whatever you want for the whole shebang.

Pay what you want for the mobile first developer bundle [Deals]


You don’t need us to tell you that knowing how to design for mobile is becoming a must for programmers. So it’s a great time for you to learn, whether you’re new to coding or just need to brush up on your mobile skills. We’ve put together a Mobile First Developer’s Bundle of 10 app programming courses at Cult of Mac Deals to help you do just that. Worth $1,740, you can pay what you want for a limited time.

Get One Year of Premium Web Hosting With DreamHost [Deals]


Ever wanted to build a website? Hosting is an essential part! No matter what kind of site, you always need a web hosting service.

DreamHost is an award-winning web hosting service that serves over 1.2 million apps, blogs, and websites. They guarantee 100% server uptime, while providing unlimited diskspace, bandwidth, e-mail accounts, and domain hosting. Plus, with 24/7 e-mail support, you can get help whenever you need it. And now you can get one year of web hosting plus one free domain for 79% off. That’s less than $2.10 per month for one of the best hosting services on the web.